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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Official PWG Thread

After all the injuries he had, and his last months in TNA I was really afraid that Sabin can't go anymore. I'm really pleased to say that although he lost some of his pace, and his transitions are not as fluid as they once were, he remains one of top indy workers.

His BOLA 14 match with Ricochet was really great. Certainly one of my favorites.
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Re: Official PWG Thread

Gotta choose between buying all three nights of BOLA or getting all three of Jericho's books.

Wish I could get both but life sucks when you're broke.

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Re: Official PWG Thread

Originally Posted by BKKsoulcity View Post
PWG definitely need to book Gulak more. He has this certain aura about him that contrasts well with the PWG crowd but I can't really put my fingers on it especially if he heels it up plus I love hearing them "C-Z-DUB" chants
I'm seeing Gulak live this weekend at a NYWC show. He's going to be in the Main Event. Triple Threat Tag team TLC match for the tag titles.

Premier Gods
Milk Chocolate
Battlestar Gulaktika

Next week I'm going to my first CZW show so hopefully Gulak gets booked on that card as well.

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Re: Official PWG Thread

Full card for the next show:

PWG World Championship
Kyle O'Reilly (c) vs. Ricochet

The Young Bucks vs. Chris Sabin & Matt Sydal

PWG Tag Team Championship
The World's Cutest Tag Team (c) vs. Bad Influence

Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Fish

Cedric Alexander vs. Adam Cole

Trevor Lee vs. Chris Hero

Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano & trent? vs. Rich Swann, AR Fox & ACH

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Re: Official PWG Thread

Originally Posted by DGenerationMC View Post
Gotta choose between buying all three nights of BOLA or getting all three of Jericho's books.

Wish I could get both but life sucks when you're broke.
Get BOLA and join a library, dude. Jericho's books, the first 2 anyway, will depreciate rapidly and I would bet by January you'd be able to get all 3 for a knock-off price from some site as a trilogy. BOLA will go down, too, but not by a lot and you risk missing out through spoilers and stuff.

I've just finished ELEVEN. Loved the main event; Candice is awesome, but seriously - How entertaining is Nick Jackson? He's the most entertaining wrestler in PWG for me, possibly in wrestling at the moment (high stakes, I know), but he just entertains me no end. Both Bucks do, but Nick more so, and he was fantastic in the tag title match here.

Can't wait for BOLA. I have it to watch but been in work so much lately I've not had time. CANNOT WAIT though. My pick from last year won it, an out there suggestion too. Good for O'Shea, he deserves it, high hopes for him over these next few years because, Good Lord, has his 2014 been special.
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Re: Official PWG Thread

TRENT? is back

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Re: Official PWG Thread

Originally Posted by DGenerationMC View Post
Anybody seen final Kevin Steen Show with The Bucks?

Funny as expected by I found the original plans for PWG/Mount Rushmore in 2014 had Drake and Steen not signed with WWE very interesting. They said something about an Eight-Person Guerrilla Warfare Match and some Dragon guy making an in-ring return or something.
That would have been special.

Mount Rushmore (World champ Cole, Tag champs Young Bucks & Steen) VS A ridiculously over Drake and Candice and 2 of THE PWG guys in Joey and the returning Dragon - That would have been insane. So happy for the guys signed but I wish that could have gone through at some point. Drake was hugely over at this point, still is, and Candice/Cole was special too, with the Dragon return and featuring all the champs, feuds heading in, heel stable, owners and other things would have made it huge for me.

The idea Steen mentioned, for those who don't know, was for Mount Rushmore to form and then at the end of a future show have the top 'faces get one over on them. A few minutes in, with the good guys still on top, the lights go out and when they come back on Super Dragon is in the ring and, expectedly, the crowd would go crazy. However, Dragon would take out the good guys and then take off the mask and be revealed to be Kevin Steen (who the crowd didn't realise had slipped out during the melee.)

This would proceed to the next show where the same would happen again and Matt Jackson mentions the lights go out, in comes Dragon who is revealed as Steen - Big joke - but then the lights go out again the real Super Dragon is in the ring which would have been awesome, but Steen metions the idea was to have the show after he first uses the "dragon" gimmick the following month or whatever, and the same happens again and the lights go out for him to arrive under the mask, but there would be two Dragons in the ring: One Steen, and one real psycho-driver dropping Super Dragon who would then go on to destroy Mount Rushmore which would have been unreal!

However this obviously didn't happen and Steen says Dragon talked it through and then, flippantly quite funnily, said "Fuck it, I'll just join you guys!" Haha. Russo 2000-Esque!

That would have been very special though.
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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: Official PWG Thread

(I also posted this in the ROH Discussion Thread)

ROH Talent May Not Be Able to Work PWG Next Year

Nobody Does it Better than TREVOR LEE ♡

Punk & Bryan saved wrestling. Don't @ me.

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Re: Official PWG Thread

Actually, personally, I wouldn't be too upset about this. Allows for more local talent which can bring a whole bunch of new matches and will break out some of those guys.

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Re: Official PWG Thread

I'd sacrifice Adam Cole if it means no more fuckin' ACH, Ciampa and Elgin.

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