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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

I give a No, but strongly recommended to Humberto Carrillo/Lince Dorado/Gran Metalik vs Tony Nese/Drew Gulak/Ariya Daivari on the 205 Live (9/10/19) episode.

I gave that good match a 7/10


I'd suggest watching this match with the audio muted down since the crowd was distracted by a baby or whatever.

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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Kazuchika Okada v. Minoru Suzuki, Royal Quest - **** 3/4 (YES !)

When you talk about one of the best indivuial performance I've ever seen in a match, I'm gonna think about Minoru in this one. My goodness this man was on fucking fire, hitting on all cylinders in this one.
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

I'm gonna re-watch it after the weekend, but I think I'll definitely throw out a YES vote for Rush & Dragon Lee vs. The Briscoes. Had an absolute blast with it.

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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Will Ospreay vs Amazing Red - NJPW Super J Cup First Round - ****1/4

Red hasn't lost a step! This was a bit spotty at times, but was good when Ospreay started being a dick, like when he does the running shooting star and then in mock horror says "That's your move!" After the Oscutter on the apron, there's a fantastic stretch where Red takes pretty much all of Ospreay's offense, and they built it really well with Red constantly staying alive.

Also worth watching for the incredibly cringey, most unnatural standing ovation ever where one guy is basically dragging everyone to their feet.
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Walter vs Tyler Bate NXT Takeover Cardiff. *****
5 star. Nothing more to say. As great as their Progress Wrestling match.
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Will Ospreay vs SHO - NJPW Super J Cup Night 2 - ****1/2

How many star-making performances does SHO need before Gedo gives him a proper singles run? The guy is fantastic. It's a real shame it's hard-cam-only footage from this show, but nevertheless this was a great back and forth contest with neither man staying down. It could have ended on numerous occasions but they went all out and it was all the more thrilling for it. Ospreay sold the arm pretty well too - hello one-armed powerbomb!

Tomohiro Ishii & Yoshi-hashi vs Guerrillas of Destiny - NJPW Destruction in Beppu - ****

This ended up being pretty damn good. I totally bought into some of those nearfalls and at one point I genuinely thought YOSHI had it won. There was some sloppiness early on as I think they were all going too fast, but they got over it and Ishii made up for it with some explosive offense. He certainly isn't toning down those headbutts after the Kenta match!
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Won't nominate anything from CoC but Becky vs. Sasha most likely would have gotten the nod with a better finish. Super hot match, they worked great together, and I hope they get the cell next month.

The main event of Rollins vs. Strowman was good too, especially everything from the Strowman Splash on.
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

FUCK YES!!! to

Takuya Nomura vs Fuminori Abe (The Astronauts) vs Daisuke Sekimoto & The Bodyguard - BJW Death Vegas, Saikyou Tag League 9/15/19

Beautiful tag match. Instead of the typical "big dudes throws little guys around" sort of match that these four could totally pull off, they went the minimalistic route and I fucking loved it. There's so many little things to love about this match. Astronauts gain the upper hand early because they lull Sekimoto and Bodyguard into working holds instead of clashing head on - which they have done plenty of times against Sekimoto & partner -, and only way the big dudes gain control is by doing big dudes things. But they have to fucking work for it. Once they get on top they choke Nomura almost to death, the selling by Takuya was stellar, I legit thought the young gawd was about to pass out. It takes them 10 minutes to hit the first chop, and it's not missed at all, it's that kind of match.

This is another sensational performance by Abe btw. Little fucker is the best cotdamn partner on the planet, the way he cheers Nomura on when he's getting manhandled, how he picks his spots to interfere, to hit a stiff strike and to do a cool counter is some next level veteran shit, and dude is 24 years old! He's role in the match is to allow Nomura to stay in the fight and to go into the finishing sequence with a chance to win. And boy, once that final 5 minutes happen...

This was right up my alley, MOTYC.

Return of the Dragon
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Only one match I would have put here from Night of Champions, a really meddling show for the most part with the exception of Harper's return, Bray attacking Seth and...

