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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

A few from the G1 I finally got around to

Yes to
Shingo vs Naito
Shingo vs Ishii
Ospreay vs Tanahashi
Ospreay vs ZSJ

From Takeover Toronto

Yes to Shirai vs LeRae
No but recommended to Dunne vs Dream vs Strong
A very hesitant recommendation to Cole vs Gargano if youre ok with ridiculous bullshit kickouts, which I am

From Summerslam

No but recommended to Ricochet vs AJ Styles
Yes to Lesnar vs Rollins
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Was out of town for the weekend, so I did some catching up yesterday, still got loads of G1 to watch though.

Shingo/Naito, Moxley/White, Ishii/Yano -- all very, very good. Close, but not quite getting nominations from me. ***3/4 for all 3.

I watched everything from TakeOver except the last 2 matches. Candice/Io was the best out of the stuff I watched (***1/4). definitely not bothering to watch Cole & Gargano do their shitty ass usual match for an hour

SUMMERSLAM was rock solid from start to finish. Becky/Natalya was very surprising w/ how good it ended up being -- an absolute BANGER w/ good struggle & all around great usage of the submission stipulation. ***3/4

Ziggler vs. Goldberg was soooo much fun as an overall package. ***3/4

One nomination from last nights watchings:

Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar - ****

I loved & hated Rollins' performance at the same time. I loved everything about it & the whole match lay-out, except for his complete lack of mid-section selling during his comeback bursts. If he had sold them during those awesome comebacks of his, I think this could've been a top-10 for the year candidate, but alas, it is what it is. Still an absolutely great match though. Easily one of Rollins' best ones ever.
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Jay White vs Kota Ibushi G1 Final-*****

While I don't think it was the best of the tournament overall as Ospreay/Okada and Naito/Shingo I preferred on 1st viewing, this might be the smartest well wrestled match I've seen in a long time.

It was such a classic loveable babyface vs dastardly heel dynamic and the crowd was bloodthirsty for White to lose and Ibushi to win at the same time. I thought the way they handled the involvement of BC and Gedo was smart and actually helped the heat.

The finishing stretch was great and really had me thinking it was over a few times before it actually was. They went just the right amount of time and nothing felt like overkill. Everything had purpose and felt important.

In terms of G1 finals matches it wasn't better than Omega/Goto, Omega/Naito, or Tana/Ibushi but it certainly belongs in the same breath as those matches.
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Was away from home over the weekend so had to have a MASSIVE catch up on Monday. I am saturated by wrestling haha. To be honest, it may have affected some of my ratings, as I think I simply watched way too much in one sitting. The sacrifices we make to stay current!

Kazuchika Okada vs Kota Ibushi - NJPW G1 Climax Day 17 - ****1/2

~ Gah, this was SO GOOD. The dropkick into the sitout powerbomb pretty much made me fall off the sofa. I was so into this, this was my jam.

Street Profits vs Undisputed Era - NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019 - ***3/4

Roderick Strong vs Velveteen Dream vs Pete Dunne - WWE NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019 - ***3/4

Io Shirai vs Candice Lerae - WWE NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019 - ****1/4

~ SUCH a good piece of business here. Shirai is rocking her heel role, and her arrogance after any flashy move is exactly how any heel high-flyer should act. Candice looked like a million bucks here, looking so strong from kicking out of the moonsault and then fading in the submission. I haven't watched much of Candice in NXT; does she regularly do the swinging neckbreaker off the ropes? If not, that was a frickin neat shoutout to Joey Ryan and the Duff Drop/Moustache Ride.

Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano - 2 out of 3 Falls - WWE NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019 - ****

~ A multi-tiered 50 minute+ match is pretty hard to rate, as there were sections that totally ruled (Cole's early selling of the leg was beautiful), but then sorely derailed (move spamming, and those complete no-sells of the kendo sticks, urgh!). Ultimately, I was invested for the whole thing, and the stakes felt huge when it went to the Cage of Death. Aside from the gripes, I was entertained, and it provided a great spectacle. Not the best NXT match ever, as some have alluded to, but certainly not offensive.

