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View Poll Results: Chances of a Viking Experience name change
By the next Raw 1 2.13%
Within a few weeks 9 19.15%
By Summerslam 1 2.13%
Within a Year 2 4.26%
They never will change it 14 29.79%
They'll keep it until the team breaks up 5 10.64%
They’ll keep it for a few months and then just release the team 9 19.15%
the Viking Experience will never appear on WWE again, Monday was the only time, IT NEVER HAPPENED 6 12.77%
Voters: 47. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: The Viking Experience

War Raiders was such a bad ass name, The Viking Experience sounds like one of those family theme bars where you go throw axes.
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Re: The Viking Experience

Does this mean that they can pillage and give someone the bloody eagle?
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Re: The Viking Experience

Read a recap and saw that but thought it was a joke. They changed their name to that?!

Sounds like a viking version of Medieval Times.

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies.
And whenever they catch you, they will kill you.
But first, they must catch you... digger, listener, runner.
Prince with the swift warren.
Be cunning and full of tricks... and your people will never be destroyed."
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Re: The Viking Experience

If they wanted to lean in to the viking thing they should have called them Ragnarök
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No matter if Vince contracts, He ends up fucking up the business.

WTF was he thinking with that STUPID name? Having a lot of money, YTF (Why the fuck) he can't afford psychologic therapy?

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Re: The Viking Experience

That name is horrible.

Come on Vince! Really?! Fucking REALLY?!?!


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Re: The Viking Experience

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Re: The Viking Experience

STUPID fucking name.

Say what you want about Triple H, but this an example of him being more in touch than Vince. Day one of them being on the roster, and Vince changes their name to something worse.

Dude is the worst.

But I'm still happy that even with the shit name, that them as a talented team are there. Them vs. Uso's should be pretty damn good. Fuck the name. I'm still calling them War Raiders. Much easier to type.

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Re: The Viking Experience

They called up The War Raiders and changed their names? Unfuckinbelievable.

Vince is purposely sabotaging NXT talent. Confirmed. Triple H and Vince need to deal with their family troubles ASAP.

"I know I'm a marked woman, but just remember, I'm the read head in leather, with 2 shiny titles, ready to slap the heads off you all!!!" - THE MAN
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Re: The Viking Experience

Seriously, remember that list of banned words Vince has (like 'belt' for his belts)? I thought 'War' was one of them, like you can't say 'we were in a war last night' because toys. If so, that's why they changed the name.

They should have renamed them 'Yet another tag team we will do nothing with Experience'.

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