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Re: Women's WarGames Match Official

Originally Posted by M1M2M3M4M5M6M7M8 View Post
Sonya Deville wants in on Wargames

They already will have enough shitty MMA workers to add another shitty one, thank you very much
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Also supporting

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Re: Women's WarGames Match Official

In both side there is womens who should not teamed with each other.

Belair and Io should be with Shayna

Rhea should not be with Nox

The match will probably be super good but it doesn't make any sense, this is main roster logic…..
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Re: Women's WarGames Match Official

I'm happy for the women but I have concerns about this match. Jessamyn and Marina are green as hell, Bianca is still pretty green herself, and Tegan and Dakota are both just coming off of long term injuries. That's half the participants right there. Shayna, Io, Rhea, Candice, and Mia/Toni are going to have do a hell of a job to make this a good match, they've got their work cut out for them.
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Re: Women's WarGames Match Official

Well doing it with the Undisputed Era three years in a row would have felt too repetitive, so I understand the switch up.

However, this also points to why War Games is hard to do on an annual basis and is probably best served as a match to use when you need it.

Shayna's group doesn't boast a lot of confidence for this, but I'm sure they'll over book the hell out of it and do enough spots to make it worth a watch.


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Re: Women's WarGames Match Official

Originally Posted by tommo010 View Post
Posted in the other thread so adding here as the other should get closed

Makes no sense to leave Io out she's been vying for position with Rhea Ripley the odd one out atm is actually Belair since she was defeated by Ripley last week so it's more likely going to 5v5, they should have Rhea bring in "someone she respects as a performer" and it be Toni Storm but as I said and others in this thread its likely going to be Mia Yim.

They're doing a men's wargame match too, so to differentiate it, this one will be 5v5. I could see it being Mia Yim. I mean this match is basically a showcase of all the top girls in the NXT Women's division.
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Re: Women's WarGames Match Official

I really hope Mia Yim isn't the last person, that would be dull.

What I would do is have Yim return next week and be taken out by Shayna's team, because they think Mia's going to be the last pick. Then Rhea comes out and says you took out the wrong person, Mia was never going to be apart of my team.

And this is where they introduce Toni Storm to NXT. Have them explain Rhea respects Toni from their feud in NXTUK over the NXTUK Women's Title.

Because Toni has been nowhere to be seen since she dropped the title at Takeover: Cardiff to Kay Lee Ray.
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Re: Women's WarGames Match Official

This is gonna be fucking epic. What a comeback story for Tegan Nox!


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Re: Women's WarGames Match Official

I dont find Mia Yim to be all that bad....

Didn't both Tegan and Kai both cone back from injuries? and I heard there injury prone. Having the other two lesser horsewomen is both less safe and less exciting. Take them out and add Asuka and Kairi.

About Io possibily being the odd woman out. Storyline wise it would make the most sense to take her out of the match. She doesn't like Shanya or Rhea and part of her gimmick is she doesnt want/need help or friends. But Io is gonna bring the crazy high flying action. Id be surprised if she DIDNT do a moonsault off the top of the cage on a group of women
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Re: Women's WarGames Match Official

I think it makes more sense for it to be 3v3v3.

Candice, Tegan & Dakota Vs. Shayna & the other two Vs. Bianca, Io & Rhea

A face team, a heel team and mixed team that are reluctant to work together. It seems a bit random to just add Toni or Mia Yim just because numbers.

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Since everyone wants to complain and say that this match shouldn't go down, let me tell y'all why this match will be good and different styles each women will bring heading into the biggest match in their careers!

-- I'm going to say the fifth member will be either Mia Yim or a surprising Toni Storm

-- Io and Candice brings the high flying
-- Bianca and Rhea are the powerhouse can provide great spots
-- Dakota and Tegan has the technical skillset and are safe workers
-- Shayna can provide the Hardcore aspect
-- Jessamyn and Marina are still novice and green so I would expect them to take the bumps and most likely enter later or be taken out early or isolated from Shayna (locked out the cage) while Shayna take a beating from all women in the end most likely with Team Rhea winning…because in my opinion Rhea is more than ready for a championship reign after Shayna.

This match will bring a lot animosity, choas and carnage so I expect this to be a knockdown drag out warfare to the end half of these women on the roster are in the best shape in their careers and are ready to take it into all new heights I have faith in this women to put on a main event that people will remember for years to come and possibly be MOTN or MOTY caliber candidate.

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