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Re: Dean goes Hollywood

Cool. We better get a movie with him and Chris Pratt playing brothers now.
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Re: Dean goes Hollywood

Originally Posted by Communist Anti-capitalist View Post

I'm saying, he plays his cards right and he can be this generation's Woody Harrelson


oh. Everyone's gotta start somewhere though
I'm usually not one to be that guy but you are either seriously overestimating Moxley's talent or potential as an actor or you are ridiculously underappreciating Woody Harrelson. Most likely both.
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Re: Dean goes Hollywood

Cool. He was "OK" in 12 Rounds. With a better script, I'd like to see how good he could be as an actor.
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If Die Hard were to be rebooted, I could easily see him in the Bruce Willis role.
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Re: Dean goes Hollywood

Gina Gershon in 2019? Oof.

Otherwise this looks ok. Gotta start somewhere.

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Re: Moxley goes Hollywood


More like, "Dean Goes Indy"
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Re: Moxley goes Hollywood

Hollywood then Impact Wrestling. Nice.
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Re: Moxley goes Hollywood

I didn't see this coming Mox in another movie? Lockdown was a good movie, though I might be a bit bias LOL, so I'm keen to see him give it another go! I don't care about MMA, but I'll watch this just for Mox
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Re: Moxley goes Hollywood

Sounds like Moxley is playing the villain or wrestler. Who ends up beating the MMA champion. I'm sure the hero will be the mma fighter who wins his title back from Moxley at the end.

Movie sounds like Lesnar/CM Punk going to UFC. But will have press circus of McGregor/Mayweather. Around the fights in this. I'm sure Moxley will be using some wrestling promos in this role.

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Re: Moxley goes Hollywood

hopefully Hollywood teaches him how to throw punches, otherwise this will be a REALLY shit UFC movie

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