YES to Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch - WWE Night of Champions 2019

It wasn't to the level of their stellar NXT match, but it was very good and both women did a great job showing that it was a heated feud (looking at you Kofi and Randy). They continued to have a nice chemistry, we got some cool reversals, and although we got a dirty finish to end it, I did really enjoy the post match brawl where they just kicked each others asses all over the place. Happy to see this feud continue


Otherwise, I finally remembered I did some write ups for the NXT UK Takeover show in Cardiff!

YES to Ilja Dragunov vs Cesaro

Hell of a fun match for something added later on. Cesaro was great here with his longest swing in awhile, and he did what looked like a mega version of a gutbuster or a GIS that looked sick. Dragunov was excellent as a wirey babyface too, throwing these big bombs at Cesaro, who did the same. Match was a delight and a ton of fun.


YES to Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews vs Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) vs Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang)

Easily the best I’ve seen from Webster, who works well as an underdog babyface team with Andrews. They clearly were the favorites from the crowd here, and the main heels were obviously Coffey and Gibson, who did their job to get heat during the match, while Gallus were just there. For the most part, I thought this was a ton of fun and they really pushed Webster and Andrew the entire time. I think I would have went to the ending shortly after Webster kicked out of that 450, since the crowd was as hot as they were going to get there. Instead, they kept it going for a third act, and while the finish was still good, they overcooked it a bit for me.

Still, a really great tag match with a tremendous moment when Webster and Andrews won


YES to WALTER vs Tyler Bate

Normally I’m not a huge fan of matches going this long, but they did pace this wonderfully and it was so great watching WALTER just destroy Bate and brutalize the hell out of him. There were some spots early on where I thought WALTER was trying to kill the guy, like that throw into the post where I thought Bate's head nearly hit the apron on the way down. Bate was a tremendous resilient babyface, continuing to rise out of the ashes again and again, and I was shocked when he even kicked out of the big splash late in the match (although that should have finished things in my eyes). Even despite this, and the big dives done later in the match (although some of those power moves Bate did were impressive later on), this was an excellent brutal war and an absolutely wonderful david vs goliath match.

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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

NJPW Destruction in KAGOSHIMA

Will Ospreay and Robbie Eagles vs El Phantashmo and Taiji Ishimori **** - No but highly recommended. It's spotfest I know but I was entertained for the match all the time.

KENTA vs KOTA IBUSHI **1/4 - Just no, but if you want to see routine 25+ minutes plus NJPW main event even after pre-match attack, just go watch it. Ibushi destroyed everything in this match for me with his bullshit selling. 25 minutes are not long enough of attacking the leg for selling it in his offense. Ibushi is everything I don't like about wrestling in these days. Nothing doesn't matter. Everything you need to watch is the finish because everything before is just a filler because if main event doesn't have 30 minutes it isn't the right main event.
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Spoiler for TOP 10 2019 MOTYC:

1. Dustin vs Cody Rhodes *****
2. Jay White vs Hirooki Goto G1 ****3/4
3.Jay White & Bad Luck Fale vs Tanahashi & Okada ****1/2
Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan WM
Starr vs Walter 16CG
Jay White vs Kazuchika Okada NJPW MSG
Jay White vs Hiroshi Tanahashi BOSJ Finale
Jay White vs Tomohiro Ishii G1
9. Kenny Omega vs Hiroshi Tanahashi WK ****1/4
Zack Sabre Jr. vs PAC RPW 1/6
Ciampa vs Black NXT TO: Pheonix
Jay White vs Hiroshi Tanahashi Beginning
Ilja Dragunov vs Daisuke Sekimoto 16CG
Taven vs Scurll vs Lethal Ladder Match MSG
Go Shiozaki vs Naomichi Marufuji Misawa Memorial Show
Ospreay vs Takagi NJPW BOSJ
Zack Sabre Jr vs Hiroshi Tanahashi G1
Tomohiro Ishii vs Jon Moxley G1
Kazuchika Okada vs Will Ospreay G1
Gargano vs Cole III


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