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Supercard of Honor 2 Quick Analysis

Card looked solid from top to bottom and i had high hopes for this show. Going to give really quick analysis on some of the matches, nothing too detailed. Does anybody read this stuff anyway? Or just look strait for the star ratings.

Off topic: You know, alot of the problems i am seeing these days in ROH have to do with flow and transitions. Alot of the talent seem tentative and unsure in the ring, their movements dont flow and they seemingly wait for each other to do something. Its like they dont know whats coming next and have to wait for one person to do something and then react. The result is a really choppy match, in which transitions are so bad they make the action look to scripted. ANYWAY...........

Jay Briscoe & Delirious VS Fallen Angel CHristopher Daniels & Matt Sydal
Great hot star. Daniels plays such a great heel. I nearly spit out my ice tea when Daniels mocked Delirious struggling to breach and when he hit the ropes hard a number of times just to make a cover. The action was crisp, with good bits of comedy mixed in. (IE: Delirious doing the shoulder tackle double team patented by the briscoes). The control section was very uninspired but fundamentally sound. Davey Richards should take notes on Daniels, you dont have to constantly yell at the crowd to get heat. The hot tag brought Jay in like a house of fire. The dive spot was very well placed and as always i mark for the screwdriver. Smooth transitions and a fantastic flow make this a joy to watch. For some reason it lost its heat towards the end, but it doesnt matter. ***1/2

Claudio Castegnoli VS Yamato
Decent little man big man match. I never really realised how big Claudio is until now. He may have done well in the WWE. Crowd is way into him as well. GOod for what it was, but nothing really too much to mention on this one. **1/4

Erick Stevens VS Mitch Franklin
The only reason this match gets a decent rating from me (for a squash), is simply because it accomplished exactly what it was meant to. It made Stevens look like an unstoppable killer. *1/4

Nigel McGuiness VS Chris Hero
Really solid start to the match, great work throughout and a really fun dynamic. Alot of people crapped on this match, and when you consider the talent involved.... Yes it could have been better. But it was seem really solid. Im not one for gimmicks and all that, but the Fairplay stuff added to the match on the outside. I didnt like when he got in the ring though. It was nice to see him get killed though. Fun and well worked match. Good stuff. ***

No Remorse Corps (Romero & Richards) VS Jack Evans & Naruki Doi
Another great tag match! Solid work, good control segments with well worked in high spots. What more could you want? I love the heel stable except for Richards excessive yelling to the crowd. Evans plays the face in peril better than anyone in ROH and perhaps North America. Some of the crazy spots included an ode 2 the bulldogs to the outside, and a sick poisoned rana. Rip roaring tag bout here. ***1/2

Homicide VS Brent Albright & Homicide / Colt Cabana VS Brent Albright / Adam Pearce
All i can say is this was way overbooked, and was worked at a pace not fitting a supposidly strong feud. Nothing bad or anything though. **1/4

BJ Whitmer VS Jimmy Jacobs
Loved the promos and that throughout the show to help the build. This match was fucking sick. Crazy spots, lots of gore and the most important thing!!!!...... THEY BROUGHT THE HATE! This feud was so personal, so fierce that it required a level of hate that the wrestlers had to bring for the entire match. These two brutilised (sp.) each other. The pacing was spot on, as they did just enough selling to make the match seem legitimate. Jimmy Jacobs was a star in this match (not taking anything away from BJ), but Jacobs made this match. Liking the blood of BJ's face was disgusting but worked on so many levels to show that Jacobs had gone bananas, and symbolise the hate between the two. Some of the spots were psychotic but again they pulled them off admirably. Great match, with perfect psychology stemming from the feud. ****1/4

Roderick Strong VS Austin Aries
Another solid match. Roderick as a heel is gold, and naturally the crowd likes Aries a little. The match while solid was unimpressive considering the level of talent in it. Is it just me or do these two struggle to work well together? Its funny how some people just mesh in the ring, and others have to work so hard to try and mesh. You can tell the difference as well. Angle VS Benoit was always a combo that you could see meshed perfectly in the ring, and thus their matches reflected it. Anyway, ***1/4

Dragon Gate 6 Man Tag
Im not going to go into match details, but this was impressive. Their execution was spot on, their workrate was extremely high, their transitions were polished. As is the case with sprint style matches, the psychology is that you build up the spots from the start to finish, and they did this well. However, anyone who says this was better than the previous ROH "Dragon Gate 6 man tag" match is not only wrong, but insane. The level they took it to last year far exceeds the level of this years match, which was still quite incredible. ****

Well all around this is a must have show. Two matches breaking the 4* barrier, 4 matches breaking the 3* barrier and nothing truly horrible at all. There also is a little bit of something for everyone, from the sprint style main event, the hardcore cage match, the great traditional tag action and the fundamental wrestling.

Show Recieves a very good ***3/4 rating on the whole.
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Re: Supercard of Honor 2 Quick Analysis

I guess I'm wrong and insane for my opinion

Enjoyed reading your thoughts Honor.

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Re: Supercard of Honor 2 Quick Analysis

I agree with your Star Ratings for the matches. Whitmer vs. Jacobs in the Cage was the Match of the Night, and the Dragon Gate 6-Man was great, but still not better than last year. At least to me anyway. With this Tag Match, it just wasn't as Fast Paced as last year's was, this year they actually sold a lot of the moves for a while before getting up to do anything else. Not bad, but I preferred last year's DG 6-Man Tag. Still, it's a great show from top to bottom, especially the Cage and 6-Man Tag.
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Re: Supercard of Honor 2 Quick Analysis

Wow, your a mod now Honor? Well anyways, good read.

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Re: Supercard of Honor 2 Quick Analysis

Thanks for your views mate but just wondering, what seperated last years and this years 6 man tag matches? You explained that you thought it was a great match and pointed out good aspects of it but then said it was nowhere near at the quality of the first one. Why exactly was that?
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