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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

The U.S. invading Iraq!


Ohh I’m sorry I thought we were playing a game.

“Name the painfully, obviously, stupid decision”
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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

He will do it again for wwe title at TLC. Because I dont know why.
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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

Not a fan of Seth, but if it had to be done, should've been at Mania.By Summerslam Rollins and his title reign had already ran out of steam.Lesnar was getting cheered when he was beating the crap out of him.
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Yowie Wowie
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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

Originally Posted by The_Workout_Buddy View Post
If Seth Rollins had not won clean now many would be complaining that the Fiend's character is made to look weak because he just
"defeated a guy who cheated to win the title in the first place".

Many complain about WWE never letting the talent getting "the rub", well The Fiend's character has just received the rub from Lesnar and Rollins.
Eh, kind of. While beating Rollins clean is still a gigantic rub, you're only as good as you're perceived, and the way Rollins is currently perceived, the audience doesn't consider him to be a conqueror who defeated Brock, they see him as a wimp who cries in the corner and whos title run failed so badly that WWE put the title on The Fiend to salvage his (Rollins) career. WWE's own booking of Rollins has neutered how big it is. It would've been an even bigger rub had The Fiend just beaten Brock directly, which hopefully he will.

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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

After what Brock did to moxley, strowman and Joe he absolutely deserves to lose clean to a few geeks and be taken down a peg or 5.
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Tbf Seth's current booking and rushing Bray into a World Title feud is what the issue was, Brock put Seth over as your Top World Champion, It was fine through the feud with Braun then The Fiend shit happened where he looked like a pussy for most of the program and the finisher spamming damaged the matches completely, No one should be booked that invincible since it's counter productive for the scenario where Bray has to lose the Title to someone abnormally strong in kayfabe.
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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

It was the right move. No one had beaten Lesnar clean in like 6 or 7 years?

Problem was they didn't use the rub to help Seth in anyway, he just went back to his pre-Lesnar MITB cash-in self, the same character they hit the reset button on before Summerslam.
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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

Worst booking decision since having Becky tap out clean to Asuka at the Rumble.
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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

Just go back in time 1 year and make this shit happen in SS 2018 and it would've been perfect. Rollins was the hottest guy in the company but they were still trying with Mr. Reigns. The fucking morons did it too late after Rollins has lost his momentum and was basically ruined after the Becky storyline and some Twitter shit.

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Re: Seth beating Brock clean

It should have been Reigns. Go back in time, book Bryan to win the Rumble like he should have. Let Bryan continue to ride the crest of his overness for another however long, and let Roman the time he needed to try to organically get over and connect for real and don't let the audience get him as marked as "the next super Cena chosen one." That night was a big contributor in the narrative that WWE didn't care what you thought, and Roman was the guy no matter what.

It fucked the next few years up entirely. Let Roman be the dark mean mother fucker who beats the fucking piss out of people. But don't super push him. Hell, if anything try to work the crowd to wonder why they AREN'T doing anything big with Roman yet. Brock kills Bryan despite a VERY valiant effort. Build Roman up huge and organically, he conquers The Beast organically.
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