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a Stupid Idea from Bad Creative
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Re: Did Lacey and Corbin get punished?

They are both right where they belong now

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Re: Did Lacey and Corbin get punished?

....Anyway, moving on from the trolls and negativity gimmick posters...

It is just a matter of Vince and crew not knowing what to do with them after they challenged Seth and Becky several months in a row. Corbin will be back on TV soon with KOTR, but I do fear for Lacey. They simply have nothing for her besides beating Dana Brooke, Sarah Logan or whomever on Main Event.

Lacey occasionally shares events that shes advertised for in the future but there is no promise that she will be on TV.
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Re: Did Lacey and Corbin get punished?

They're both people who were just very overpushed for their current level of talent . Lacey clearly caught Vince eye with her look and gimmick, but she should have stayed down at NXT for another year. The fact they pushed her so much just exposed her glaring inadequacies in the ring.

Baron Corbin is and should always have been a midcard guy. I don't know what Vince ever saw in him to give him such opportunities. He's not even got the typical Vince look

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Re: Did Lacey and Corbin get punished?


Its pretty much the perfect reason to give Corbin a new gimmick and attire to ever since his constable gimmick ran its course.

Edit: Referring to the king of the ring thing btw. Fully expecting Corbin to be winning it.
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Re: Did Lacey and Corbin get punished?

Simple answer: nope
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Absolute Scumbag.
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Re: Did Lacey and Corbin get punished?

Corbins off tv while he regrows his hair and prepares for his next gimmick
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Re: Did Lacey and Corbin get punished?

They had their run on top for months, now it's done, they don't really have anything for them at the moment, so they're sitting on the sidelines for now (until Corbin got announced for KOTR).

That's about it.
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Re: Did Lacey and Corbin get punished?

The McMahons probably blamed them for the ratings hitting the toilet during the Lynch's feuds. Even though those two were just repeatedly fed to Becky and Seth.

Wether you like Baron or not it was insanely dumb to take him off TV right after he got the heat from EODing Becky. They should have capitalised on that.

So much for that big monster push Corbin was getting. Though I see the same generic posters are sticking to that idea, even though Corbin jobs all the time. It's funny how supposedly Corbin is getting some monster push and getting too much TV time, when Super Rollins is going strong and stinking up the joint but the people who bitch about Baron and this huge push he's supposedly getting swing off Seths ballsack.

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Re: Did Lacey and Corbin get punished?

lacey isn't on tv because she's not the champ or challenging for a title

welcome to 'wwe life' for the vast majority of the ladies on the roster

the above doesn't apply if you're piss or nepotism, who can be inserted into anything at a moment's notice with no rhyme or reason
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Don't think the fans are too bothered by these two not being featured on the show recently. They were two undeserving, underwhelming opponents to give to your two top champions. If they do return they should never be in the title scene or a main focus of the show again unless they massively improve. Corbin realistically needs to just be placed in the midcard, that's his ceiling.

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