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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

Womens Extreme Wrestling Volumes 1 - 4

Spoiler for reviews:
Volume 1
Commentators: Eric Garguillo and Joel Gertner

A truck drives up and Fujiko Kano gets out. She asks some girls if they’ve seen GI Ho. She’s mad when they say she’s with Rebecca. Then cut to a bad catfight in a washroom.

Alexis Laree is pissed she has to face Amanda Storm tonight.

Referee BJ makes her way to the ring.

Tonight: a South Philly Street Fight.

Amanda Storm w/the Smoke vs. Alexis Laree
This was actual wrestling. Not really the best wrestling but it was what it was. WEW was off to a good start.
Winner: Alexis Laree

Some girl tells the Smoke he has to kick Ice Cold Billy Austin’s ass tonight. He says they’re going to have a mixed tag team match.

Kristy Kiss is playing with a lighter backstage.

Referee Isis comes out and dances.

“Old School” Bra & Thong Match
Brittney the Schoolgirl vs. Barroom Barbie
So unlike most Bra & Thong matches an “Old School” Bra & Thong Match means they strip then wrestle. But Popa Mae and Dawn Mae interfere during the stripping and take both girls out. Tai “Killer” Weed and Psycho Bitch come to the rescue. Tai challenges the Maes to a Tag Match.
Winner: no contest

Kristy Kiss is still backstage with her lighter.

Tara Titanium vs. Kristy Kiss
This was pretty bad. They even cut parts out. Tara Titanium pretty much beat Kristy Kiss all over the venue. Credit to Kristy though; she did a wicked blade job and bled like crazy.
Winner: Tara Titanium

Fujiko Kano vs. Rebecca Wild
I’m not sure why but GI Ho comes out and kisses Rebecca Wild. Then her boyfriend is out there trying to stop the whole thing and all three girls beat him up. I think the winner of this match got GI Ho or something? Kudos to the boyfriend.
Winner: ?

Candy vs. Tara
This looked like it was filmed at a different show. It was actual wrestling too.
Winner: Tara
I’ve seen volume 5-8 of WEW and it was barroom trash. This surprised me because it was bad wrestling but nowhere near as trashy as it got in later episodes. Being that this was at the former ECW Arena it had a different crowd than I was expecting. They actually wanted wrestling.


Volume 2
Commentators: sometimes Eric Garguillo and Joel Gertner; sometimes Eric Garguillo and Jeffery J. James

Sicilian Style Tag Team Match
Barroom Barbie & the Carmine w/the Nice Guys Inc. vs. Tai “Killer” Weed & Dirty Deeds Darren Wise
This was a mess and after a cut everyone was laid out and Psycho Bitch, Missy the Schoolgirl and some Paul Heyman wannabe called “Bald A. Dangerously” were in the ring.
Winner: ?

All of a sudden another match that was clearly filmed at a different time was happening.

The Maes vs. Tai “Killer” Weed & Psycho Bitch
This was hilarious because from what I gathered Psycho Bitch turned heel in that previous match, possibly by taking Tai “Killer” Weed out. This was wreck.
Winners: the Maes
Afterwards Psycho Bitch and Isis take the referee of the out.

Alexis Laree vs. Valentina Laree
This had potential to be a good match but ended really quickly.
Winner: Alexis Laree

The Mae Family are ready for Davey Maes match against Amy Lee in “World Extreme Wrestling”.

Tara says her boobs are real and perfect.

Missy the Schoolgirl comes out and attempts to take her top off but the referee stops her.

“Primetime” Amy Lee vs. Davey Mae w/Papa Mae
I do like Amy Lee. She’s just hilarious when she gets on the mic and screams at the crowd. None of that here though. This was a decent beating.
Winner: “Primetime” Amy Lee

Loser Forced to remove their top
Sinnamin vs. Tara w/Papa Mae
Sinnamin won this by pinning Papa he had to take his top off.
Winner: Sinnamin
Tara attacks a distracted Sinnamin and takes her top off (Sinnamins).

The hosts recap the show and Lady Storms words for GI Ho.

Tables Match
Lady Storm w/the Smoke vs. GI Ho
This was just chaos but it was enjoyable. That Ice Cold Billy Austin guy who was mentioned in the first episode came out and helped GI Ho. He was as “Stone Cold Steve Austin” and the Smoke was “the Rock”.
Winner: GI Ho
This was even worse than the first show. The editing was all over the place. Clearly it was from two different shows. It had two different commentary teams. Two different audiences. But what was hilarious was the two Tai “Killer” Weed matches back to back. In one she had Bo Derek hair, in the other straight hair. And the second one was clearly a continuation of a storyline from the first show whereas the first seemed to be from a later show. I expect more continuity in my porn.


Volume 3
Commentators: Eric Garguillo and Jeffery J. James

Head Nurse Mimi comes to ringside.

The Smoke is trying to get into the show but security won’t let him in without credentials.

Tai “Killer” Weed can’t find her weed.

The pWo get off a plane and into a limo.

The Smoke makes his way to the ring. He lets everyone know that the Maes will not be able to wrestle tonight because they’re out pregnant. Some more Maes come out anyway and are ready to compete. He puts them in a match with Crazy Incorporated. Tai “Killer” Weed comes out looking for her weed. Amanda Storm and Lady Storm come out and clear the ring. Words can’t describe how much of a mess this is. Psycho Bitch comes to the ring and everyone clears out.

The limo arrives and the pWo make their way into the venue.

Amanda Storm says she’s going to destroy GI Ho. The pWo mock her.

