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Re: Braun Strowman is boring as hell.

I go back and forth on Strowman. I tend to think his promo work and acting are pretty good because he's a big, intimidating redneck who speaks like a real person, instead of like a Marvel script. He's a poor man's Steve Austin

But he is undeniably charismatic and there are good potential feuds on there with Bray Wyatt or versus Bullet Club w/ Seth.

I think Braun is more notable for what he represents in that he is "larger than life" and speaks in plain, relatable English that allows people to easily invest in him. People look at Braun and see a version of the WWE largely in the past and think, if only we had more and better versions of this guy
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Blame creative and his booking. He was the most over person in the company a year and a half a face in spite of bad booking cooled him off when he was red hot as a he. They made him turn heel inexplicably to challenge Roman, but after Roman got sick, they quickly turned him back face only to get SQUASHED by Brock Lesnar in Saudi Arabia.

He has not recovered from that and no one takes him seriously. Yes he is big, but he is fast, deceptively athletic and super powerful. They should have let him be that instead of trying to use the age old book the big guy as a slow and one dimensional "monster". Here he is in a match with someone half his size and no one expects him to win! All booking, not him.
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Re: Braun Strowman is boring as hell.

He can only beat up Roman so much. I never got the appeal of the guy
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Re: Braun Strowman is boring as hell.

One word: Powerslam

They couldn't come up with a better fucking finisher than a walking powerslam? Talk about anti-climactic
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Re: Braun Strowman is boring as hell.

Originally Posted by Eva MaRIHyse View Post
He needs to be doing crazy, larger than life shit.

Being in this weird feud with the human insomnia cure doesn't help though. No one has good feuds with Seth.

If he was working with an Edge, Jericho, or even HHH, he could be made into a star with the right booking.

But right now, WWE are pushing Rollins as the next Cena. And I doubt that Rollins has the talent to make someone into a mega-star anyway.
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Re: Braun Strowman is boring as hell.

He was boring since day one.

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Re: Braun Strowman is boring as hell.

I have never really liked him. He has never really proved himself in any aspect and likely only got called called to the roster as soon as he did because of his size. He is a crap wrestler, has no character and cannot talk. I don't deny that his booking was shockingly bad but he never really shined on his own.

I went right off him when he did that interview recently where he said that people generally do not match up to what he is doing so wwe is trying to train people up to be on his level......what an arrogant twat. You really arnt half as good as you think.

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Re: Braun Strowman is boring as hell.

Feeding him to brock for short term gain typical Vince thinking

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Re: Braun Strowman is boring as hell.

Kofi is boring.

Seth is boring.

Braun is boring.

Drew McIntyre is boring.

Lacey Evans is boring.

Baron Corbin is boring.

Cedric Alexander is boring.

... do you guys need 3 hours of low-carders chasing R-Truth backstage to be entertained ?

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Re: Braun Strowman is boring as hell.

After his feud with Roman he should have beaten Bork. This is 100% on WWE. Not for nothing, but Roman knows how to put people over. Bork making him his personal bitch is what made Braun lose his luster.
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