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PWA Thunder - Monday, 14/05/12 - #3

PWA Thunder . 14/05/12 - 19/05/12 . Pittsburgh, PA

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

"YYZ" by Rush blasts through the Pittsburgh arena as the camera pans the audience and pyro explodes on the main ramp.

Johnny Ray: Welcome, ladies and gentleman, wrestling fans all across the world, to our third installment of Tuesday Night Thunder! My name is Johnny Ray, and this is my broadcast partner, Floyd "The Fish" Smith.

Fish: Thank you, Johnny. I'm pretty darn excited for tonight, if you couldn't tell - because by the end of this night we will know which two men will face off next week for the chance to become PWA's first World Heavyweight Champion!

Johnny Ray: That's right, Fish. Tonight is for all the chips. Even this Pittsburgh audience knows what's at stake, and you can feel the energy in the arena. Who will earn the opportunity, the privilege - the honor! - of a chance at the World Championship?!
Then Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" begins. The famous drum beat begins and the audience rises to its feet to get a look at Thunder's General Manager.

Kevin Andrews waltzes through the curtains and pauses for a moment at the top of the ramp to soak in the audience's attention. He starts to walk down the ramp, cocky smile on face, left hand in pocket, and right hand rubbing chin. He occasionally flicks the side of his nose and his tongue with his thumb as he makes his way towards the ring (think like what Val Venis always did, but waayyyy less sexually explicit. Damn, I liked Val Venis. He deserved a legit World Title reign somewhere. Anyways...).

Johnny Ray: And here comes our General Manager, none other than Kevin Andrews. Looking confident as usual. You think he enjoys his job?

Fish: Ohhh, no doubt. He's probably just as excited as the rest of us. Even Kevin Andrews has no clue who will main event our first pay per view next week!

Andrews enters the ring and is handed a microphone from the ring announcer, Kaitlin Moore. He winks at Kaitlin and says thank you. She blushes.

Andrews: Thank you, everyone, thank you.

He pauses as the audience settles down.

Andrews: Tonight is a very important night in the history of Pure Wrestling Alliance. Those of you in attendance are gonna tell your grandchildren about this. "I was there! I was there when the PWA decided who would get that first crack at the World Heavyweight Championship! I was there! I was a part of that great Pittsburgh crowd..."

Audience interrupts to cheer at the cheap pop.

Andrews: "... who witnessed the beginning of a new legacy in the world of wrestling! It only happened once. It will never happen again. But I was there!"

Audience continues applauding.

Fish: Just listening to him speak gets me pumped up, Johnny. I wanna know, already! I can't take the suspense!

Andrews: We're less than a week away, folks. Less than a week away from crowning our first World Champion. Less than a week away, and still so many questions linger. "Who will face who? What kind of match is it going to be? Where can I get tickets to this fateful event? Can I buy my ticket now?! I can hardly contain myself! Please! Please! Give me a ticket!"

Andrews acts like a fan begging for a chance to go to the show; the audience laughs.

Andrews: Well where there's questions, Kevin Andrews has answers. Ha ha ha. I happen to have, right here in my pocket, four tickets to next week's pay per view, PWA Overdrive! So let's see here...

Andrews gazes around the audience.

Andrews: You. You right there. Yes, you. Come on up here.

Camera closes in on a very surprised young woman. The people around her edge her on to climb the barricade. Security helps her with the task and she finally buys into it, excitedly entering the ring. She climbs into the ring rather awkward and flashes peace signs at the audience. This woman has quite a rack, given her skinny frame, and the audience lets her know it.

Crowd: Show your tits! Show your tits! Show your tits!

Andrews laughs, but ignores them for now. Angela is pretty embarrassed, and covers herself with her arms.

Andrews: My, my. What a beauty we have here. What's your name?


Random Woman: Umm... Angela.

Andrews: "Umm Angela"? Or just "Angela"?

Angela: Just "Angela".

Andrews: Ha ha, alright. Well Angela, are you here with anyone tonight?

Angela: Yah, umm, I came here with my fiancee.

She points towards him. Audience boos loudly. Andrews laughs. Angela plays a long and gives a "Come on, now!" look to the audience. She shrugs her shoulders.

Andrews: Now, now, Angela. They're just wondering how your boyfriend, who I presume is a wrestling fan, could get a girl as gorgeous as you...

Angela blushes.

Andrews: ... when the rest of these losers are gonna go home tonight to their right hand!

