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Triple H Reign of Terror VS Brock Lesnar holding the Universal Championship hostage?

Which one was the worst?

I am sorry if it is a long topic but I thought about giving a summary of the 2 reigns

Triple H reign of terror during 2002-2005: (5 Reigns with Combined 616 Days as World Heavyweight Champion)

Triple H was awarded the World Title and held it for most of a couple years.

He beat Flair, RVD and unmasked Kane. Dropped it to Shawn briefly and won it back. Had an abysmal feud with Scott Steiner. Beat Booker T so easily. Had an injury when Goldberg showed up, used it as an excuse to keep the title until they could have a good 1 on 1 match and beat Goldberg in an Elimination Chamber before that. Lost it to Goldberg, went to film a movie, kept himself on TV via a bounty storyline and beat Goldberg in a triple threat with Kane to win the title back.

Tapped clean to Benoit at Mania 20 but then he kept himself in the main with a feud with HBK while Benoit basically played around as an upper midcarder facing Kane and becoming a dual champion winning the tag belts.

Benoit dropped it to Randy Orton who was part of Trips Evolution stable. Trips turned on him, won the title and ended up burying an Orton face turn. It ended with him dropping the belt to Batista who had also been part of Evolution

There was also Jericho feud if we count it,Kevin Nash junk,Katie Vick happened around this time,too and he also tried to get sleeper hold as a finisher

Brock's Lesnar as Universal Champion 2017-2019: (2 reigns with combined 660 days as the Champion)

He won it first time at Wrestlemania 33 against Goldberg then he went absent till July at Great Balls Of Fire,where he successfully retained against Samoa Joe, before defeating him a second time for the title at a live event
He went absent again till SmmerSlam,where he also retained in a Fatal 4 way match against Roman Reigns,Braun Strowman,and Samoa Joe.
He retained against Braun Strowman at No Mercy,His next title defense was scheduled for the Royal Rumble where he successfully defended the title in a triple threat match against Strowman and Kane, Lesnar then re-ignited his feud with Roman Reigns, who won the Elimination Chamber match at Elimination Chamber to become the number one contender to Lesnar's title at WrestleMania 34.At the event, Lesnar pinned Reigns to retain the title in the main event.

He would defend the title against Reigns in a rematch at the Greatest Royal Rumble pay-per-view, this time inside a steel cage. At the event, Lesnar defeated Reigns as Reigns speared Lesnar through the cage and thus giving the accidental win to Lesnar as he escaped the cage first per the rules.

He went absent again for 3 months till he faces Reigns at SummerSlam but this time he lost to Reigns after being distracted by Strowman wanted to cash his money in the bank,He was scheduled to have a triple threat with Roman and Strowman at Crown Jewel but it was changed to 1 on 1 as Roman relinquished the title for Leukemia,He won the vacant title at Crown Jewel,Lesnar successfully defended the title against Finn Bálor via submission at Royal Rumble.

He competed at Wrestlemania to finally lose the title to the Royal Rumble winner Seth Rollins.
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Re: Triple H reign of terror VS Brock Lesnar holding the Universal Championship hostage?

Bork was worse

Triple H actually worked most of his reign of terror



RIP Robin


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Re: Triple H Reign of Terror VS Brock Lesnar holding the Universal Championship hostage?

HHH's reign of terror at the time seemed draining, but looking back on it, it wasn't actually that bad. We got Batista out of it and even WHC Chris B*****. Brock was far, far worse.

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Re: Triple H Reign of Terror VS Brock Lesnar holding the Universal Championship hostage?

How is this even a question? HHH worked every show, defended the title almost every week - even when injured. Brock took the title and threw it in his barn until Vince told him to come back with it which could have been months at a time.
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Re: Triple H Reign of Terror VS Brock Lesnar holding the Universal Championship hostage?

Triple H hurted people who could have been major draws

Who the fuck did Brock bury, Roman? Buried himself, strowman? He has no business winning a title , Joe? He was buried by Roman , Brock made him a big deal for causals with their feud
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Re: Triple H Reign of Terror VS Brock Lesnar holding the Universal Championship hostage?

Brock is worse.

Sure Katie Vick was awful with no comeuppance and Booker T not getting his moment at WM 19 but Brock has literally taken the title and went home. He defended against the same guys (Roman and Braun) most of the time. His only good matches were his non title ones against two top tier workers. Hasn't had a match on Raw since he returned. Lame.
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Re: Triple H Reign of Terror VS Brock Lesnar holding the Universal Championship hostage?

There was no reign of terror..That's just stupid shit you smarks made up.. Most of that was great back in 02 and far exceeds anything happening in todays product..

Calling Triple h's feuds with Michaels/Benoit/Orton/Batista/SHelton Terror.. LOL.. I would beg for that shit back instead of todays boring product.
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Re: Triple H Reign of Terror VS Brock Lesnar holding the Universal Championship hostage?

Lesnar easily. He rarely showed up, performed underwhelming matches, and him hogging the title did hurt the main event scene on Raw. Braun or Joe could have filled his role easily and actually showed up consistently on Raw and on PPVs.

HHH's reign of terrible but there were more enjoyable moments in that reign and whenever HHH lost the title it felt like a big deal. Match quality was also better even though it was a "fat" HHH compared to his Attitude Era physique. HHH's reign did hurt people like RVD, Booker T, and Randy Orton, but they eventually did become World champions and remained over with the audience even after being horribly booked feuding with HHH.

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Re: Triple H Reign of Terror VS Brock Lesnar holding the Universal Championship hostage?

Triple H's Reign of Terror easily. At least when Brock wasn't around I could try and enjoy other stuff on the show, and he wasn't actually burying people constantly. But Raw from 2002-2005 was the "Triple H show" and WOW was it not good. The Reign of Terror didn't wear people out just for Triple H winning matches. It was also:

-The fact that we got 20+ minute Trips/Evolution promos nearly every opening to Raw for years, and it was pretty much the same damn promo every time. It went on and on and on and on and on and it got SO BORING and repetitive.

-Same for the "Evolution beats down some poor schmuck forever." It can be effective if used strategically, but not when it's done all the damn time.

-Trips dominating the show in-general because even if he had no match, he'd still have multiple backstage segments most shows, and he'd be at least somewhat involved in the other Evolution stuff. Raw might as well have been renamed "Triple H and friends" because that's what it was for like THREE YEARS!!

-Trips wasn't in peak physical shape. Coming back from his injury, and getting too big, made his in-ring work much more slow and boring than it had been before (or would be afterwards for that matter).

-The fact that those who lost to him rarely got their momentum back and usually just ended up slipping down the card.

-It gave us Katie Vick and the Booker T racism feud where the racist heel won in the end. And that whole era can burn in the fiery pits of Hell just for those two fiascos alone.


All of this, combined with Smackdown doing some really cool stuff at the time, turned people off to Raw (I gave up watching it much for a long while there because I got sick of it being the "Triple H" show). Really Reign of Terror Triple H was the LEAST interesting or effective version of Triple H imo.

Brock just, wasn't around most of the time. Which while bad, wasn't insufferable like the Reign of Terror was.

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Re: Triple H Reign of Terror VS Brock Lesnar holding the Universal Championship hostage?

Triple H's was way worse. The 20 minute opening promos EVERY week, burying everyone in sight EVERY week.

Lesnar was never around, and didn't really bury anyone. I'd take an absent Champ over a Triple H reign of terror any day.

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