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Id take it over anything he's doing now since he's a competent Heel who could get fans wanting to boo him but this won't justify his Title reign lasting any longer, He needs to lose it first.
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Re: Seth is done as a babyface, turn him heel asap

How would a heel turn work though? They can't turn him right now lol. The Fiend cannot be a true babyface and Seth would have no other babyface competition.

The best course of action is to pull an angle where an authority figure strips him of the title, then fires him for trying to kill someone last night, and take him off TV completely for the next 3-4 weeks. For continuity, give Rowan the same treatment for trying to kill Reigns. Then they bring him back as a true heel on Ciampa levels who kayfabe breaks up and shits on Becky on live TV. You then have re-build him slowly. (Of course make sure Becky doesn't look too bad lol) They need to get extreme and drastic with Rollins if they hope to salvage him.

WWE has no intention of salvaging anything though, they will continue to push their agenda like they did with Roman. Plus they have no creativity. And to think that Rollins was the hottest wrestling star on the planet at one point during his summer IC title run. How the great have fallen.
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Seth is done as a babyface, turn him heel asap

The boos Rollins got at this year’s Hell in Cell were almost as bad as the boos Reigns got at the 2015’s Royal Rumble. Neither of them should’ve walked out champion or winner respectively, and the crowds made that loud and clear. While I had no problem with Rollins going over Lesnar and Strowman, he shouldn’t have retained the Universal Title at the expense of The Field in any way. The latter had all the momentum in the world from taking out legend after legend on Raw, to kicking out of Curb Stomp after Curb Stomp. WWE could’ve gone with the right move by putting the championship on the hottest act in the company but instead they went with the wrong move by having a disqualification in a Hell in a Cell Match. Not only was it a finish that made no sense, it was a finish that benefited nobody. Unfortunately, Survivor Series looks to be Lesnar vs. Rollins yet again.

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Re: Seth is done as a babyface, turn him heel asap

I liked the idea someone had yesterday where the Fiend’s neck snap move resulted in the kayfabe death of Seth Rollins. Then bring him back as a new gimmick like Duke the Dumpster Droese Jr. or something.
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Seth is obviously better heel than babyface but no chance are they turning him heel based on one smarky crowd.

If they did do double turn fiend would be booed in 3 months and Rollins cheered because hardcore male fans are simply not willing to accept WWEs top babyface type booking ie heel built up, top babyface beats them
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Re: Seth is done as a babyface, turn him heel asap

Turn him heel, turn him face, turn him heel and then face again.

It doesn't matter, he's not a main-eventer kind of talent and the awful booking only makes everything worse.
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Re: Seth is done as a babyface, turn him heel asap

Remember when his fanboys said Soy Rollins as heel sucked because he was a natural baby face? xDDDDD
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Re: Seth is done as a babyface, turn him heel asap

Like I’ve posted in another thread, was hoping to see Rollins turn up on Raw this week so the audience would rip him a new one!!

Shoved down our throats every week and his behaviour and scripts are cringe to fuck! Really want Wyatt to bury his arse at the rumoured Survivor Series match.
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Re: Seth is done as a babyface, turn him heel asap

Send him to 205 with the rest of the CrossFit geeks
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Re: Seth is done as a babyface, turn him heel asap

After that shit show of a finish, I would have had Seth come out to open Raw and just go off on the people for booing him and turning against him when then time last year they all loved him.

You made that shit show of a finish happen. You can either run from it like they are, or make something out of it, and possibly make these characters more interesting. But I don't think for one second they have it in them to do it.

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