Andrews laughs and the audience boos him.

Andrews: Well Angela, congratulations. Best of luck to you and your fiancee in the future, and here you are: two tickets to our first pay per view event, PWA Overdrive!

Audience doesn't particularly like that Andrews is giving tickets away without making her show her tits. They start booing again.

Crowd: Show your tits! Show your tits!

Andrews is laughing as the woman jumps up and down and gives him a huge hug.

Andrews: Now, now. I still have two tickets left. So let's see here...

Andrews gazes around the audience again when suddenly "Cinema" by Skrillex blares through the arena PA and Nelson King steps aggressively through the curtains. The audience rises to their feet with a mixed reaction, though it leans towards positive as they were tiring of Andrews after the cheap shot he made at their expense. King makes his way down the ramp.

Johnny Ray: And can you imagine the audacity of this man! Last week he calls out the current front-runner in the Open Invitational Standings, HKC, and he demands - yes, demands! - that Kevin Andrews make a match for this week between the two.

Fish: Sometimes that's what it takes to get things done, Johnny.

Johnny Ray: Well I don't like it. You have to have a little more respect than that for our General Manager.

Andrews is, needless to say, surprised by the interruption, but not completely shocked. King slows his pace and enters the ring rather methodically. Andrews knows why he's here, and King knows he doesn't need to say anything.

Andrews: Well then. I don't think I need to remind everyone of what happened last week. King, you were victorious in our main event, a triple threat match against Bygrave and The Electrocutioner. Though "victorious" is an under-statement. Hell, you made it look easy.

Audience cheers.

Andrews: And I know why you're out here right now. You want a match against Harry Keith Cresswell.

Audience boos at the mention of his name. King nods and says, "That's right! Give it to me!"

Andrews: Far be it from me to get between a man and what he wants. You wanted a No Holds Barred match, correct?

King continues nodding. The live crowd suddenly begins booing though. The television audience is unsure why.

Andrews: Nelson King, I think you're going to get exactly what's coming to you: "Devious" Nelson King verse Harry Keith Cresswell! No Holds Barred! It starts... right... NOW!

Boom! King is laid out from behind with a vicious chair shot by HKC. The audience's boos grow even louder.

Johnny Ray: Oh my! What is this about?!

Andrews: Ring the damn bell! Ring it!

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Johnny Ray: Andrews letting it be known he doesn't like being told what to do. And this match is underway!

Fish: How can you can be ok with this?! That's our General Manager! He can't take sides! We're trying to find our first World Champion! This should be about honor, and respect, and fair competition in the middle of that ring!

HKC stomps on Nelson King as the match begins and Andrews exits the ring to the angry, boisterous jeers of the Pittsburgh audience.

Match Card for the 14/05/12 - 19/05/12 edition of Tuesday Night Thunder

No Holds Barred Open Invitational Match

Harry Keith Cresswell vs. "Devious" Nelson King

Singles Open Invitational Match
Carter Albano vs. Super Swag

Singles Open Invitational Match
Lee Powell vs. The Assassin

Singles Open Invitational Match
Little Jiminy Cricket vs. Bygrave

Singles Open Invitational Match
James Curran vs. The Electrocutioner

Main Event
Tag Team Open Invitational Match

Keith Aberdeen and Randy Orton vs. The Fuckhead Patrol (The Veterinarian and Mr. Malaka)
The deadline for picks is Monday, May 14, by 2 PM PST (i.e., one hour before RAW begins).
Please pick 8 (eight) wrestlers off the current WWE roster and 2 (two) back-ups in case of a draw.
Your picks will garner points on this week's RAW and SD!
Do NOT edit your post after the deadline or you will be automatically disqualified.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

If you want to cut a promo please do so in this thread.
Promos are gambles used to potentially increase your wrestler's Overness.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Remember to spread word about the league!
Good luck to everyone in becoming our first WHC!

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, 14/05/12 - #3

In the main PWA Thread, in the Rules section, I noted that if any wrestler did not make picks two weeks in a row, despite being scheduled in matches, and without letting me know ahead of time, that they would be suspended and their roster spot forfeited.

The Electrocutioner and Super Swag have not made picks the first two weeks, but since our roster is not full, and since they were one of the first ones to sign up - indicating at least some measure of interest - I am giving them one more week. I will be PMing them specifically, asking them to make picks. I will also PM Bygrave, who did not make picks last week either.