Referee BJ makes her way to the ring.

Hardcore Undergarment Match
Tara vs. Candy
This was decent for WEW. Candy pulled off one of the worst drop toeholds you’re ever going to see. Tara’s pretty hot and one of the few girls who seem to have a clue.
Winner: Candy

Referee Isis makes her way to the ring.

Trinity w/Steve the Sound Guy vs. Valentina
Not that “Trinity”. This was just BAD. Even for WEW. Trinity was horrible but Valentina was worse. For whatever reason Steve the Sound Guy smashed Trinity over the head with a ukulele.
Winner: Valentina
Trinity and Steve tease fighting then hug.

Papa and Davey Mae are in the ring getting the crowd riled up.

Davey Mae w/Papa Mae vs. Barroom Barbie w/the Nice Guys
Ummm, there was chain wrestling in this match. And it was a lot better than you’d expect from a stripper and a guy who’d get kicked out of a strip club. Aside from the visible spot calling this was...good!? (Further research learns that Barroom Barbie was “Bobcat” in the WWF, one of the Godfathers Hos and the first women to hold the Hardcore Championship).
Winner: Barroom Barbie
This volume focused more on the wrestling. Take that for what it’s worth. Some of it wasn’t really that horrible. All things considered the last match was actually not terrible and was even fun to watch.


Volume 4
Commentators: Eric Garguillo and Jeffery J. James

Tables, Ladders and Chairs
Amanda Storm & Lady Storm w/the Smoke vs. Tai “Killer” Weed & Psycho Bitch
This match had neither tables, ladders or chairs. It was just boring.
Winner: Amanda Storm & Lady Storm
Afterwards Tai and Psycho Bitch slipped and fell all over the place and beat up on the Smoke. Then they went to put him through a table but the table collapsed. Then the Maes were our there and Smoke got some gigantic Stinkfaces.

Lady Storm w/Amanda Storm vs. Alexis Laree
This wasn’t too bad but there were some really bad miscues and possibly the sloppiest Powerbomb of all-time from Amanda Storm.
Winner: Lady Storm

Alexis Laree vs. Valentina Laree
...this was the same match that was on disc two...
Winner: Alexis Laree

...the same Mae Family promo that was on disc two...

...the same Tara promo that was on disc two...

Missy the Schoolgirl comes to the ring and attempts to remove her top, but the referee stops her...this segment was on disc two as well...

Primetime Amy Lee vs. Davey Mae w/Papa Mae
What the fucking fuck? This was on disc two too.
Winner: Primetime Amy Lee

Amanda Storm vs. GI Ho
I enjoyed Amanda Storm for her over-the-top cheesiness up until this point in the DVD. But then I noticed she had a swastika drawn on her arm this match. So I’m not a fan. This match was moving along and then there was a cut and GI Ho had lost her top.

And that was the end of the DVD.

Winner: ?
This volume was okay until the middle of volume 2 repeated. But it’s that lack of attention to the product that makes watching WEW worth watching.

The other WEW DVD I have (Volumes 5-8) is total trash. Probably the worst shit I’ve seen in my life. But it was at least fun. Watching this was just boring. The wrestling was bad but not laughably bad like on the other set. There was trash on this one but it wasn’t as over-the-top trashy as the other one. There was diversity in the characters on the other one. This just seemed like the same shit repeating over and over. And there was a lot of editing on the other set but it was at least coherent. So, is this the worst wrestling DVD I own? Nope. The other one is still worse. But it’s perfect in its terribleness. Since that was a later DVD in WEWs history I can only assume that WEW continued down that path and I honestly want to see more. It’s a good way to kill an evening.

I will give credit to the girls on this one for one thing: they didn’t hold back on the hardcore ring action. Some of the chair shots were pretty stiff and Kristy Kiss bladed pretty deep.

A lot of ECW alumni were present at these tapings: Stephen DeAngelis and those two security guards, not to mention Joel Gertner. Also some of the Philadelphia State Athletic Committee were at ringside, including that one old guy who was on the first few Ring of Honor shows. I wonder what was going through their minds at these shows.

All four volumes were taken from the first two or three WEW shows, in no order.

And yes, there was a lot of stuff mentioned on these DVDs that never ended up being shown; such as the South Philadelphia Street Fight, the tag team match with the Smoke and that girl against Ice Cold Billy Austin and whoever his partner was going to be, the Battle Royal to determine the first WEW Champion and who the pWo even were. And there was even more stuff cut out that was never mentioned. Each show usually had seven or eight matches.

Bring on volumes 9 though however many there were!

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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

Whats the best way to downsize a collection? Decided I'm kind of tired of having to store/look at hundreds of wrestling DVDs that I'll never watch and some extra cash is always neat. Has anyone had luck on Facebook marketplace/something similar or should I just go to ebay

I'm thinking I have 100+ easily that I wanna part with

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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by sXeMope View Post
Whats the best way to downsize a collection? Decided I'm kind of tired of having to store/look at hundreds of wrestling DVDs that I'll never watch and some extra cash is always neat. Has anyone had luck on Facebook marketplace/something similar or should I just go to ebay

I'm thinking I have 100+ easily that I wanna part with
I had some luck with facebook groups the one I used is UK based but there's bound to be some US ones, the other advantage is not having to list them one at a time. Anything rare or valuable I'd still go ebay first it's going to hit the widest audience.

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Jon Moxley : Northeast Wrestling

Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin (Northeast Wrestling – 6/14/19)


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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

Fucking love Kingston
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