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Anyone else outgrew disliking The Miz?

In my early teens i couldn't stand The Miz, as everyone else did in the YWC, not even from a critique standpoint, but you could sense that It came from a personal standpoint.
But then i realized, he sounds like a pretty okay guy, he's got a bubbly personality, he's an hard worker, now a family man, and so forth. Furthermore, a lot of YWC guys were sophomoric manchildren, they were complete hacks.
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Re: Anyone else outgrew disliking The Miz?

Most people have, most people did when he snapped on Talking Smack.

Prior to that the overwhelming opinion was he was a garbage person and a garbage Pro Wrestler because he wasn't Indy enough, and/or it was just cool to do and/or because so many Wrestling fans have this ridiculous idea that Wrestling is high brow and Miz's reality TV stint somehow meant he wasn't worthy or putting on a speedo and professionally play fighting.

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I started to appreciate him more post break up with Morrison in 2009 and when he began his anti Cena angle, Fast forward to 2016 post draft and all bets were off with how well he developed so far when given a chance.
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Re: Anyone else outgrew disliking The Miz?

I don't think I'll ever get over his weak unconvincing ring movement. He just looks lame.
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Re: Anyone else outgrew disliking The Miz?

I never disliked him.

In fact he was always someone I liked when I was younger. I'm glad he is growing on most people though.
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Re: Anyone else outgrew disliking The Miz?

As long as I don't have to see him wrestle, I enjoy the Miz.

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Re: Anyone else outgrew disliking The Miz?

I still do.
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Re: Anyone else outgrew disliking The Miz?

Yeah. I used to hate Miz around 2011, and absolutely hated the fact that they made him a WWE Champ and WM main-eventer back then. Felt Morrison was the better of the pair, and that it was him who deserved the WWE title, Miz just wasn't convincing to me, perhaps more annoying than anything. However I started liking him around 2016, when Maryse returned and he started the IC championship run, he really upped his game. Quickly became one of my faves, the Bryan promo was a cherry on top and now I just keep waiting for him to win the WWE title again, this time absolutely deservedly. Dude paid his dues and deserves a proper run with the big one.

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Re: Anyone else outgrew disliking The Miz?

I've always quite liked Miz. He's a great heel, he actually didn't want to be a cool heel and wanted to be hated. He did an awesome job cos he's soooo nice in real life, I met him in 2013 and he couldn't have been nicer. But I'm also quite liking this face run right now, it's way better so far than his last attempt at it.

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Re: Anyone else outgrew disliking The Miz?

Yes. I disliked him so much in 2010-11, he along with guys like Orton, Cena, Sheamus, Swagger and Del Rio ruined WWE for me back then. I started to like him when he returned in 2014 with that A-Lister gimmick, started an Intercontinental Championship program with Dolph Ziggler, feuded with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns and did comedy segments with Damien Mizdow.

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