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Re: Bayley

Totally agree. I want to see a pissed off, angry Bayley on SDL.

She tweeted that her goal still remains to be the best tag team, along with Sasha. Well, if WWE bring Sasha back on RAW, that could be a trigger for Bayley to lose her shit. Maybe she goes after Becky's RAW title, trying to get back onto RAW with Sasha, but she loses 2 or 3 times, setting off a heel turn?

Whatever way it's done, I hope it is in the plans ...
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Re: Bayley

I’m not a Bayley fan, she’s solid enough in ring but has an awful finisher, needs a refresh and is an awful promo cutter. But I did feel sorry for her with the crowd reaction. I’m not a huge Sasha fan either and I don’t mean to negate Bayley’s part in whatever happens at WM re:Tag Title droppage; but Bayley was getting booed because of Sasha for me. I’m not sure a heel turn will work that well either but she definitely needs a repackage and a ‘growing up’ move as her current persona died a death ages ago, especially when they never went anywhere with the tease of the Sacha break up. If it was up to me, I’d actually take her off of TV for a month or two and completely rethink it.
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Re: Bayley

Bayley as a Charlotte lackey would work, but her problem is on the mic. She can play a delusional heel and get heat, but career wise it will likely do nothing for her. Tag team belts are done, as is boss hug. She definitely needs to be repackaged somehow before she fucks around and becomes the Nattie of Smackdown.
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Re: Bayley

She needs a heel turn with a loose canon gimmick and more impactful finisher , a submission move , a brainbuster or knee strike variation will do the trick.
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Re: Bayley

I'm excited to see what SD does for her.

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Re: Bayley

Originally Posted by WWEfan4eva View Post
I think eather Bliss or Charlotte to win the MITB contract

Would be nice Bayley/Charlotte a heel team
Charlotte doesn't need the MITB briefcase. She gets a title shot anytime she wants anyways. It should be someone who is rarely in the title picture or hasn't been for awhile.
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Re: Bayley

Originally Posted by Zapato View Post
but Bayley was getting booed because of Sasha for me.
Sasha would get a huge pop if they brought whatever's going on backstage to her character. Bayley got booed because she got jobbed out to Bliss in a match where Bliss' did nothing but slaps and hair pulls and a DDT. Bayley getting booed after being jobbed out to Bliss happened before
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Re: Bayley

Originally Posted by looper007 View Post
Do I think Bayley is a main eventer like the other 3 in the 4HW group? No I don't to be fair. Should she be used a lot better on the main roster? definitely, the main roster writers and Vince should have asked down in NXT what made her special and worked on making her look a ton better.

I said this before on other threads, maybe the best thing for some talent is to go away for a few years from WWE and find themselves and come back better for it. I think Bayley is someone who could do with that, Sasha the same. I do think Vince doesn't see either as a big star, prove me wrong otherwise. Their title runs felt like keeping the title warm rather been a set marker.
Bayley hasn't improved.

Booking for her has not been good, but that is mainly because they stuck a mic in her face, and she is the worst promo maybe in wrestling today.

the problem is people assume Bayley would be something she has never proven to be.

People who have been bad on the mic have flourished on Raw talk, and Talking Smack, and when Becky went on there, she was stopped by Lita and educated/scolded by Booker T and Lita on how to do a promo.

That was 2 years ago, and she still hasn't gotten better, in fact... she may be worse.

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Re: Bayley

thankfully for her she was moved to SD so the gorgeous and deadly Alexa can't embarrass her any more

number 1 fan of The Face Of WWE™ alexa

Suffering from incurable Bliss Fever ❤️❤️❤️

Alexa Bliss - global megastar, Tag team Champion, future first ballot hall of famer and Undisputed SD and RAW champ. watch out becky, shes gonna take your crown.

(sigh) oh, Alexa, how magnificent you are. Don't you ever get tired of being so perfect?

I also support BlissCross, the current tag team champs her and Nikki!
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Re: Bayley

You know what she should do? Try and play that Kurt Angle character when he first debuted. He thought he was a good guy but everyone else hated him. The same kind of deal happened with Jason Jordan before his injury.

Bayley is dorky enough to make it work. It would channel her natural personality.

SD's women's division is really good but it lacks credible top heels besides Charlotte.
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