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What to do with Orton and Rowan?

Now that Randy Orton and Erick Rowan are on Raw what do they do with them? Who do they feud with?

I honestly can not think of anyone interesting they can feud with. Rowan had some good character development on Smackdown with the "Who tried to kill Roman" story but I don't think he will do much on Raw.
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Re: What to do with Orton and Rowan?

I think he will get in a feud with Rollins after Crown Jewel or Survivor Series but I don't know if he will win the title or not.

Maybe they will give him the title to keep him from AEW and make him sign the new contract.
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Re: What to do with Orton and Rowan?

They can either feud with one another or maybe team up. Possibly another feud with Rollins or just give him the title again so that he won't leave for AEW.

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Re: What to do with Orton and Rowan?

What a random pair of wrestlers - Randy Orton and Eric Rowan.

I don't know what to do with them, but I'll tell you what will THEY likely do with them. Rowan will flounder and be taken off TV in a few months, and judging by his Instagram Orton is probably gonna be a champion by Wrestlemania.

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Re: What to do with Orton and Rowan?

Rowan will probably not really benefit from the Roman storyline but I thought he did a pretty good job all around. Since there is no Braun, I guess he could become the new RAW monster, but I bet he just spins his wheels and never gains much traction with the fans and sort of disappears, unless he becomes the third Viking Raider.

Orton could well beat Seth for the title. I don't really need another title reign for him but he and Seth do work well together. Orton has leverage over Vince so he may get a super push.
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Re: What to do with Orton and Rowan?

Orton vs. Owens for the US title when Owens beats AJ.
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Dancing gimmicks for both. They can then add KO in the group and create a stable that can feud with the reborn 3 man band and later the new day.
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I'm still looking for that final World Title reign and the Universal Championship is good enough to close that chapter as one title he's yet to win, I'd say book him to go over Rollins after Survivor Series and go from there.

As for Rowan fuck knows tbh.

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Re: What to do with Orton and Rowan?

Release Rowan

Orton can put over Aleister Black.

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kobe Re: What to do with Orton and Rowan?

A Rollins/Orton title match could be fun (they had a terribly underrated match at WrestleMania 31), but good lord, could you imagine the promos leading up to that match? Yikes...no thank you.

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