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funny... people want a reason on why Charlotte in the title scene consistantly is bad but I'm sure they booed Cena when he ran the show consistantly and were tired of his same moveset and PG promos, with no refreshing faces being elevated. Let's be honest here. Any 1 superstar in the title picture all time, beating all talents on a regular basis destroys the credibility of the rest of them. And if their over pushed talent gets injured or gets "sick", they scramble around not knowing what to do because their golden child is gone. Even if people think Charlotte is atleast a great wrestler, it doesnt make it ok for her to be everywhere.
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Re: Is Charlotte the most pushed in wwe history?

Roman ?

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Re: Is Charlotte the most pushed in wwe history?

Most pushed in history is laughable, but she is definitely one of the hardest pushed wrestler on the roster as a whole in the last five years. She's a great wrestler, very good heel (although a poor babyface), but she's held a singles title on the main roster for something like a combined 2 years, which is somewhat ridiculous, and I don't remember a feud where she wasn't fighting for the title. It's like they are completely incapable of putting her in a spot or a feud that doesn't revolve around it.

I would love if she could just NOT be in the title picture for at least 6 months. Just, have her do something else for a bit.
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Re: Is Charlotte the most pushed in wwe history?

Hogan, Cena, Roman.. all way more pushed that Charlotte..
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Re: Is Charlotte the most pushed in wwe history?

She's definitely in for a shout that's for sure. But wasn't it to be expected, she's Ric Flair's daughter and WWE were going to milk that for all it was worth. Could do without her just coming off like a rip off of her dad and just let her be herself. But she's won a ton of titles, been most of the first women's matches that happened in WWE, has been thrown into important feuds. She's definitely a top 3 for most pushed in the last 8 years. Maybe in for a discussion for WWE history.

I think Alexa has been been the most pushed, I wasn't expecting her to be booked the way she has and how she's booked like a female Brock Lesnar lol. People might laugh at that but she comes out of her feuds a ton better then whoever feuds with her. She should be booked as chickenshit heel but she's booked the complete opposite lol. The fact she has long title reigns is beyond silly at this point. But Vince loves her, I think she's more the female Roman Reigns then Charlotte is.

Reigns has been pushed as their biggest star without question. But he hasn't had a long term title run as of yet. But has headlined WM a few times now and was the focus of RAW when he was on it. They fed him all the top stars and have the commentary team say such things to put him over like he's the second coming of Hulk Hogan so he's definitely in for a shout for most pushed.
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Re: Is Charlotte the most pushed in wwe history?

Originally Posted by kingnoth1n View Post
She's at least 400% better than Roman in ring, so that nullifies your stance.
She got the accolades that dwarf Reigns in about three fewer years as well. Woman Reigns. Her fans are in denial saying she merits being an 8 time, 600 day singles champ in 4 years. Is she great talent? Absolutely. Should she be utilized? Absolutely. Should she be perpetually in the main even scene and be a RAW or Smackdown champ on a once or twice a year basis? HELL NO.

@DealDough is right. Much like Reigns, her constant position at the top card vying for a major title sucks oxygen out of the room. Let the other women breath, for Christ's sake. LET THOSE PUPPIES BREATH
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Re: Is Charlotte the most pushed in wwe history?

She should take a break for a couple of months or she could form a tag team with someone and go for tag team titles

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Re: Is Charlotte the most pushed in wwe history?

I can't understand that people even defend this. I guess some people like wanking off to her, but let's be realistic; her recent title shots are all really underserved. She gets inserted in the title picture constantly for no reason at all. Legacy should only take you so far. She's really low on the sale merch chart, is not really the youngest/prettiest anymore and tends to botch really embarrassingly.

So, I don't really get it.
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Re: Is Charlotte the most pushed in wwe history?

Charlotte will be the first Queen of the Ring by the end of the year too.
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She isn't even most pushed woman in wwe history..that's Chyna who beat up male wrestlers, destroyed the women's division including squashing the likes of Trish and winning the second most important belt in the company. When Charlotte wins the SD world title we can compare.

Laughable to even compare her to the most pushed in company history

Bruno was world champion and face of the company for 4,000+ days
Hulk Hogan went 6.5 years without getting pinned clean and held WWE title for 2,185 days. WWE completely changed direction to build around Hogan
Austin mainevented 19 ppvs between February 98 and October 99 as well as winning Rumble. WWE completely changed direction to build around Austin
Brock Lesnar won KOTR, Rumble, mainevented Summerslam, Wrestlemania and beat Hulk Hogan, Rock and Undertaker clean in his debut year. Last 5 years he beat the streak, pinned Goldberg clean first time ever, squashed Cena, pinned Reigns, Orton, Bryan, Styles, Strowman and held the world title for 883 days since Summerslam 14
Cena was FOTC for over a decade holding world title for 1,400 days and company completely changed direction to build around him

So again laughable to compare Charlotte who for most of her career has been booked as a company midcard act to those listed and a bunch of others like Rock, Reigns, Warrior, Orton, Backlund etc.

Holding women's title is pretty meaningless. It's akin to saying Miz is one of most pushed in company history because he has 25 ic title reigns or whatever.

Charlotte has mainevented 2 ppvs in her career..2. one of those she was complete third wheel is Wrestlemania this gone
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