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Ronda Rousey

With this winner take all match, seemingly ending this feud that seems like its been dragging on forever, I got to thinking, could Ronda Rousey be planning to make a comeback at Extreme Rules??

Now apparently the mixed tag will main event , but perhaps Becky scores the winning fall, and after she celebrates with Seth, Ronda's music hits and she comes out motioning around her waist, she wants her title back.

Summerslam would be the anniversary of her winning the title after all, and we have already seen Charlotte vs Ronda, maybe this is where we get this great 1 on 1 womens match.

Also, Heyman works hand in hand with Ronda also on her promo's and whatnot, so with him being back, it would seem likely she isn't too far behind.

Mods, fell free to move this to Extreme Rules forum, if you want.
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Re: Ronda Rousey

I don't expect her back any time soon.

Maybe she makes an appearance at the Fox premiere of Smackdown because Fox might want her there.

But if she doesn't end up starting a family maybe she's back by Mania time next year. Though who knows, maybe they do pull of a big shock.

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Nah, let Ronda stay gone. Her run killed the women's division and the last thing that's needed is this has been coming back.

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She can come back and job to Becky then go away forever.
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International Purveyor Of Violence
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She dropped a hint that she may return recently on social media. I for one would welcome her return. She was hamstrung with some stupid promos but her ring work was solid. And she showed up damn near weekly for RAW when she could have easily milked the easy money.and dialed it in.
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THE MAN has come around to collect.
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Re: Ronda Rousey

If she's not coming back for a 1v1 vs Becky Lynch then IDGAF.

"THE MAN" Becky Lynch. The first WWE Superstar to be on the cover of ESPN.
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Re: Ronda Rousey

If Ronda comes back it will either be summerslam or wrestlemania. So, maybe?
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Re: Ronda Rousey

very pissed they didnt have rousey show up after wrestlemania.... i think the raw after mania called for a brock moment where Rousey to have a "see ya later" moment.

but no, she aint coming for extreme rules

the brand split sucks
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Re: Ronda Rousey

They stopped caring much about the women's division after Ronda left unfortunately so her coming back could at least get them to care more about it again.
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Roy "Gambit" Mustang
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Yes please. Her vs becky at summerslam would be great. Still want to see that 1 vs 1 match and the other option looking like Stephanie Mcmahon yeah taking this all day long.
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