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Rusev teases farewell

Writing has been on the wall for a while but I think we may have seen the last of him..
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As long as he takes his wife with him I'll be fine with him leaving. Otherwise there'll be a Bulgarian sized hole in my heart.
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Re: Rusev teases farewell

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Re: Rusev teases farewell

He does this practically every 3 months though.
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Re: Rusev teases farewell

The guy should have been a consistent Main Eventer. He can go in the ring, is athletic, has personality, has charisma, can do comedy, can be serious, has been crazy over...but this is WWE so he's punished for all that and they push WOAT tier wrestlers like Seth Rollins.

He's better off leaving.

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Re: Rusev teases farewell

He's done this kind of teasing before. I'll believe it when I see it.
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Re: Rusev teases farewell

He's just lobbying for a WWE title push. He said as much on Lilian Garcias podcast. He tries everything he can. This is the next logical extension. Pull the AEW card.

Wish Joe was this smart.

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Re: Rusev teases farewell

Tbf he has been teasing leaving since the feud with Ziggler in 2015



Also supporting

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Re: Rusev teases farewell

It weird. They randomly paired Rusev with Aiden English and he managed to get over with the fans, chants, and I think even a t-shirt. Then they unceremoniously broke them up which and turned Rusev heel. Then they randomly team Rusev up with Nakamura...

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Re: Rusev teases farewell

I wish he'd just pick one or the other. Stay or just leave. Geeeez!
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