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Re: Is it Over for EC3 before it really started?

He'll get paid to rot for the next 2-3 years.

(Anything that happens on camera is a work, so he's probably getting some sort of change and push out of this still)

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Re: Is it Over for EC3 before it really started?

I need a drink after that video. God damn he's fed up.
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Re: Is it Over for EC3 before it really started?

101 on why Vince is a senile, stubborn fuck. EC3 at the very least would have been at Elias’ level. He’s one of the best promos in WWE, has a great look, and had a great gimmick, paired with the perfect theme coming from NXT.

The only way you could screw him up is by either taking the mic out of his hand or leaving him off tv. They did both.

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Re: Is it Over for EC3 before it really started?

I don't get their treatment of him, he seems like he's exactly the type of specimen they would push - They went out of their way to make a cool vignette of him, he's got a great look, a cool theme, he's pretty good on the mic, etc. He doesn't strike me as elite or anything, but neither do people like Corbin, Lashley, McIntyre, whom they enjoy pushing the shit out of.

Must have done something completely harmless backstage that triggered Vince or something
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Originally Posted by J-B View Post
Holy fuck, that video hit me hard <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="vincecry" class="inlineimg" /> He looked like he really couldn't be arsed in the second clip and had to really gee himself up to even bother getting in the ring.

Just another example of how WWE sucks the passion out of their talent. What pisses me off is that he's apparently only being buried because Vince is thick as shit and blamed him for Ambrose getting cheered in their matches whilst he was on his way out.
I know . Gosh he starts off full of energy only to lose passion. Hell, the body language says no fucks given..its amazing how it's not all about money for these guys they want to get their chance to shine a bit.
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Looks like the video's been pulled. Any other links?

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Originally Posted by GreatestOfAllTime View Post
Sees Meltzer in the title and doesn't read anything else

yada yada yada mark yada yada yada never worked in the business yada yada yada rating fake fights yeada yada yada Japanese bias yada yada yada
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Re: Is it Over for EC3 before it really started?

Jesus wept!!!! This forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WWE doesn't push a wrestler I like "It's a work"
"WWE don't think ahead on story's, they decide on a weekly basis who they push"

EC3 buried since joining see the contradictions above

Here's another I firmly believe that everyone should have an opinion, however my opinion is more valid than the Melzer/Dirt sheets etc, this applies to any and every subject I or anyone else may post. If I find your opinion out of line with my opinion (which I must add, will mean absolutely nothing).

So after this time the dirt-sheets should have been asking the people on this forum what Vince thinks - damn they really must be dozy.. As I'm sure the posters here are privy to Vince's thoughts..

News Flash I doubt Vince even knows who EC3 is, and if he is as good as you say why did Vince sack him? Don't answer that its a rhetorical question.... Vince is buying up the competition and paying them to sit at home
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Re: Is it Over for EC3 before it really started?

And just think, he's in the dog house just because fans refused to boo Dean.

His look whenever he's on the WWE cameras just shows a deep sadness. I legit feel bad for him. And he ain't getting out of that contract anytime soon. He'll be jobbed out and/or Luke Harper'd.
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He was the first person eliminated in the Saudi battle royal. Wonder if he pulled a Gail Kim and eliminated himself.
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Re: Is it Over for EC3 before it really started?

Its crazy because ECIII has everything the WWE used too love; look, personality, and mic work, but thesedays they love one dimensional spot monkeys instead.

There's always an element of you never say never in Pro Wrestling. Look at Mark Henry's Hall Of Pain run, or Kofi Kingston now. No one is ever 100% ruined or completely out of the Main Event scene forever. But the WWE is a terrible environment thesedays where 99% of the time its just guys that they've hand picked. Guys that they hand picked from day one and then pushed to the moon instantly, rushed to the top, rush them to a World Title. If you're new to the roster and haven't won a World Title within you're first 2-3 years you probably never will. Because the McMahons just pick out their favourite pets and put all the attention and spotlight on them.

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