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Re: 2015 Seth Rollins vs 2019 Seth Rollins

2015 character was better. His booking was disgusting for 90% of it, though.

2019 Seth has, arguably, better booking. The entire playing field is so bare (no one's fault but WWE's mind you) that you have a shitty program with a shitty couples satryline.
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Re: 2015 Seth Rollins vs 2019 Seth Rollins

I prefer 2012 Rollins when he wasnít on my screen and down in NXT with other people I donít need to see.

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I said it at the time. When they were teasing the Ambrose heel turn this fall. Rollins should have turned heel on Ambrose. Rollins could have been the natural heel he is and Ambrose could have been the bad ass face (minus the clown gimmicks) kinda of like face Triple H vs Randy Orton and Legacy. Would have turned out better for both.
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Re: 2015 Seth Rollins vs 2019 Seth Rollins

I liked Shield Seth.
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Re: 2015 Seth Rollins vs 2019 Seth Rollins

They both suck. I liked 2017 Rollins in a Ambrose summer reunion storyline, that's pretty much it.
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Re: 2015 Seth Rollins vs 2019 Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins was perfect as chickenshit heel.

As babyface he was very cool in the Shield (first face turn), against Triple H and during that gauntlet match.
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Re: 2015 Seth Rollins vs 2019 Seth Rollins

It's like asking if you prefer diarrhea or constipation. Sheesh.

His 2015 title reign sucked a fat cock and began my descent from fully watching and supporting the company to this day. His 2019 run is bad as well but for some reason, it is more tolerable and he has improved in some aspects from 2015. However, this angle with Becky is beginning to not only ruin his title reign further but his character as well. Imagine Debra telling white hot babyface Stone Cold that she is in front of the relationship.
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Re: 2015 Seth Rollins vs 2019 Seth Rollins

Shield Seth is the only time he's lived to the alleged potential he has. He sucked before it, and he only got worse the moment he turned heel. Fuck Him.

Jimmy Jacobs is God for making people think this goof was good.
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Re: 2015 Seth Rollins vs 2019 Seth Rollins

I don't think you can look at something like this from a one-dimensional perspective. While he played a heel in 2015 and is now a face, he has also had a lot of story development in those 4 years. You have to try and see it from the perspective of the story WWE were trying to tell.

You had The Shield, one person feeling like he was capable of more and with The Authority in his ear, he betrayed his brothers and took the fast track to the world title picture. All you have to do is go back and watch Seth delivering that chair shot to Roman's back and you can literally see and hear the shock and dread from the fans. We have to give credit where it's due - sometimes WWE can surprise us with things and I think they did a good job with Seth's betrayal.

After being manipulated by The Authority, we were supposed to believe that Seth as a character felt safe, untouchable and like he was going to be champion (or double when he also held the US title) forever, until his choice came back to bite him and The Authority were finished with him. That led to a great series of storytelling with Seth almost becoming the vigilante he'd just bested in Sting.

"Show's called Takeover right!? Well Triple H, I'm calling your ass out!" yet another great fan reaction and something that felt very natural in terms of how the story was playing out. It also felt very reminiscent of things that took place in 2002-2005, or the ruthless aggression era.

As silly as it sounds, the injuries Seth suffered only helped build his character even more and made his on-going program to eventually get back at The Authority and moreso Triple H all the more interesting. While I can understand people's negative opinions towards Seth now, I think you again have to look at the people who were writing and planning these things.

All of this storytelling for one character eventually got trashed when WWE had yet another boner for Lesnar and put a halt on any character development Seth was getting because Seth's role was then switched to Roman's role against Brock. I can't say for sure why Rollins, coming from someone who was a big fan of his, is now pretty stale. It obviously has a lot to do with the shitty booking and merchandising since his relationship with Becky was made public and played on for the sake of televised stories, but outside of that, I don't think you can really say "it's because he's shit".

All of that said, I definitely have to say 2015 Rollins. The white/gold attire was awesome (despite the Power Ranger comparisons) and holding two belts at the same time just made him feel like a much bigger deal than he actually was. It's all in the illusion and presentation of TV - smoke and mirrors essentially.

WWE have been doing their, admittedly very good, smoke and mirrors shtick since 2002. Cena is an awful wrestler, but he's an entertainer who WWE hand-picked, hand-groomed and developed into a larger than life icon like Hulk Hogan. He's one of the greats. I'd like to say they were trying to do something similar with Rollins but stupid booking decisions (like Lesnar as an invisible champion) made sure that wasn't going to happen.

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Re: 2015 Seth Rollins vs 2019 Seth Rollins

All I know is that 2015 Seth wasn't banging Becky so 2019 version is clearly the better version.

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