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Re: Am I the only one who doesn't get The IIconics?

I actually don't mind them holding the belts, it was just too soon. Especially with Sasha & Bayley vs. The Sky Pirates being the match that most people wanted to see. When you have brand new belts, that most people are ambivalent about right now, you need to build them some prestige. And sticking them on a team who's whole thing is that they're cowardly losers who cannot win a thing unless they can cheat all the time, so quick isn't going to help that or get people more invested.

I mean we had a tag match on Raw where the whole thing was Beth Phoenix, who's been retired for seven years and is having her first match back, made Peyton her bitch with ease, that's how weak they are. Basically this should have been saved for later, Summerslam perhaps.

Also it makes Sasha and Bayley look bad since once again they lost at Mania, and Sasha has STILL NEVER won at Mania nor successfully defended a title on the MR on her own (since Bayley got the pin at Fastlane), and their only successful defense was against the Samoan Botch Machines.
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Re: Am I the only one who doesn't get The IIconics?

I absolutely love The IIconics, i've been a fan of Billie Kay since i saw her debut.

It was the only result last night that actually shocked me, it was such a great moment for me when they won! I could not believe what i was seeing. So happy for them!

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Re: Am I the only one who doesn't get The IIconics?

I am the biggest IIconics fan on the forum, especially Peyton's, and I would even admit that the win shocked me, I was sure that they were going to eat the pin. While I am extremely happy that they have won, I wouldn't have put the titles on them yet, they should have build tem back up first. after all the damage they have had with their main roster booking.

As far as what OP says, I understand people not "getting them", they are basically the annoying, chickenshit heels that get their asses kicked and they are average at best in the ring, so they can be divisive: Some will love them because they are so annoying that it works and well, being really good doesn't hurt; and some will hate them becasuse they are presented as joke and too over the top and they don't have good matches. I've said before, but might as well repeat it: On NXT Peyton was improoving a lot on the ring, but the surgery she had has affected her skills, she is not as smooth or fast as she used to. And the same thing with Billie, although she wasn't improoving as much as Peyton was. But, most importantly, their promo stuff was better there, I suppose they had more freedom to come up with their own stuff, unlike on the main roster, where she have only showed flashes of what they can do in Twitter exclusives, like in these two promos:

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
I don't know why people say this. Both Sonya and Mandy and The Riott Squad have been teaming longer on the main roster than The IIconics. For all their time on the main roster they have been in a tag team, how is that not a real team?

In addition both teams are more talented than The IIconics, yet, both of those teams were regulated to the pre show, along with Asuka, while these screaming untalented jobbers won the titles.
They have more charisma than both of those teams combined, there is that. And Peyton and Billie have been teaming since NXT, so they have teaming longer than them
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Also supporting

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Re: Am I the only one who doesn't get The IIconics?

Originally Posted by Mordecay View Post
They have more charisma than both of those teams combined, there is that.
I hate the IIconics, but this ^

In ring, they're worse than Sonya, Ruby, and Sarah. The other two are leagues below the IIconics in everything.
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They looked okay during the match at Mania but until then I wasn't all that impressed with their work but hey shock value plays a part whether you like it or not and their win was shocking.
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Re: Am I the only one who doesn't get The IIconics?

The IIconics are actually pretty funny. They are pretty goofy, and they grew on a few fans. I think they are the only duo who should hold the titles because all of the other women are single competitors. So I can see them being non fighting champions. Being funny and joking around... Almost like Dean Ambrose's reign as US champion.

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Re: Am I the only one who doesn't get The IIconics?

Originally Posted by cainkopeland View Post
I noticed so many people was happy on here and Twitter when they won last night, I just don't get it, to me they haven't had any good matches, and I find them and their voices extremely irritating, I just dont get the love for them, did they have good matches in nxt as I never saw them in nxt. As much as I see the love for them alot of it is mainly peyton Royce is gorgeous, is that the only reason people like them?. This isn't a knock on anybody who does like them, everyone is entitled to their opinion and can like whoever they like. I'm mainly asking cos if they did have some good matches in nxt then I'll go and watch them. Though to me they will never stop being irritating but I may change my opinion on their wrestling ability
I think they're first appeal to WWE was because they were interested in women's tag titles and the Iconics were the most legit tag team for the women. Now the titles are here WWE is merging other women, even bringing back retired women. They were already a complete team which did them favors.

It seems just a difference in opinion. I think they're BFF, cowardice is funny and enjoyable. I think they're a good tag team. I don't think they're any better or worse on the main roster than they were in NXT. The "irritating" you describe I think is funny. I'm not they're number one fan, but I enjoy they're promos and presence.
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Originally Posted by HankG View Post
This post
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Re: Am I the only one who doesn't get The IIconics?

I find them annoying and funny.Better than feeling nothing at all.
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Re: Am I the only one who doesn't get The IIconics?




Edit - wrong thread

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Re: Am I the only one who doesn't get The IIconics?

Absolutely hate watching them wrestle. Would only want to see Peyton Royce in a bra and panties match, other than that get off my TV, and they scud missled the tag team titles lol
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