Jay White vs Kota Ibushi - NJPW G1 Climax Finals - ****

~ Maybe this is where the burnout really kicked in. I loved all the 'shenanigans' in this as it set the stage for a "Kota vs The World' storyline during the match, and it was never overbearing. Gedo's shit-eating grin when he came back out was priceless. White played his role to perfection, and Ibushi was Ibushi, but I guess the action didn't step up into fifth gear for me. Perhaps I'll watch it again when I'm feeling fresher.
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

wXw AMBITION 11 08/08/2019

Yes To: Tyson Dux vs. Yuki Ishikawa ****1/4

Tyson Dux is a name I’ve seen around but never really checked him out, so I’m glad I was able to. And boy, was I impressed. It could just be working with Yuki FN Ishikawa but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see more of him after this match. This was excellent. Some of the early mat sections were great. There was one hold where Ishikawa would just wrench box of Dux’s arms until he had to go to the ropes. Loved how Dux would add that little crank to the holds he was putting on, like his Fujiwara Armbar where he would dig his elbow into the armpit area to apply more pressure. The striking was good - stiff and used effectively. Dux’s ground and pound, in particular, was used to great effective to knock Ishikawa silly in order to break an ankle pick that he was trying to lock on from below. There was one really great tease for the tap out when Ishikawa locked on the knee bar for a really extended amount of time with Dux selling it really well afterwards, too. Ishikawa reversing the armlock attempt with a roll into the chickenwing was a real great finish which summed up one of the best defensive mat wrestlers in history to a tee.
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Playing some more catch-up, with YES votes for the following:

- Okada/Ibushi (G1 Night 17)

- Tanahashi/Ospreay (G1 Night 17)

- Naito/Shingo (G1 Night 14)

- Ishii/Shingo (G1 Night 16)

- Mr. Touchdown/Dasher Hatfield (Chikara, Once Upon a Beginning)

- Ishii/Robinson (G1 Night 10)

- Archer/Ospreay (G1 Night 1)

- Shirai/LeRae (TakeOver Toronto)

- Tanahashi/Ibushi (G1 Night 13)

- EVIL/Ospreay (G1 Night 13)

- Okabayashi/Dylan James (Champions Carnival)

- Okada/SANADA (G1 Night 13)

- Dream/Strong/Dunne (TakeOver Toronto)

- Ibushi/White (G1 Final)

- Goto/Shingo (G1 Night 18)

- Dasher Hatfield/Boomer Hatfield (Chikara, Aniversario: Scotch Mist)

- Gresham/Takeda (Josh Barnett's Bloodsport)

- Ishii/Taichi (G1 Night 18)

- Taichi/Ishii (Dominion)

- Smith/Kross (Josh Barnett's Bloodsport)

- Street Profits/O'Reilly & Fish (TakeOver Toronto)

- The North/Rascalz (Impact, aired 8/2)

- Air Wolf/A-Kid (Chikara, Once Upon a Beginning)
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My Ratings System

DUD/No Stars = I hated it.

★ = I didn't like it.

★★ = Eh. It was there.

★★★ = I liked it.

★★★★ = I loved it.

★★★★★ = This is as good as wrestling gets.
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

I give a No, but strongly recommended to Drew Gulak vs Oney Lorcan for the Cruiserweight title on the 205 Live (8/13/19) episode.

I gave that good match a 7/10

Are you having trouble having access to my older rating threads? Did you forget to vote for one of the currently rated talents? Click on the link below, search through my RTC threads, and bump up any of my old rating threads so you can still get your votes counted in
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Roman Reigns vs Buddy Murphy ***3/4
Holy Shit what a banger this turned out to be! Roman rules as the ACE of SD as he makes a guy in 20 minutes. He let Buddy shine, and sold like death for him. Buddy was INCREDIBLE! Like, I already knew he was from watching all his work, but this was a star making performance. The final 5 minutes were tremendous! I bought that Brainbuster hook line and sinker. Roman obliterating Buddy with the spear that turned them both inside out was
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

No but recommended Roman Reigns vs Buddy Murphy from this week's Smackdown. Solid TV match
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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Styles/Rollins MITB-****1/2

Easily the best main roster match all year just ahead of Bryan/Kofi.

G1 Night 18


Just about the best 15 minute hoss battle you'll find. This was like a slightly less crazy version of the Shingo and Ishii match. It wa so well put together and everything they did out there mattered. Crowd was nuclear for both guys, another 5-10 on the climax and this might have been MOTT.


Now I know alot of people have called this underwhelming and when you compare it to some other block final matches or even Okada/Ibushi from A block it's not quite at that level. But because of the outcome I think people are really not giving it it's just due. The execution was great and the finishing stretch was built incredibly well. I do see how Naito not kicking out after the 1st blade runner bothers some but that move had been supremely protected so I get it. But yeah this was great even though not in the top 10 of the tourney.

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