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Re: Should The Miz be the one to beat Brock Lesnar ?

Should Primo beat the Fiend?

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kobe Re: Should The Miz be the one to beat Brock Lesnar ?

Someone needs to go outside or develop a knitting hobby or something.

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Re: Should The Miz be the one to beat Brock Lesnar ?

The guy jobbing to Shane-O-Mac?

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Re: Should The Miz be the one to beat Brock Lesnar ?

Originally Posted by Eva MaRIHyse View Post
At this point Miz is so irrelevant and has been portrayed as such a hapless, useless, pathetic jobber loser that even I, a massive fan of his couldn't take him seriously in this spot.

I mean you're talking about the one person on the entire roster than cant beat Shane McMahon. That's the Miz, he's the ultimate jobber, he's 2019 Brooklyn Brawler, same as he was 2018 Brooklyn Brawler, 2017 Brooklyn Brawler, 2016 Brooklyn Brawler and so on. While everyone acts like KO and co are so hard done by Miz is jobbing to Shane three times and never getting any revenge. Thats how irrelevant The Miz is, that's how much of a loser the character is now.

Put it down to whatever you want; the McMahons being retarded, Mike Mizanin working too hard, Mike Mizanin possessing too much charisma, too much promo ability and too much personality to be allowed to succeed in the Geek Era, or simply the McMahons hard on for The Shield and Indy Geeks but The Miz character is in turn too much of a Geek to even be near the World Title scene at this point.

I'd love to see him back in the Main Event scene, he's two long years overdue to be back in the Main Event. But the McMahons hate him and continuously keep jobbing him into oblivion and burying him. There's just no chance of this happening, and zero chance of anyone buying The Miz as he is now in this spot. This thread will just be people calling Miz a joke and shooting this idea down, because he is a joke, because the McMahons hate him.

He cant even get a feud anymore. The only feuds he's worked in the last 4-5 months was a half assed one with Ziggler, where Ziggler went on to beat the World Champ soon afterwards and a half assed one with Nakamura where he got destroyed in every segment and match. That's how irrelevant Miz is.
I'm a big Miz fan and I think you're absolutely correct, which pains me a lot.
Hell, I can even see a storyline where his soon to born baby and daughter change his ways, wanting to become a role model and want to teach them the good ways of life so he start to give it all, no cheating this way, to become WWE Champion again so he can show their daughters that hard work can make you accomplish anything, and that storyline would be great and symphatetic with almost everyone, specially for fathers.

But no, he is relegated to Miz TV where he can carry anyone on the mic and then kick his ass so he can carry them in that way too.

EDIT: Also, not only the McMahons don't appreciate him, but Meltzer and Alvarez (which I like) bury him every time possible, so their sheep audience will shit all over Miz because they can't have personal oppinions.
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Re: Should The Miz be the one to beat Brock Lesnar ?

Originally Posted by Nothing Finer View Post
Should Primo beat the Fiend?
Friggin´Curt Hawkins should beat the Fiend

About the OP; It would take some serious booking to rebuild Miz to a point where he has any chance against Lesnar, but I wouldn´t be against the idea, provided the storyline leading there is executed flawless and over 6 months or more while they build Miz up.
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Re: Should The Miz be the one to beat Brock Lesnar ?

The Miz had his world title run and he should never have one ever again. He is a great talker and has a hot wife but that's it..

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Re: Should The Miz be the one to beat Brock Lesnar ?

Try doing this, I just wanna see how unrealistic that shit would be.

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He doesn't have the credibility to beat Lesnar in a singles No1 contenders match let alone a Title match on ppv, He's a candidate for the B World champion and no more unfortunately.
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Re: Should The Miz be the one to beat Brock Lesnar ?

Fuck no and I'm Miz's biggest fan. If it happens though Miz HAS to be the heel or there's no other way it could be done unless they had someone like Lashley (although most of us would rather it be Batista/Rock) come and fuck Brock up similar to The Rock helping Miz over Cena.

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