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Re: Lucha Underground Season 4 Discussion Thread (Cero Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Corey View Post
Pentagon vs. Muertes next week though!

I hope Catrina does more wrestling this season.

@TripleG where you at brah?
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Re: Lucha Underground Season 4 Discussion Thread (Cero Spoilers)

i missed the first part of the show so i will watch the repeat now

thanks El Rey
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Re: Lucha Underground Season 4 Discussion Thread (Cero Spoilers)

Welcome back LU! How I've missed thee.

There is a lot to unpack about this episode. Antonio Cueto? New Temple? New Trios Champ? New arrivals? Missing Faces? Returning Stars? There was a lot crammed into that hour.

It was a very exciting and fun show. The Aztec Warfare match itself was by far the weakest of the 4 thus far. Eliminations happened way too quickly, and it was weird to see Chavo get put over mainstays like Fenix, Cuerno, and Muertes, but I still enjoyed it and it was great to see Pentagon be the first champ to retain in AW. Tommy Dreamer actually added some flavor, and the pizza spot was hilarious, and guys like Fenix and Cuerno were fantastic. Some interesting things were set up as well, so I'll be interested in seeing how this all plays out.

So overall, it was a fun show and I'm glad to have it back. Can't wait for more!

Oh also, Catrina...damn girl! That outfit was banging! And I was never that attracted to Kobra Moon either, but she looked Sexy AF tonight!
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Re: Lucha Underground Season 4 Discussion Thread (Cero Spoilers)

Not really a fan of having Dario play his own father. It’s kind of cheesy.

Marty lost like 40 lbs and Mariposa gained the same. Weird.

Catrina just needs to sit on my face with that huge ass

Also Kobra Moon is so god damn fit!

Digging Cuerno’s new look.

Did anyone else think Angelico was gonna divebomb from the rafters? They announced him but he didn’t show and we got Ricky Mundo instead.

Very glad the let Pentagon retain the belt. He’s really the face of LU now that Puma is in NXT.
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Re: Lucha Underground Season 4 Discussion Thread (Cero Spoilers)

Ok Dario playing his own father in a horrible fake wig and beard is too cheesy even for Lucha Underground.

Wtf was up with Mil being eliminated like a jobber in under a minute? Made him look weak as fuck.

I hate the new temple, the ring looks weird too, thankfully Cage confirmed they're going back to the old temple or they're finding a different one next season, i think he said the new temple for this season was condemned after the season finished and was falling apart so they can't use it again.
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Re: Lucha Underground Season 4 Discussion Thread (Cero Spoilers)

Okay episode with some ups and downs.

Why Chavo and Hernandes? Just why? Atleast that other company has a storyline excuse for it.

Glad to see most of the stars are back. Fenix, Mundo, Pentagon, Crane and Muertes are Lucha to me, glad they stayed.

Editing was bad, crowd was "better than impact zone" which isn't something to brag about. Why ropes are blue and yellow?

Good opening segment to remind us the storyline fuckery. And I think they dealt well with Ar Fox leaving.

Aztec Warfare wasn't exactly as good as it should have been. A lot of talented guys were kinda wasted in that match. Very Impactish multimen match booking.

Maripose got fat, damn son. She's still hot, but damn.

And then we have Catrina who is hotter than ever. With all the LU talent in Impact, I legit dont get why Catrina isn't there.
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Re: Lucha Underground Season 4 Discussion Thread (Cero Spoilers)

Nice episode but it wasn't the strongest of openings. Was to much change in 1 go, in my opinion. Aztec Warfare felt rushed and there didnt seem no real threat to Pentagon with that booking. If they wanted quick elimintions, they should of booked Pentagon vs Mundo vs Fenix vs King Cuerno in that they all took it in turns to 1 up each other and quickly eliminating someone. Chavo could still pin Fenix but via a quick schoolboy, and then get pinned by Cuerno. Have another few minutes before Kobra & Vibora take out Johnny to leave Cuerno vs Pentagon as final 2. The writers should of had Cuerno with the gauntlet to show his new strong booking and then it would of felt like Pentagon would of been as risk. Chavo, Mil or Crane could then cost Cuerno with Pentagon winning. Then add the "shock" reveal of the new owner and Matanza match announcement.

Overall even with their booking, Pentagon, Johnny, Fenix, Cuerno & Marty looked good. I actually loved the quick Mil elimintion as afterwards it showed tension between him and Catrins that will hopefully involve Jerimiah Crane in the coming weeks. Perhaps Catrina leaves Mil to join Crane in hoping he can win back the gaunlet.

Disappointed there was no Cage, Sexy Star (don't like her AAA actions but still a big LU star), Taya, PJ Black, Jack Evans, Drago, Aerostar etc. List goes on, so many big stars where missing for Aztec Warfare.
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Re: Lucha Underground Season 4 Discussion Thread (Cero Spoilers)

Eh, it was good see LU back but I'm not sold on this new direction yet. Let's see how this goes.
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Re: Lucha Underground Season 4 Discussion Thread (Cero Spoilers)

Seemed like just a weak way of introducing everyone to newer viewers. And the match itself seemed to just kind of be there.
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Decent episode. Not really sure what to think of Dario playing his own father, but I'm more than willing to see how it all plays out before knocking it.

New temple is okay. Doesn't compare to the original, though. Also the blue and yellow ropes are an interesting choice

It was obviously a way of introducing a few new members of the roster, so I get it. Episode served its purpose in that regard.

Not the strongest episode, but I got enjoyment out of it.

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