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Wyatt HAS to win at HIAC.

Seriously. This is a crossroads moment for WWE. What direction are we going in here? More Rollins boredom or the hottest character in wrestling?

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Re: Wyatt HAS to win at HIAC.


I mean I could go into a deep analysis about it but yeah, they booked this. The Fiend's hot as hell right now, he needs to go over. Simple as that.

Rollins is great and he'll have plenty of more moments in the future. But you rehabbed Bray for a year and now you have gold in your hands. Don't throw it away.

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Re: Wyatt HAS to win at HIAC.

This thread was made already.

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Re: Wyatt HAS to win at HIAC.

Yea, I'm hoping Bray Wyatt is the next Universal Champion. He's the perfect choice to beat Seth Rollins as the Fiend.

Plus, Wyatt SHOULD win since he's a hot act right now, and his character as the Fiend should NOT be losing in his 2nd match.


Until Wyatt wins the Universal title (or another heel if it isn't him for some reason), at least there's Rollins as a solid choice to be the champion in the meantime


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Re: Wyatt HAS to win at HIAC.

Rollins is hot as hell, Fiend didn't need to go after a title yet at all, I feel it's all just wrong timing and I am scared for what they are gonna do. Rollins can take the L without a problem, Bray can't under any circumstances. I really don't like this booking at all even though I knew exactly what they were doing, I was sort of hoping they would hold of on him till he was well established as a massive unstoppable monster. I am so invested in this character that I am legitimately worried about this program
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Re: Wyatt HAS to win at HIAC.

Yeah, I think he should win and I don't even like him.

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Re: Wyatt HAS to win at HIAC.

He will. Who do you think Roman is facing at WM?
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Re: Wyatt HAS to win at HIAC.

He's jobbing. Attacking the champion the PPV before a title match and then losing is RIGHT out of the WWE playbook.

We can't EVER have anything nice. I'm glad they warned me in advance, so I can turn it off and de-invest right now.

It's a sad state of affairs when the most exciting things in wrestling are Asukas Youtube channel where she plays video games at a kindergarten level and Jericho making a joke about champagne.


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Re: Wyatt HAS to win at HIAC.

He should just to relieve us of the tedium that is a rollins reign. He managed to put yet another crowd to sleep tonight.

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Re: Wyatt HAS to win at HIAC.

I hope Rollins goes over clean. I want Raw to hit 1.5 mil before the year is over
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