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Seth beating Brock clean

Was a real stupid move. Even more with him having been "injured" in that match.

Or what do you think?
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tombstone blues
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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

I think this obsession with saying clean finishes shouldn't have happened is really cancerous to modern wrestling fandom

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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

In danger of upsetting any remaining Seth fans not in hiding, I want to see Brock absolutely destroy a sobbing Rollins on Monday as he invades Raw to find Rey. Poor Dominik has taken enough.
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Yes it should and for the wrong reasons.

This clean win clearly proves that if you don’t have :

1: The Look
2: The mic skills

then no matter who you beat will not give you any rubs or legitimize you as a top talent.

Seth looking as a skinny crossfitter pretty boy prevented him from feeling like a badass fotc and so the Lesnar rub went nowhere.
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Re: Seth beating Brock clean


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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

I was fine with a clean win. Having Seth be injured while doing it on the other hand was problematic
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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

The bottom line is that Rollins wasn't over enough to beat Lesnar clean or otherwise. That particular point incites more reasons; he was injured (Daniel Bryan while injured beat Batista and Orton to win the WM 30 ME), Lesnar was/is a legit MMA fighter with over 70 lbs on Rollins, and finally the fans are supposed to believe that Rollins was able to beat a guy who beat Goldberg, Undertaker, prime Cena, Strowman, Styles, Bryan, and took out New Day and League of Nations by himself.

The whole story would be different if an over guy was booked to beat Lesnar.
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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

If Seth Rollins had not won clean now many would be complaining that the Fiend's character is made to look weak because he just
"defeated a guy who cheated to win the title in the first place".

Many complain about WWE never letting the talent getting "the rub", well The Fiend's character has just received the rub from Lesnar and Rollins.

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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

Brock was going to SD so Vince had him put over Rollins before he left as they were trying desperately to establish Rollins as FOTC. But now that Rollins experiment has failed, Fiend made him look like a bitch. Brock would get his win back by squashing Rollins in the near future.
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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

yes, it was stupid.....stupid to the point that I would happily slap the writing team around the face with raw fish and not think twice about it.

why? because it defied all realms of logic. You have brock lesnar, a guy who has been booked like a tank since 2014, defeating the likes of somoa joe and braun strowman without even trying. Then you have seth rollins. Rollins doesnt get one piece of offence in, gets mangled on a chair then recovers enough within ONE WEEK to defeat said tank cleanly. Rollins is not braun strowman on a good day, let alone when hes been fucked beyond all buggery.

one load of shit. WWE needed to have rollins mangled on chair weeks before the PPV so he could realistically recover enough to believably wrestle brock lesnar, not six days prior.

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