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Re: Is NXT UK a flop?

And what is the point of the Walter push if he never wants to come over the pond other than for one off special appearances and matches?

The answer of course is to keep him from working Euro indies.

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Re: Is NXT UK a flop?

I used to watch it weekly when I had the network, but it's been about a year. I take it hasn't aged well. I thought it was a solid show aside from very little storyline. It was a gamble though. Im pretty involved in Indy wrestling and most of the people over there were unknown to even me when they were signed.

I think it suffers from new episodes coming on the network at a weird time as well. They should just keep the best and release everyone else. You can tell most of those people will never get a call up.

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Re: Is NXT UK a flop?

WWE should just cancel it because nobody cares for that sh*t I mean they already merged NXT and 205 live which was the correct move and if they continue being a little bit smart they stop with that UK indie stuff completely.
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Re: Is NXT UK a flop?

Has Xia been showcased in NXT UK?

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Re: Is NXT UK a flop?

I think the major problem is its to much damn wrestling within a week even before AEW and NXT US went 2 hours.

NXT UK is also NXT ultra lite
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Re: Is NXT UK a flop?

They didn't really have enough talent to make it more I don't think. Outside of the belt (which imo is the best WWE belt by far) and a few talents who stand out clear above the rest there just wasn't a huge lot going for the show in the first place.

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Re: Is NXT UK a flop?

It's a small part of something that is already just a developmental territory to begin with. I'm not sure I'd call it a flop when it was only ever meant to be so successful in the first place.
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Re: Is NXT UK a flop?

I completely forgot that it existed until I saw this topic title.


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Re: Is NXT UK a flop?

It did what it was supposed to do and that was cause damage on the hot British Indie scene at the time and to combat World of Sport. And it did that sadly, it basically took most of the best UK indie talent and keeps them under the WWE Umbrella. The sad thing 90% of that talent aren't going to leave there and be lucky to get a sniff of NXT and main roster.

Let's be real who from there will take the step up to NXT and then the main roster, Tyler Bate (Trent Seven only if WWE have plans for them as a tag team), Jordan Devlin, Walter and his group (only if Walter signs full time, the rest of his group are stuck with him and won't make it without him imo), Kay Lee Ray, Toni Storm, Piper Niven and maybe Xia Brookside as a favor to her dad. Besides that zilch.

I would say it's definitely at the bottom of WWE's more important things along with 205, and WWE will only put a effort in if a NJPW or AEW show hit the UK to take away some of it's audience.

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Re: Is NXT UK a flop?

It isn't if wwe are for real about making "nxt" in other countries.
It's basicly wwe having presence in countries where wrestling is somehow popular.

It's like a UK based training grounds and a UK indy promotion owned by wwe to sign top UK wrestlers who they dont have a place in wwe but dont want other companies to hire.

It's not a flop if these are its purposes.

In terms of viewership all wrestling (heck all tv) is losing viewers. To much content. There are shows on cable that are watched by 200k people but they still have budgets and get renewed for more seasons. Eventually the bubble will burst but at the moment there is shitton of content, so enjoy while it lasts.

The time of millions of viewers have passed. It may come back, but for now - a lot of content and low viewership is the norm.
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