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Who is the face of NJPW

Ok so I'm a WWE fan and I've just recently started watching some New Japan and I've been wondering who exactly the face of the company is I always thought Nakamura was the FOTC then when he left it became Okada but I listened to an episode of Solomonster Sounds Off and he said Tanahashi has been the FOTC for over a decade if you guys could clear up some of my confusion that's be great
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Re: Who is the face of NJPW

Okada is the current FOTC, before that it was Tanahashi.

Naito is Okada's Batista.
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Re: Who is the face of NJPW

Kazuchika Okada or as I like to call him Goatada.
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Re: Who is the face of NJPW

Nakamura was never FOTC.

It was Tanahashi for a long time, and recently it has been transitioned to Okada.

Naito was meant to become the face but he flopped because the fans didnt accept him as a babyface. He has rebounded now and is super over as a heel.

Omega is the top gaijin, before him there was AJ.
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Re: Who is the face of NJPW

The torch was passed from Tanahashi to Okada recently.

Nakamura was hyped as the next big thing when he was a rookie, but Tanahashi surpassed him (think Cena-Orton) and carried the company through tough times up until NJPW's explosion in stateside popularity a few years ago. Shinsuke reinvented himself (from MMA tough guy to charismatic King of Strong Style) and was the legitimate #2 guy behind Tanahashi and perhaps even the cool alternative but never The Guy.

Okada came back into NJPW from a "failed" TNA excursion in 2012, was instantly thrown into a rivalry with The Ace (Tanahashi) and proved his worth, hence why he is the top man now. Tanahashi's still hanging in there doing his thing outside of the World Title picture (trying to maintain the prestige Nakamura initially brought to the IC Title) but I think New Japan Pro Wrestling is Kazuchika Okada's company now.

Bullet Club has been the most important ingredient to NJPW crossing over to the US in terms of visibility. And Naito is Roman Reigns if the WWE could've put their collective ego aside
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Re: Who is the face of NJPW

Ive only been watching NJPW consistently for about a year so Im not the best person to answer this question but here it goes:

Tanahashi had been the Ace of the company for about the last decade, winning several titles and headlining several Tokyo Dome shows. In recent years, Okada came through ranks rivaling Tanahashi, and basically supplanted him as the Ace after beating him at last years Tokyo Dome Show.

Tanahashi has since taken on a bit of ligther role while still maintaining his status as one of NJPWs Big 4, along with Omega and Naito.
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Re: Who is the face of NJPW

Okada is the obvious answer. I started watching NJPW a few months ago as well.


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Chris Jericho, Triple H, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Jon Moxley

Owens, Nakamura, Orton, Joe, Dunne, Ziggler, Usos, Cesaro, Zayn, UE

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Re: Who is the face of NJPW

GOATkada is the face of the company now

Nakamura never was the face of the company btw, before Okada was Tanahashi until WK10, where Tana passed the torch. Naito is the more over guy these days though. Omega is the top "gaijin" (foreigner).



Also supporting

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I guess I fell into the WWE hype machine in thinking Nakamura was the #1 guy in New Japan lol how does AJ Styles' popularity in Japan compare to Kenny Omega's
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Re: Who is the face of NJPW


but yes, Tana was the ACE of the company. Which is why some call him the John Cena of NJPW. He was the guy who carried the company out of its poor state after Inoki almost killed it by trying to turn it into a shoot wrestling company. Tana's Ace run started in about 2007, and was also when NJPW went back to just doing good old fashioned Pro-Wrestling.

Nakamura had a short run at the top before Tanahashi, but Tana ended up getting the spot since at the time he was more charismatic. Nakamura's swag gimmick didn't start until 2011, and he eventually became the most popular guy in NJPW because of it. Just like Naito's gimmick change has made him the most popular. But in Wrestling being the most popular doesn't necessarily make you the best guy to be the ace.

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