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Re: Official PWG Thread

I've never seen an Uhaa match before. Looks like it's going to stay the same way as well with who he's been paired up with.

The Jackson's are going to try and make chicken salad from chicken shit but ultimately fail because chicken shit be chicken shit.

Lee has done nothing for me since his three way debut but tbf Steen was a POS in their match and it's unfair to judge one man in a six man tag. This is first real chance to impress me, he's certainly got a good enough opponent to do so with.

Poor Biff.

Keep Kyle/Roddy sub 20 and go ultra RODDY IS A DICK mode and it could be fun, when done right, plucky babyface Kyle can be fun.

Urgh. As much as I love Candice, if her opponents are babyfaces then there's no real heat to her getting beaten down thus her comebacks are so bleh. Complete WTF booking.

Oh and Fish vs. Cedric. There's very few people I give less of a shit about on the indies than these two. ACH, Lethal, Elgin, Ciampa and Cage. That's it. BORE.

What the fuck happened to this company. Obviously BOLA was a one off in terms of interesting cards/lineups and that's a shame. I don't expect the likes of AJ and Ricochet on every show but there's still guys like TJ, Myers, Gulak, Myers etc. I don't care about being the ALL STAR DREAM PROMOTION like some others, I don't mind that they've shunned local talent for the BEST INDY WRASSLERS, but when you have the best on the indies, you put them in good fucking matches. Fuck. Put everyone's name in a hat who you COULD book for this show and draw names at random, and there's a 100% chance you'll get a better card than this.

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Re: Official PWG Thread

Yeah, PWG usually has not so good shows after BOLA for a couple of years straight now.

I hope they can retain some of those new names from BOLA for future shows.

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Re: Official PWG Thread

I have just about every PWG show was 2010-2013 with a couple from 09 and not a single show was considered bad. A couple ok shows at worst. I haven't ordered a single PWG show this year just based on the reviews and video previews. Based on my PWG standards, nothing made me say "I can't wait for this in the mail". However, with the reviews and previews of BOLA 14 I ordered it and I can't wait till it gets shipped. I have some ROH compilations I haven't finish yet that came in the mail a couple weeks back so I'll watch them to keep my mind off of BOLA. With that said, the Oct 17th card looks very weak! It's going to take a lot for me to even consider ordering this one. Even with the Uhaa's debut, I don't see him working well with Cage. I rather see Uhaa debut vs Ricochet. O'Reilly vs Strong sounds awesome but not as the Main Event for PWG, maybe we have been too spoiled by PWG these last few years but that match doesn't scream Main Event. I'm a HUGE O'Reilly fan as well and think he's criminally underrated as a singles wrestler. I guess when the Holiday sales pop up in November, I'm going to order a couple more ROH comps instead. Hopefully the next PWG show after Oct 17 will have a better card.

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Re: Official PWG Thread

Being in Australia it's quite hard to get ahold of PWG DVDs. I'm proud to say though today I ordered my first one: PWG all star weekend X, night one.

Should be great!
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Re: Official PWG Thread

I for one, don't think it's so bad.

This Is Sum Bull Man. I Knew This Match Was Gonna Happen Because On Raw When The Sheild Beat Team Hell No At The End Of The Match They Held The Tag Titles And They Did The Same To Kofi. Kane And Brian Better Win Or Its Gonna Be To Scripted
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Re: Official PWG Thread

I miss when pwg would use local guys, but cwfh is free to attend so

Bola was great, brian cage vs uhaa is something regal will probably be watching.

Also flux Is definitely overblowing shit
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Re: Official PWG Thread

Originally Posted by DGenerationMC View Post
Yeah, I hate when that happens.

I remember how pissed I was when Edwards & Lethal went 25 minutes, kicking out of each other's finishers in the SECOND MATCH OF THE SHOW.
I believe that was ASW 9 Night 1. It's a really lazy way of working just to get a cheap pop out of a drunk crowd. ACH/Alexander was a prime example of this. They used a bunch of false finishes as a crutch. The match was literally hit a big move, cover, kick out and lay dead for a few seconds. No sort of structure or story. It's even more annoying to see guys work this way in a 7 minute match!

I hope Gabe really does something with Evolve. I'm still on the fence about his idea. Just because it's not high spots and false finishes doesn't mean technical wrestling can't lack story as well. Chris Hero says hi.
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Re: Official PWG Thread

Match layouts of wwe and new japan is what i do like

I do like how pwg has been structuring match order

Guys with false finishes in the first match without context sucks
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Re: Official PWG Thread

I don't know. I watch this and I know it isn't WWE, you know? I don't judge it by WWE standards, and I don't judge WWE by PWG standards. If a match has near-falls and finisher kick-outs in a 10 minute opener then I don't mind. Actually, I enjoy it; I'm irritated when people use WWE rules and aesthetics to deter whether a match or a worker are good - If Lethal faces Cage and they have Cage hit a moonsault having the same affect as a Lethal one, or The Bucks hit 39 superkicks in 20 minutes, or there are 20 near-falls in the opener, I know what I'm there to watch. I don't judge it by what WWE say is right, or even in Japan, or anywhere else.

I enjoy PWG for what it is, and it doesn't hide the fact what it is either. It's a 3 hour highlight reel for the most part, and as long as nobody is injured and is doing it through choice, then I'm fine with that and will continue to enjoy it.

A show should build, that's correct, and crescendo at the main event which is something that occurs in almost everything, but PWG and other promotions do things differently and that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it. Watch it as a fan and not as someone who thinks it should be done a different way due to what you've been tuned into and are used to, and just enjoy it.

PWG isn't a promotion that has TV or anything more than the average show every 2 months and that's it. It's a highlight reel of some of the great Independent talent and puts them over to the level they want to go themselves by giving them that chance. If you're genuinely irked by the lack of match structure then watch something else, honestly, PWG doesn't hide what it is. You aren't paying for Regal VS Flair 60minute broadway and getting this, you're told each preceding event how the next one will be. That said, they do mix it up as well, and for every ACH/AR Fox fest they can pull out O'Reilly/Cole, Drake/Sami or Gargano/Steen.
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Re: Official PWG Thread

People do watch as fans (duh). They just get bored by the product and comment on how they would prefer a more structured environment. It goes both ways.

Not to mention the state of the US Indie market has blurred the lines for most rosters standing out. A lot are getting booked in the same places and it can immediately bring disinterest.

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