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I kinda like them now but not much as I'm open to any talent who entertains me, They are jobbers holding tag belts sure but they are still an entertaining duo when it counts.
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Re: Why do so many here hate the llconics?

They sound like dying cats talking
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I feel like people hate them cause they dont have flashy moves like 90% of the roster. When everyone is doing high flying moves, suicide dives (even the bellas),it's expected for everyone to have similar styles. Peyton and Billie are really traditional classic. So I like them in that regard. They're different, a lot of people dont like different.

Then theres other people who dont like their "voices". They're suppose to make you want them to shut up. So they're doing their job to annoy the "critques", it's great.
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Re: Why do so many here hate the llconics?

I may not be a fan of them but the hate seems that they are not part of the "Smark-y" list of "wrestlers" that should be champions.

They have their favorites that should be always champion and nobody else should. They're not enough "flippy and kicky" for them to like.

They don't get ***************** from Meltzer.


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Re: Why do so many here hate the llconics?

Peyton Royce is 10/10 wifey material. You go to war to rescue women like her whether you know her or not. Other than that they don't really have much else going for them.
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Re: Why do so many here hate the llconics?

Let's see:

- They make me want to lower the volume every time they speak with their screeching voices and unfunny antics
- Their promos are usually shit whenever they're being used as comic-relief
- They're probably among the very few talents who I never want to see on TV
- They're not entertaining
- They're mediocre in the ring (especially compared to plenty of other women on the main roster)
- They're not as charismatic compared to multiple other women on the main roster
- They're divas who remind me of the dark period several years ago where there were few solid female talents in the division (2011-2014)
- They do their fucking awful pose every time they say their lame catchphrase
- They (along with Nia Jax/Tamina) ACTUALLY got to be showcased at a prominent spot at Wrestlemania 35 over someone as great as Asuka
- They're apparently supposed to be taken seriously as the Women's Tag Team Champions (even though they've been nothing more than lower-midcarders up until last weekend)
- They're (easily the worst) Women's Tag Team Champions in WWE history talent-wise (and that "brilliant" booking decision to have them win at Wrestlemania 35 may have possibly lost us a talented woman in Sasha Banks too)
- They're lower-midcard female talents (at BEST)

Does that answer your question, OP?
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Re: Why do so many here hate the llconics?

Ok I personally like the Iconics a lot , I'm a huge fan although lets compare and contrast here who else is there ?

Tamina and Nia most people seem to hate them

Nattie and Beth a special comeback and well Nattie

Sasha and Bayley I like them I really do and wouldn't mind if they retained although that's what everyone was kind of predicting right , plus we already know what these 2 are capable of , lets give the Iconics a chance at least

are any of the other teams even worth mentioning either?
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Re: Why do so many here hate the llconics?

Because aside from being hot they really don't have all that much to offer and Billy Kay isn't even all that hot... at least not next to Peyton... which granted might be in part to Peyton being a picture perfect goddess... but I digress and will stick with, aside from being hot they really don't have all that much to offer.

That being said I don't hate them, I just don't see much value in them in this day and age.

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Re: Why do so many here hate the llconics?

They are horrible on the mic and in the ring.

They only have fans cause they are hot
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They’re boring but I like them as they’re Australian

Most workrate wrestlers are not interesting. Japanese wrestling is boring and lacks personality. Promo ability over wrestling any day.

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