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Hi, my names Chris, this is my first post so if I've put it in the wrong area, please move it into the correct one.

After the mess that was WWE 2k, and constant changing of card tiers on WWE Supercard; I wanted to make a game that would be a cool spin on wrestling so I'm working on the 'Heroes of the Ring' card game. Over on my Youtube channel, I draw a new wrestler each week so I'm posting here for ideas and suggestions that you might have?

The idea is to have a roster of wrestlers that you battle with and through a combination of strategy and luck you can defeat your opponent. There are 'Perk' cards that benefit you depending on whether you are using a heel and a face and every card has 3 moves minimum.

The beauty of the dice rolls are that your finisher might not actually win the match for you and so the battles are see-saw like to mimic actual wrestling. I'd love to hear your thought and which wrestlers you would definitely want in there ( If you're a fan of indy wrestling then I would really welcome your suggestions as I mainly watch ROH, WWE and AEW)

Thanks for taking the time to read my post


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Here are a few more cards (Still tweaking the scores as playtesting is meaning I need to revise them a bit!) The style is deliberately cartoony and the images have slight changes to avoid copyright (If I release them the names will also have to change too sadly)

Thanks for all the interest over on my channel and Instagram account!