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Let's talk Corbin

Every now and then you see something that reminds you how close WWE was to having something really cool and then you think, Jesus, they really fucked this up.

Today it's...Baron Corbin's old entrance?

I admit I wasn't the first person on the Corbin bandwagon. But eventually I saw the potential he had. Big Banter Corbin was money. He had a cool as fuck finisher (End of Days). He had a really cool signature move that he actually got wins with (Deep Six). Most of what he did leading up to those was pretty, well, "ok," but definitely serviceable. Oh, and he had this great run where he was an indy killer. Really, the worst thing about him was his thinning hair.

You see him here and the music is still great and better than what he has now. The entrance video is fucking cool with the city on fire and the black dripping onto the video board to where there's only a spotlight on the guy. There is definitely something there.

And WWE fucked it up. First it was the weird issues Vince or Dunn has with bodies and Corbin's smallish love handles and baby fat on his stomach were just too much so they stuck him in a sleeveless t-shirt. Then they hot shotted him too soon to win the MitB and he was embarrassed by Cena. Then they changed his music. He was looking lost in the ring. He didn't talk any shit to opponents. Any edge he had was just gone.

If that wasn't enough, they changed his character entirely and made him look like a smarmy manager of a TGIFridays. His gear completely sucked. His character took an even bigger downturn as*they made him Constable Corbin. A dude named a constable...in 2019. How fucking dumb. People hated this dude and not for the right reasons and so of course he had to become the thing WWE would shove down*people's throats for nearly 2 years.

The biggest positives for that whole period of time were him shaving his head and ditching the vest.

It's just weird to look back at what they had and see how badly they fucked it up. I don't even know if they can rehab this guy now and honestly, I WANT to see Corbin be rehabbed. I want him to be good and cool. I just don't know if that's even possible now.

One last point...I think a good step in the right direction would at least give him this entrance back, keep his shaved head look, and go with something different for ring gear. Have him start squashing dudes. See if they can get fans to start counting how long his matches last. As much as I bitch about WWE, I bitch about it because I know it can be better and I want it to be better. I don't want this show to suck. I don't want these characters to suck.

So what do some of you think? Is there any chance for Corbin to be rehabbed and be cool again?

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The old Baron Corbin had that badass vibe to him and it sold really well I'm talking about circa 2016-17, Now he's got that Corporate look going and he doesn't feel that badass anymore he's just a smug classic Heel that's hard to take seriously, He has two moves I like due to the execution of them both but he's lost all that appeal he once had.

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Re: Let's talk Corbin

Always liked Corbin through all of his gimmicks. I wish he'd change his wrestling gear though so since he's no longer in an authority role.

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Re: Let's talk Corbin

He needs to be the one to bury Taker but I fear its gonna be Drew "The cure for Insomnia " Mcyintire who gets that.

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Re: Let's talk Corbin

He definitely had potential. His lone wolf gimmick worked for him but when he became an authority figure he completely changed and everything about him shifted and somehow all that potential seemed to fade away. At this point I think he still can be saved but he would need to disappear for awhile, and upon returning he would need different ring gear rather than the dress clothes.

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Re: Let's talk Corbin

He's a sexy beast.
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Re: Let's talk Corbin

Originally Posted by phyfts View Post
He's a sexy beast.
Paging @bradatar
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Re: Let's talk Corbin

Honestly I am not sure what I think

Old Corbin was never going to get over as a legit bad a$$

He just did not have the look. Balding baby boy...

However he has actually gotten "heat" and I mean legit heat. Fans hate him.

I understand a lot of it is simply due to the fact that they push him down our throats, so he does have some "go away" heat.

However he legit has heat with casuals, and does not care, which is more than a lot of modern WWE heels have had in years.

I mean Baron is one of the few heels not trying to be "cool bad guy" he's a pandering heel and that's pretty cool to me.

While I do hate his push, I think he's probably overperformed and could be a great "manager" of legit threats moving forward.

Enough of Corbin the contender....let's have Corbin the mid card guy/ manager of stars.

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Re: Let's talk Corbin

Originally Posted by RainmakerV2 View Post
Paging @bradatar
We need @DammitC ; in here to tell us how handsome Pimp Daddy Corbin looks in a suit

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Re: Let's talk Corbin

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