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penguin Bray's new Gimmick is amazing.... and here is why.

Okay full disclaimer this is more or less a dissection of Bray's new gimmick and how its kinda amazing... Mind you some of this is head cannon but I think its really cool if you stick around and actually read it ^_^ here I go.

So we are going to start off as bray and his previous before all the fun house shenanigans, basically really short and simple things to take away was his house and Abby they are the reoccurring themes and they actually are liner and that's fucking amazing bray should get a medal for it. Also why I love his story the most right now and (Him, Kofi and R Truth are carrying WWE atm, not related but my opinion)

Abby (sister Abigail) is his sister, or be it dead sister and from his story line previously she has been tormenting him either when she was alive or now as she is what seems to be a ghost. He always has said that this will come back, its huge and but he brilliantly kept it ambiguous and that's what is going to sell the shit out of this promo

Funhouse 1:

Basically even on entering he is not even talking to a crowd or audience he is actually in his own mind, he is in this weird struggle between this and its just being visually and creepy laid out so we can see, we actually get to look in his mind Ie. when he says “Did you miss me, oh how I have missed you, but I knew we would be back together one day” its not to the wwe universe its to himself saying he's been gone and now he's trying to gain some control of his own psyche. Subtle enough he even says my name and almost chokes and pauses to get out “Bray Wyatt” even further represented by his hands “Hurt and Heal” he goes on to saw the old cut out of himself to show him two things A is disassociation of the old and also splitting it saying that its gone but not entirely all left.

We meet friends here I wanted to list them as they appear
Mercy the Buzzard - Represents the past fireflies that followed him but kinda backed off his hype when things got rough (think of the fact that he despises rabbit his old promo)
Abby - is well Abby… self explanatory
Rambling Rabbit - Is all of brays pointless promos before (he is literally long in the tooth)
Huskis - Old Wyatt in the days of old, out of shape and kinda complacent
Devil Vince - is also self explanatory but basically there to almost fire and Huskis (Old Bray) because they were not performing up to par.

Funhouse 2:

Painting episode was a great one, it shows that under this polite facade that there is in fact something deeper lurking… and it's the introduction of Rambling rabbit. This is important because you kinda get a deeper look into is mind, the burning building in fact had an Abby inside the window, that Abby was also flesh colored and not the ghoulish witch you see before you. Maybe meaning that this is maybe how she met her tragic end, however the highlight is the perspective of what this painting is, its done almost as someone is looking onto the fire and maybe that whomever is painting it is actually looking towards the house, this is head cannon but I think that maybe Bray has something to do with that. It also seems almost reinforced when Abby says “You where a very bad boy” waking Abby and he has to try to coax her back to sleep.
The word of the day is also important because its Sociopath, this being by definition someone who suffers from a personality disorder that manifests itself in extreme ways.

Funhouse 3:

This one is pretty straightforward its actually showing the link I made before between Buzzard and Rabbit showing that the old fandom turned on his promo. Its also pretty cool to look at bray saying that killing is okay in this almost showing his calm demeanor can be twisted pretty easily. Also as a fun note the children are no smiling nor reacting maybe insinuated that they let Bray in and this is the result they are stuck, maybe in a limbo of some sort???

Funhouse 4:

This is pretty straightforward as well, its the reveal of the fiend, however I think it is cool to notice how in the flashes the house shown is burned and and far demented from what we are used to being shown, with this in mind I think it would be a really cool twist if that this whole time that hes been in this house its actually the burnt remains of the hosue in the photo and that gets reveled on the last episode that would be dope but thats purely head cannon,

Funhouse 5:

*Arguably the most important so far*

This is the doctor episode, this one kinda really had me on the edge of my seat, mainly because it flips his entire previous promo on its back.

Its all in the small exchange of words with Abby after being called a bully she asks “why wont you let me sleep” Wyatt laughs it off and says he will never let her sleep, then goes onto limbo (limbo in moth sense as the limbo for fun and the sort for in between afterlife before you are assigned anywhere) this is so important because this actually implies that Bray himself has actually been tormenting Abby this whole time, and maybe drawing on her as a source of power. Once again the kids are all emotionless and kinda just there, seemingly also stuck or in limbo.

Funhouse 6:

This is where Huskis is introduced and its a fitness episode and it's a fitness episode furthering the point of the comparison to new and old. Read the character interactions between Devil Vince (also a new char) and Huskis. Also in this episode he says during the song “erase your mind” maybe implementing that this is what he does to his host whom ever the fiend is.

TLDR Read it…. Haha

Please tell me your thoughts and if this kinda made you think a bit more on it. I will Update as they go on and share my thoughts.

PS. sorry for the word walls

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Re: Bray's new Gimmick is amazing.... and here is why.

He's easily the best thing going in WWE right now. I just hope they don't drop the ball.

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Originally Posted by SuicideSlushPuppie View Post
He's easily the best thing going in WWE right now. I just hope they don't drop the ball.
But they totally will
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Re: Bray's new Gimmick is amazing.... and here is why.

I fully believe Vince and the entire team of writers have never made any of these connections and it's just a bunch of random shit. At least to them. Maybe Bray is making these connections, but they sure as shit aren't.

Personally, I can't stand the gimmick. He's out there playing with puppets. It's impossible to take seriously as a main eventer, which is where he belongs. This is not a gimmick that can allow him to be in contention for world titles. His old gimmick was pitch perfect, they just needed to not job him out. Instead we get this silly shit because Vinces incompetence literally booked the perfect character off of him.

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Re: Bray's new Gimmick is amazing.... and here is why.

He won't save the product. It's 1 segment on a 3 hour show. Knowing WWE it will go nowhere and he will be buried AGAIN even further.
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Re: Bray's new Gimmick is amazing.... and here is why.

We're praising dancing gimmicks now?

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Re: Bray's new Gimmick is amazing.... and here is why.

Has anyone actually bothered to read the OP.

Clearly you put a lot of thought into it, good post. I do think you may have thought more about it than WWE though

Hopefully he gets a main event push out of it. I'm certainly intrigued to see how they get him in the ring with this gimmick.
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Re: Bray's new Gimmick is amazing.... and here is why.

At least there's only one more left until he debuts.

His words. Not mine.
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Re: Bray's new Gimmick is amazing.... and here is why.

I agree with you, OP. Bray Wyatt is, alongside R-Truth shenanigans, the only thing in current WWE I'm looking forward to. The problem is we know for sure WWE is going to ruin it. There are already news reporting they are delaying his in-ring debut because the skits are working well. So instead of making him debut while he's red hot, they are going to make the gimmick overstay its welcome and make him debut when the hype is already gone and people are rather tired of it. That's vintage WWE for you. If that's not the case, then he'll be jobbing to Reigns or Strowman in half a year anyway.
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Re: Bray's new Gimmick is amazing.... and here is why.

Well it seems that they have given him large control over his own gimmick, it was stated in his interview so at least this is why its more genuine because this is actually bray and the writers, not so much influence of Vince,
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