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Re: Thoughts on REY getting squashed?

Originally Posted by MaryChristine View Post
How can I downvote you?
I dunno don't know how rep works.
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Re: Thoughts on REY getting squashed?

I honestly think Rey should hang up the boots. He was wrestling before Kurt Angle got into wrestling, he's still wrestling after Kurt retired!

I wouldnt mind a Rey retirement speech. To here him talk about his legacy and Eddie Gurrero one more time. Viva La Raza
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Re: Thoughts on REY getting squashed?

Originally Posted by Vic View Post
Who the fuck cares about how tall he is? That's irrelevant to any point being made in this thread first of all. Second of all, Rey came back expecting a Shawn Michaels-like contract with limited dates, to my knowledge not citing injuries Rey has worked pretty much every TV taping and PPV since he was signed what did you expect to happen here? You're totally reaching for reasons to shit on the guy. I stand by this being 100% on WWE, he signed a two year contract, but two years of a WWE schedule is still two years of full-time work for a 40 year old man with fucked knees. That is insanity.
Here's the thing I read this argument and though they were making the wrong points the overall point of "Rey shoulders some of the blame" is accurate and here is why. He signed the full time contract.

You can argue that WWE shouldn't have offered him a full time contract and be right cause that was incredibly stupid on their part given Rey and his injury history. But unless he had a gun to his head or some other reason that gave him no choice Rey has to shoulder some of the blame for agreeing to and signing said full time contract. (I haven't read past the first 25 posts so if this was already addressed and you agreed/disagreed then fair enough)

Now on the topic of this thread no Rey shouldn't be getting squashed. Should he be putting people over and losing a decent bit more often? Absolutely but a squash does incredible damage to how much he can do that especially when up till this point Bobby wasn't portrayed as a big enough deal to warrant it and Rey has been shown to be able to overcome bigger guys than him.
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It annoys me squashing a legend like Rey. Have Lashley squash 90% of the roster they don’t use in a gauntlet match much like they did with Kofi. Rey beats Ortan, Joe, Miz and Charlottes Boyfriend clean now he loses a squash match.

Vince wants a masked Wrestler for the Mexican market but won’t Create a new masked man. Rico would have been perfect
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Re: Thoughts on REY getting squashed?

It's kinda like with Jericho where it was his time to put people over, but if you put people over without barely winning anything it just makes them look passed their prime, Rey should be winning a bit more before taking the Ls
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Re: Thoughts on REY getting squashed?

tbf rey was getting squashed as world champion. Nothing really new.

"After it all you'll find out, you were always one us"

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Re: Thoughts on REY getting squashed?

It's way past his expiration date. WTF is he even doing in 2019? He's been there since the 90's or something, from Bret Hart era or whatever. It's been too damn long.
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Re: Thoughts on REY getting squashed?

It was stupid. Rey losing to Lashley, ok that's fine. But he's a legend, a former World Champion, a Grand Slam Champion, the "greatest mask wrestler in WWE history" as they love to remind us, etc. He shouldn't be getting squashed, especially not by Lashley of all people. Also given how much they hyped up his return beforehand, this was even more lame.
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Re: Thoughts on REY getting squashed?

Rey is a legend. Shouldn't be jobbing to anybody.

Lashley should be squashing guys, just the active younger roster because they are all jokes.

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Interesting take on this topic. I agree should have let Andrade go over Rey

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