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Hate on Matt Taven

I don't follow ROH much.
Recently while reading ROH reviews by 411 wrestling. In the comment section i came to know of the that Taven is facing. Even some commentors were furious when Taven defeated Cobb clean and less than 10 minutes
Why there is so much hate on Matt Taven.
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Re: Hate on Matt Taven

Well Taven beat Cobb in less than 10 minutes because as usual with ROH main events, they were running low on time so the match had to be that short.

As far as why people hate Taven, basically because while he's talented, a lot of people don't really see him at top champion level compared to past ROH talents who left or even current talents.
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Re: Hate on Matt Taven

1) Classic 100% heel (Least he has been historically)

2) I'd say he's good-really good in the ring and on the mic.... but overall ppl don't think he's great at either.

3) People remember the old Taven, who was just OK

4) Him winning the ROH belt, at the biggest show felt a bit like a changing of the era so to speak.... so some ppl felt he wasn't worthy.

5) Don't like his "melvin" nickname to fans / more annoyed then entertained.

6) Long conspiracy theory gimmick where ROH officials held taven back.

7) Kingdom (his faction tag team) aren't flashly high flyers. Again, just pretty good in the ring.

Personally i'm a fan of Taven. I will say no one has worked harder at being hated than Taven. He's been delivering in the ring quite a bit this year, other than the match with Cobb. But i can see the fans always being split of loving/hating him. (more hating )
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Re: Hate on Matt Taven

I don't watch ROH, but when you have guys like Scurll, Cobb, Bandido, hell, even PCO, having Matt fucking Taven as your World Champion kinda doesn't make sense. Also, in a somewhat similar way to Seth's title reign, he is the top guy in a very down period (both in popularity and quality) for the company, so people will throw some blame on him for that.
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Also supporting

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Re: Hate on Matt Taven

He looks like a CAW made by an edgy teen, his stable looks like a bad TNA faction, he's the allegory of ROH bad booking despite having plenty other great talents.
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Re: Hate on Matt Taven

They don't like him being booked over talent perceived to be superior and the long-standing belief is that Delirious with the book has flushed the promotion down the toilet. This leads to lots of animosity and fantasy booking and all that. They're in the death spiral so the guy on top will also get the most heat.

At least Taven isn't in a romance angle.
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Re: Hate on Matt Taven

I don't follow ROH that closely, but it would have helped if they didn't put Taven against Cobb in a situation where they were booking themselves into a corner. Cobb was never going to win because they don't want their world champ pinned multiple times, which is going to happen to Cobb in the G1 Climax since he isn't supposed to be one of the featured guys in it that will get a lot of wins.

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Re: Hate on Matt Taven

RoH booked Cobb as undefeated wrestler. If he went as that into G1 and would lose 5-6 times, what exactly would that mean? That RoH would have to pretend that Cobb is still somehow this unstoppable wrestler? Or would they have to acknowledge that bunch of people in G1 beat him and now his entire booking in RoH was pointless? Cobb beating Ospreay and then losing to Taichi already created awkward situation, this would have been even worse.

RoH was 100% correct in having Taven win cleanly. Mistake was probably in giving Cobb undefeated streak or even TV title, things just didn't work out well.
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Re: Hate on Matt Taven

Taven has never impressed me with anything he's done. He was the least talented member of the original Kingdom and an afterthought. I think it just shows the lack of heels in ROH right now. They should have just left the title on Lethal until someone more deserving came along. Hell put it back on Jay Briscoe before you give your title to Matt Taven!
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Re: Hate on Matt Taven

The hate on Matt Taven just proves him right ... buncha Melvins in the ROH fanboi brigade.

I used to really not like bland Taven. He was probably my least favorite guy on the ROH roster and I’m an ROH mark, go to as many of their lives shows as any promotion out there (WWE might have a slight edge because they travel to my area more often, but I will make a long drive to get to an ROH show that I would’t for WWE).

But Taven has worked harder than anyone on maybe any roster anywhere on character and improving his overall game. He is hated because he knows how to get hated and it’s real heat rather than the “I love this guy he’s such a good heel” type of heat that a Kevin Owens (to use an example) gets ... which isn’t real heat. If he thinks something is starting to get over where the crowd is on his side, he quickly squashes that and does something lame to correct the course.

Taven totally buys into his character. He is convincing in his belief that he has been wronged and conspired against. He’s the real deal and I’m glad he’s being rewarded. He gets it.

Now I’m still a 100 percent Jay Briscoe mark in ROH, but I respect Taken 100 percent.

Keep hating, Melvins.

Release the hounds!

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