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Re: Revealed: Who's Going Where.

Assuming this is true...

Sources in WWE indicate that after ECW ends tonight, Christian will end up on SmackDown, William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson will go to RAW as will Zack Ryder & Rosa Mendez while the team of Caylen Croft & Trent Baretta will also end up on SmackDown. It's still anyone's guess what the future will hold for people like Shelton Benjamin, Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu, Vance Archer, Tiffany and Savananah, but they are all expected to stay on TV

Christian to Smackdown is great. I'm not sure if he'll ever win the main title, but it's about time he gets off ECW. There was nothing left for him to do there, and on Smackdown we can get some great feuds with Christian against Matt Hardy, Edge, Punk, etc.

Regal to RAW? Not a good idea imo, he'll end up like MVP... only worse. Unless of course, they want to make him GM again... I'm fine with that. Zeke to RAW is alright too, but I can't see him doing much. Maybe he'll get stuck into a feud with Henry or MVP and team with one of them.

I think it's kind of early to see The Dudebusters leave, especially since there aren't really anybody for them to face. Cryme Tyme feud maybe? But after that... it just seems that Smackdown is getting too many mid-carders.

Glad to see Ryder on Smackdown though. That guy's great.

I agree! That Curt Hennig guy's career sure was shit, wasn't it!
Well, I wouldn't say it sucked, but he wasn't much more than a mid/upper mid-carder.
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Re: Revealed: Who's Going Where.

Originally Posted by Vin Ghostal View Post
I agree! That Curt Hennig guy's career sure was shit, wasn't it!
In terms of what he actually accomplished, yeah, it was.

See, I'm not complacent like you, maybe that's my problem. I don't want the WWE throwing me crap and having good performers go to waste. I realize that wrestling is based on status and main eventing means a whole hell of a lot more than winning some tiny ass midcard titles like the IC title or ECW title that the WWE thought so little of they've both been deactivated at different stages of their existance.


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Re: Revealed: Who's Going Where.

Originally Posted by perro View Post
i can see tatsu being built up as a solid mid carder and wining the IC title on Smackdown
Hopefully, he's a good talent to have around and RAW would just kill him like Bourne.

Originally Posted by Pyro™ View Post
What does Jericho have to do with Christian?

And it isn't 6 until Sunday...

Originally Posted by vincent k. mcmahon View Post
ughhh watch ryder become a comic relief on raw, smh

dudebusters on smackdown ... guess who's also on smackdown, CURT HAWKINS ... can you say reuniting

If Christian goes to RAW, he can still win MITB and move to SD!, I won't get too worried till I see him debut on a new brand and how they use him.....

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Re: Revealed: Who's Going Where.

Really looking forward to see how this works.
Hoping to see any kind of story line between Edge and Christian

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Revealed: Who's Going Where.

Edge and Christian awesomeness
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Re: Revealed: Who's Going Where.

We still don't know where everyone is going, but Ezekiel is going to SD not on RAW as it was mentionned in the first message of the topic.
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Re: Revealed: Who's Going Where.

I'm hoping that Christian, Shelton, Zeke(comfirmed), Regal and Hurricane go to Smackdown.

RAW can get Zach Ryder, Yoshi Tatsu, Goldust, Kozlov and Vance Archer. I just hope that Archer doesn't end up beaing WWE Champion after beating a couple of jobbers.
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