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Re: Aint it about time R Truth moves away from the 24/7 Title?

Buy him a 24/7 replica title belt from WWE shop, I'm sure he'd be happy enough.
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Re: Aint it about time R Truth moves away from the 24/7 Title?

Originally Posted by SAMCRO View Post
I dunno i'm just tired of seeing him in this 24/7 shit, jesus do something else with him. Put him back to what he was doing before, just the occasional comedy segment and jobbing to upper mid carders for all i care. Its not like i want him to move on to a bigger role, i don't give a shit what they do with him as long as this 24/7 shit comes to an end with him, i'm beyond tired of it at this point.

I don't need to see him become a 50 time 24/7 champion.
Problem is, what could he realistically do? Other than comedy skits or being an enhancement talent. But the problem with the latter is that he just is not a threat, so he ain't 'enhancing' anyone.

But hey, he's sittin' pretty with his advanced age. At least he's not constantly jobbing or defiling his legacy.
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The man is pushing 50 and has a regular spot on TV and is funny. He is also getting appearances on mainstream shows with this angle and interacting with legends and celebrities. Why would he want to move away from it???????
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He's a comedy act that maybe with the right material given to him could use an overhaul, His 2011 Heel run I can take seriously enough to be a Midcard champion, Sure he's still a doofus but a crazed one is better than a clown.
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Re: Aint it about time R Truth moves away from the 24/7 Title?

Truth looks great for his age and can still wrestle really really well. I say give him one more 2-3 month title reign as intercontinental or us or tag at least. But truth is also one of the only older wrestlers thats in the low card still getting huge pops from fans so hes still credible i think
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2.CM Punk
3.Chris Jericho
5.Aj Lee
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Re: Aint it about time R Truth moves away from the 24/7 Title?

He's entertaining as the 24/7 champ, I say leave him be.
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Re: Aint it about time R Truth moves away from the 24/7 Title?

no, he and maverick are the only people making it remotely entertaining
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Re: Aint it about time R Truth moves away from the 24/7 Title?

R-Truth is one of the best things the WWE has going for it. Honestly I'm hoping he gets confused about which title he's competing for, rushes into the ring, pins Seth Rollins and becomes the Universal Champion. Even if his reign lasts a week I'd be thrilled to see Rollins loose the belt this way.

But as far as 24/7... Truth can have 30+ reigns this year and I'd be good with it. Him and Mella make this Money.
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Re: Aint it about time R Truth moves away from the 24/7 Title?

What would they do with him? I mean they'd never actually push him in any kind of meaningful way because R-Truth is actually entertaining and has personality, and the McMahon's hate that.
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The 24/7 belt is a novelty. It was fun because it was new and added something different. Now its getting old so I can see the belt fading to non existance soon.

R Truth is at his best as a comedy character so can't see a better role then that.
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