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Re: Bayley

Well I want Bayley to win it

But, Vince want the other 2
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Re: Bayley

She got booed pretty bad tonight
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Re: Bayley

A heel turn isn't believable with her, shes the biggest white meat babyface in the locker room.
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Re: Bayley

She doesn't have the charisma nor the mic ability to even have a successful heel turn, in my view.

Maybe she could be a bit more aggressive in the ring and play off the boos - may aswell turn her heel though because having a boring face character getting booed probably isn't a good idea when there's absolutely nothing riding on her.

People say NXT guys mostly fail on the roster due to booking - but in all honesty, I think they mostly fail because they're against a different audience. Those in attendance at Raw and Smackdown aren't the same as those in attendance down in NXT and it'll only take a special talent to really transcend onto the roster. Owens a huge example of that in terms of crowd reactions.

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Re: Bayley

Bayley didn't even get a reaction from the kids. Man, she has fallen. And she was semi booed during her promo and she looked bother by it. Kinda looked like she didnt wanna be out there.
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Re: Bayley

So Naomi and Bayley was a one off.
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Re: Bayley

Its funny how Bayley started getting booed as soon as Sasha left. LOL it may have just been Canada though. We'll see how the people react next week.

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Re: Bayley

The problem with characters like bayley, and a lot of other talents in WWE lately is there is no character development on the main roster. Everything is so random, nobody seems to have any reason for doing anything. Nothing seems planned ahead it seems like they are furiously laying tracks in front of a runaway train.
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Re: Bayley

Originally Posted by Tag89 View Post
very generous of wwe to move her away from the steamroller over on raw

who's punching bag will she be on smackdown?

unless wwe is incredously going to do the correct thing by turning her heel & having her have a program with becky for the smackdown title (lol)
She left the hugs on Raw, but she's going to get balloons on smackdown. They might have Becky vs. Bayley for MITB. But the MITB winner adds herself to the match from the beginning. Wins the title and then buries Bayley on the next two PPVs.
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Re: Bayley

I actually feel bad for Bayley. She seems like a hella nice person in RL, has a super babyface gimmick that people just shit on, and shes awkward on the mic, and I have seen her do really great things in the past but she just doesnt have the pop on the main roster, and never will.
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