If The Electrocutioner or Super Swag do not make picks this week, then they will forfeit their roster spots. Just wanted to explain my decision to be lenient here, since it's so early in the fed's history and we do want people to participate. So I'm giving them one more shot!

Good luck to everyone! Our first PPV is a week away. Should be great stuff!

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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, 14/05/12 - #3

1. Brodus Clay
2. Ryback
3. Lord Tensai
4. Kofi Kingston
5. Layla
6. Daniel Bryan
7. Sheamus
8. Randy Orton

B1. CM Punk
B2. Kelly Kelly

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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, 14/05/12 - #3

1) CM Punk
2) John Cena
3) Chris Jericho
4) Randy Orton
5) Darren Young
6) Dolph Ziggler
7) Kofi Kingston
8) Alberto Del Rio


1) Ryback
2) The Miz

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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, 14/05/12 - #3

1) Daniel Bryan
2) Brodus Clay
3) Ryback
4) Lord Tensai
5) Randy Orton
6) Big Show
7) Chris Jericho
8) Kofi Kingston

1) Layla
2) R-Truth

So I got issued a challenge by "Devious" Nelson King and I am happy to inform you all that I did accept the challenge. But as for you Nelson King, you are making the biggest mistake of your life! You actually think you can beat me? There is a reason I am the top man already in this company and that is because of one simple reason, im the best there is. You are just another name on the hitlist for me and as this match will be No Holds Barred, I dont think we will be seeing you for quite some time after this match is over. Sometimes its just best to keep your mouth closed, but obviously you can't, and for that you will pay the price. Just remember Nelson, its not arrogance, its destiny!

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Prime Time Players

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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, 14/05/12 - #3

My picks for Thunder #3

1. CM Punk
2. Randy Orton
3. Chris Jericho
4. R-Truth
5. Brodus Clay
6. Jack Swagger
7. Alberto Del Rio
8. Big Show

1. Lord Tensai
2. Ryback


"I've been granted my wish and I could not be happier, I've always been told to be careful what you wish for but in my experience when I "wish" for something, it more often than not, is something i REALLY want, almost NEED. The match between myself and HKC will be settled no holds barred and there will only be one winner, but it could be that neither of us will leave the ring unaided and on our own two feet. There is one thing you can count on though and that is that my hand will be the one raised in victory."

"My name is Nelson King. I'm a new age warrior. Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence. Hell, I would choose violence. You my friend are a coward. Once i defeat you in the ring there will be no doubt and you will have no choice but to look up to me!"

"An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind. Choose how you move carefully, very carefully!"

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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, 14/05/12 - #3

1. Brodus Clay
2. Sheamus
3. Layla
4. Kofi Kingston
5. Antonio
6. Ryback
7. Del Rio
8. Kane

1. Cody Rhodes
2. Dolph Ziggler

Promo (Little Jiminy Cricket):

"First off, why didn't we get any titties? Tittiies aren't even my thing, but I know nice titties when I see nice titties!

I am so glad to be back in Pittsburgh, the real capitol of Pennsylvania. Forget Harrisburg, forget Philly, and definitely forget the Fucking Flyers!

I don't have a lot of time, so let me explain my opponent, Bygrave, real fast. ahem, "Me Big! Me Foot Stomp You!" and that's it! Nothing more to him. I have all the respect for our men in the military, believe me, I like them boys in ways...well, you catch my drift. But, just because you think you're a technical wrestler who can bulldoze his opponents, doesn't mean you can. I have worked my ass off in the independent wrestling rings right here, in Pittsburgh! I know the techniques to win, I know what you, the fans, want to see me do, and I am prepared to Trampoline Splash your big doofy ass for the 1, 2, 3 faster than you can say "GO STEELERS!""

Originally Posted by HankG View Post
This post
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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, 14/05/12 - #3

Brodus Clay
Lord Tensai
Daniel Bryan
Big Show
Cody Rhodes

Kofi Kingston

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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, 14/05/12 - #3

1) Daniel Bryan
2) Brodus Clay
3) Ryback
4) Lord Tensai
5) Randy Orton
6) Big Show
7) Chris Jericho
8) R-Truth

1) Layla
2) Santino Marella

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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, 14/05/12 - #3

1) Daniel Bryan
2) Brodus Clay
3) Ryback
4) Lord Tensai
5) Randy Orton
6) Big Show
7) Chris Jericho
8) Alberto Del Rio

1) Sheamus
2) Layla

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