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Is Shayna Baszler outdated?

Sorry to say that, because many people like her, but she became old in NXT. I care less and less about her in NXT. Her reign became boredom, especially since she turned into a cheater with the other two.

On the SD invasion this week, Shayna only could be kept alive by attacking Bayley from behind and playing dominant. But it looked strange. Bianca and Rhea performed like stars this evening, Tegan looked ok, Shayna looked uncomfortable and out of place. The moment she was hugged by HHH, I even started feeling bad for her.

Rhea Ripley is 16 years younger and could easily do the stuff Shayna is doing. Having her and Shayna in the same division makes Baszler looking outdated.
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Re: Is Shayna Baszler outdated?

She's definitely outstayed her welcome on NXT by a good year imo. HHH has a hard on for her, and clearly think's she's the greatest thing around. I don't think she's a io Shirai, I think she's a good talent and heel that just needs to move up the main roster now and do her thing there, I don't see her getting the same booking from Vince like she did under HHH that's for sure. What age is she now, 39 is it. They can't wait around for Ronda to get back to move her up.
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Re: Is Shayna Baszler outdated?

Yep, she's 39

She won't get the same push on the MR by Vince
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Re: Is Shayna Baszler outdated?

Shayna is the raddest gal in town mahfucka. She is for sure holding the belt too long tho.

I think she will do fine on RAW or Smackdown, she has ready made stuff with Ronda after all.
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Re: Is Shayna Baszler outdated?

I got bored of Shayna within 3 months and actually stopped watching NXT until Bianca got more TV time. Her reign has BEEN stale. It just looks like they want her to break Asuka's record since she's not nearly as dominant as she was 3 years ago.
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Re: Is Shayna Baszler outdated?

Her first reign was fine but there was no need for her to get another long title reign, definitely shouldn't have been the first two-time NxT Women's champion, that should have been reserved for a homegrown talent. The other two MMA rejects being her lackeys really don't help from what I've seen her second reign is in HHH reign of terror territory. It sucks they're most likely going to have her beat Asuka's reign but that doesn't make up for the lack of quality in Shayna's.
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Re: Is Shayna Baszler outdated?

It's time to have Ripley go over and make a big deal star.
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Re: Is Shayna Baszler outdated?


She is the worst thing to happen to NXT, Triple H's unstoppable hard on for her has killed the women's division for the past year.
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Re: Is Shayna Baszler outdated?

Her Character is great. She plays the bullying heel to perfection and looks like she can/will kick anyone's ass. However once the bell rings, I lose interest. She's been a decent champion but it's time to put someone else in the spotlight. NXT have had a fair amount of Heel champs across the board, so I'd like to see it freshen up and go with a face or a Tweener like Rhea.
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Re: Is Shayna Baszler outdated?

She is going to lose the title 100% at the next Takeover. The timing is perfect for her to drop it. I'm not as bothered by her as you guys though. She is decent.

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