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Re: Sheamus' WWE career is in jeopardy

I could see him involved in NXT and/or NXT UK in some role, given that he's a "Triple H guy."
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Re: Sheamus' WWE career is in jeopardy

Originally Posted by Krokro View Post
Don't think he needs a run. Dude has had an excellent career. Just go out there, give a Mark Henry speech, but mean it. And there we go. Dude deserves to be celebrated, for sure.
If he can still go, I hope he gets a run to go out in a decent way. Hell, lose a retirement match to Cesaro, the story writes itself.

If he can't go, yeah, I hope he at least does get a speech to go out. But sometimes they don't even do that. Henry only ever got a speech to do the swerve. Now that he's basically retired, I don't think he ever got a true sendoff.

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Re: Sheamus' WWE career is in jeopardy

Drew McIntyre Denies Report On Sheamus, Cesaro On The Status Of The Bar And What Title Sheamus Wants
Rumors came out over the weekend on Sheamus possibly coming up on the end of his in-ring career due to his health. The Celtic Warrior reportedly suffered a concussion in April, which is why he's been off WWE TV since before the 2019 Superstar Shakeup.

Drew McIntyre, who is good friends with The Celtic Warrior, recently spoke withtalkSPORT and was asked about the rumors.

"To see him go on and win multiple titles, Royal Rumbles, Money In The Banks and pretty much everything you can win is really awesome," McIntyre said. "I'm so proud of everything he's done, but I wouldn't believe everything you read on the internet."

Sheamus has a history with spinal stenosis, but there's been no official word on his status, or any kind of career-ending injury. While Cesaro was brought to RAW in the Superstar Shakeup, there's been no update provided on the status of Sheamus.

Cesaro spoke with the UK Express and confirmed that The Bar is taking a break right now. He left the door open for a reunion between the two with the WWE Wild Card Rule, and mentioned that Sheamus is focused on the WWE Intercontinental Title, currently held by Finn Balor.

"Of course we could [take advantage of the Wild Card Rule]," Cesaro said. "I think right now we're still trying to figure out what we're going to do, obviously I'm on RAW he's on SmackDown. So, will we see The Bar in the future again? I definitely think, yes. When? I don't know. I think Sheamus is very focused on the Intercontinental Championship right now. And I'm just trying to get my Singles run on track. So, The Bar is still existing but I think right now we're definitely focused on our Singles careers."

Sheamus continues to work out while he's away from the WWE ring, as revealed on social media. Cesaro said he doesn't know when Sheamus will be back in action, but he expects an update to be shared on Sheamus' Celtic Warrior Workouts YouTube channel soon. Cesaro said Sheamus is doing great, but he's not sure about his return.

"I have no clue about his return date," Cesaro said. "I know he's doing great, I know he just built his Celtic Warrior home gym that he had painted orange in nice Celtic Warrior-y colours. He's one of the hardest workers I know and he's making the most out of his time. So you should probably check his YouTube channel for updates, I'm sure he will let everybody know once he knows exactly what's happening."

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Re: Sheamus' WWE career is in jeopardy

Only belts he hasn't won are the Universal and IC Titles. Considering Seth's likely having a long reign to make up for Bork being AWOL, I'm down with FELLA unseating Finn for the IC Title.

Hopefully he takes it easy and rides this out for as long as he feels comfortable doing so. Gonna be a real shame when he does hang it up though, since he was one of the very few mainstream hard-hitters that ultimately wound up being largely safe in spite of his ring work.

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Re: Sheamus' WWE career is in jeopardy

I was never a fan, I just assumed he was that guy who injures people a lot.

But since watching his workout stuff on youtube I realized he's a super nice guy with a likeable personality, and he's dealing with body image issues and trying to cut down which humanizes him even more.

It's like WWE is actively working to conceal guys personalities.
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kobe Re: Sheamus' WWE career is in jeopardy

Originally Posted by Fearless Viper View Post
I actually like him during his babyface run but it's a shame that people prefered Bryan over him.
Bryan's one of the best 20 in-ring performers of all time. not.

Originally Posted by AlternateDemise View Post
Honestly I don't think the proper send off is worth it at this point. Just let the man retire and leave it at that. No point in risking it.
Certainly, although a neck injury wouldn't preclude him from a quick match where he gives someone a big kick and pins 'em to wrap things up. That would be nice.

Originally Posted by Trixdee View Post
He better be a HoFer if he has to retire!
He will be. He's a multi-time WWE champion and Triple H's boy. He's a guaranteed HOF induction down the road.

Originally Posted by Asuka842 View Post
It's a pity if true. I like Sheamus and have always felt like he's underrated/underappreciated by many fans.
Eh, I think he's properly appreciated. Let's not be blinded by sentimentality. He was a serviceable big guy who was GREAT in the team with Cesaro but really doesn't have many memorable matches or promos to his name. He was fine, and he'll be mildly missed, but this isn't Edge hanging 'em up. Best of luck to the man.

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Re: Sheamus' WWE career is in jeopardy

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Re: Sheamus' WWE career is in jeopardy

I love Sheamus the person and in-ring Sheamus. Sheamus' look and character never worked for me. That being said, I hope things work out and if not he will be a lifetime WWE employee and would be great to work with young talent. Godspeed.
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Re: Sheamus' WWE career is in jeopardy

Honestly, his tag run with Cesaro was the best thing he's done his entire WWE run. He finally clicked in something and the two had good chemistry as a team.

Sheamus prior to that wasn't my cup of tea. Its a shame because he has a unique look and stands out and his a rough, tough, beat 'em up style that I like. And fuck, I like my Irish heritage so you'd think I'd connect with him on that level. But the way they always pushed him just never clicked with me.

Its kind of like Matt Morgan in that regard. Great look, can talk, has all the tools, but for whatever reason, he just never "clicked" and never found that right angle or push that got him where he needed to be.

Whenever they tried to push Sheamus as a top guy, it didn't work for me and he just felt like a boring stand in. When they put him in there with the likes of Cena and HHH, he looked like he didn't belong. And good God almighty, when they pushed him as a top face, he was more obnoxious than Cena, which is really saying something. His feud with Del Rio is one that I rank up there as one of the worst in the last decade for me personally.

So its a shame that after such a long period of not enjoying him, he finally got into a groove with Cesaro and they did well, and now it looks like his career might be over. I feel bad for him. Hopefully WWE would take care of him by giving him backstage agent or trailer role.


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Re: Sheamus' WWE career is in jeopardy

That still sucks if he is forced to retire due to injury though.Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

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