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Re: Enjoy Bray Wyatt while you can......

Originally Posted by MaryChristine View Post
How the fuck is bray wyatt the best thing about wwe right now? I seriously love this character. Idgaf for me it was match of the night. What a fucking performance by bray. those pants... why the fuck isnt anyone shouting from the mountain top about those pants? Idk how the hell they got this one past vince. Goddamn. So good
Those pants are awesome but Wyatt's dandy legs look weird and downgrade its aura
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Re: Enjoy Bray Wyatt while you can......

Yeah and later he will be fed against returning Demon Balor
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Re: Enjoy Bray Wyatt while you can......

Originally Posted by Hephaesteus View Post
Because they still dropping money promoting him. Like I said tell me somebody, anybody who's gotten to do 3 gimmick changes with wwe promoting them.
Undertaker and Kane at least. Granted, I know you'll say Kane is a Vince guy, but.....not in any meaningful sense. Kane was just a midcard guy his whole career, a lot like Bray. Only difference being of course, Kane didn't have the skills or the creativity to sustain a main event push whereas Bray very, very much does, and yet, for some reason, he still can't get one.

I'm sure there's plenty of others that are out there who haven't been world champions, though.

They're not dropping shit on this gimmick, either. This is pocket change to them. This isn't a serious investment.

He might not be FOTC, but he's definitely a Vince guy.
Forget face of the company. It took him 4 years to win the world title, it only happened by accident, and he only held it for a month, and along the way he lost every major feud. That's not being a Vince guy. Vince guys don't go 0-3 at WrestleMania. And Vince guys CERTAINLY do not get booked so badly they have to take a YEAR off so that people forget how bad they've been booked. You think Roman Reigns is ever gonna take a year off to make people forget about how bad his booking has been? HA!

Dudes the most talked about part of Summer Slam so yea, just because he's not champion doesn't mean that Vince aint into him.
Doesn't matter if he's the most talked about part of SummerSlam because Vince isn't the fans.

Ok, let me ask you this then.

If he's not the champion, and he's not going to be the champion, why does it MATTER if Vince is "into him"? Let's suppose your faulty premise is true that Vince is so high on Bray Wyatt. Unless it results in the world championship, #1 he's not high ENOUGH on him, and #2, the extent he does like him doesn't amount to shit.

Also, let me remind you that this match was put in the death spot. That's when you have what's called a "buffer match" placed in between the two main events, in order to bring the crowd down so they'll have energy for the main event. This is a match that's considered unimportant, to make people save their energy. That's what Vince thinks of Bray Wyatt. He tried to cool his return off immediately. It didn't work, and Vince won't be happy about the reception Bray got, which made him a bigger star than everyone else on the show except for maybe Kevin Owens, but that was the intention. That is a pretty damning sign right off the bat. As if facing Balor in his first program wasn't enough. Balor is taking time off and Bray didn't even get to hurt him.

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Re: Enjoy Bray Wyatt while you can......

That's optimistic. I wouldn't be surprised if they feed him to a returning Demon Balor

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Re: Enjoy Bray Wyatt while you can......

Well, I understand the pessimism. Wyatt has a long history of being booked terribly. But The Fiend has been presented very well since it's inception, and the first match was pitch perfect.

All the really need to do is repeat the formula for a while, and WWE is EXCELLENT and redoing the same thing again and again because it got over once. In this case, I think it's actually the right approach.

It really does hinge on The Fiend being a legitimate threat to anyone he faces though. I don't mind a loss here and there, when presented right, but he has to maintain the aura.

I actually liked Graves talking about the intimidation factor, and likening Wyatt to The Undertaker after the match with Balor, because that points towards creative planning The Fiend to be booked strong. It's tough to have confidence in creative, after so many years of fuckery, but I remain optimistic.

They didn't run with Broken Matt Hardy because, even after the name change, it wasn't really a WWE-Owned property. The Fiend is 100% WWE's IP, and with how over the character is right now, I can see them wanting to give him the best opportunity to be a true superstar - and with Heyman calling the shots on RAW, it might be the perfect storm for Wyatt.
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Re: Enjoy Bray Wyatt while you can......

Originally Posted by Ray McCarthy View Post
The negativity here is depressing. Instead of feeling pleased that Bray’s return went so well, or excited about the prospect of his new character continuing to do well, you immediately start focusing on the negative, and all the worst case scenarios. You can’t be happy even for a moment, can you? Bunch of fucking bitches, man.
Yeah, I kinda got that vibe too not that long ago.

Something about The New Day was on Twitter and I tweeted basically, "Some might disagree but I believe these three will be in the Hall of Fame someday" and I was expecting the response to be negative like what you'd get on this forum. Instead, people were like, "No shit, they've earned it" and I realized I forgot what it was like to read people saying positive things about WWE talents.
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Re: Enjoy Bray Wyatt while you can......

He'll be jobbing to Rollins or Roman before you know it. This is WWE, they can mess up a one car funeral.

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Re: Enjoy Bray Wyatt while you can......

I have little faith in the WWE not to screw this up either but so far so good. Bray is doing a fantastic job.
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Re: Enjoy Bray Wyatt while you can......

oh, I have no doubt that he will be buried again. who does it is anyone's guess. i think roman might get a ppv win over him.
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Re: Enjoy Bray Wyatt while you can......

Of course he's getting fed to the spot monkey Roman Reigns. Thats Seths role, as the overpushed, overrated chosen one that stinks up the joing and prevents anyone else from getting passed jobber status.

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