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Re: Bayley

I hope she won't get booed anymore cause of the Sasha thing

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Re: Bayley

Heeeeyyy I still want some Bay-lay. Oh yeah
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Re: Bayley

She's a geek now, She's been a geek all along, she turns heel she will still be a geek. Just like Sami Zayn.
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Re: Bayley

Its ALL in the booking and storywriting.

Bayley could have gotten over big as a babyface. She was given some terrible angles to work and got rather buried.

A heel turn COULD help if they booked her right and made a story with it. But know them, what they will do is turn her heel and then randomly bring her out with no story and just beat up on or job to faces. It will fail.
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Re: Bayley

I think they should turn her heel by making her just a hyper version of what she already is. Imagine her hugging EVERYONE, always talking about how she is doing what she is to make her young fan proud just be as obnoxious as possible about it. She would start getting mega heat.
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Re: Bayley

remember when she got cheered for smacking the shit out of sasha and screaming 'you ain't shit!' in her face?

then they were best mates again the week after lol
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Re: Bayley

It's sad how much WWE fucked up such a simple character like Bayley. You somehow got one of the most over women on the roster to be either booed or coming out to complete silence.

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Re: Bayley

I'd like to see her turn heel so we can see more of this

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Re: Bayley

Originally Posted by floyd2386 View Post
I'd like to see her turn heel so we can see more of this

Heh. In an environment that could actually take the concept of a cute entertaining "bad guy" and actually make it work like NXT, that would be amazing.

This is main roster WWE we're talking about. This is Vince McMahon. Vince probably had absolutely nothing to do with this commercial and actively fought against it.
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Re: Bayley

Bayley becoming a heel on Smackdown could prove to be a good thing, considering the amount of story that could be pushed out by it.

But, this is Vince we're talking about. We both know he would make her job out to someone within 2 months.
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