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What would be the point of taking NXT out of Full Sail?

A number of people (including Meltzer) are now speculating that WWE will ultimately move NXT out of Full Sail University and take the Wednesday night show on the road, and air in larger basketball-sized arenas. Visually, the difference last night was striking and was about as abrupt as comparing a RAW broadcast versus NXT. For a casual viewer who has flipped onto NXT, there's little difference in look between that show, Ring of Honor, or Impact Wrestling.

That said, would NXT look any less minor league if it were to go to 14,000 seat arenas? Even if the buildings were filled to capacity, NXT's production motive is to turn off the lights and make it look like an intimate setting. That nullifies the bonus of having 14,000 in attendance. In fact, it makes it look like the company could not sell out the arena. If you can't see them, what is the purpose of booking the larger venue?

Some shots of a sold out NXT Takeover. Again, you would not know that there is a capacity crowd:

How is this any different to Herb Abrams turning off the lights to hide the fact that he drew less than 1,000 for his UWF PPV, or WCW turning off the lights in the Superdome after they only drew 3,000?

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Re: What would be the point of taking NXT out of Full Sail?

Full Sail looks like a high quality indy show, taking NXT out of full sail makes them look more legit in comparison to AEW (who are having sizeable crowd areans). Regardless of whether it's dark or not, you can tell the size of the arena and makes the entire show more big time.

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Re: What would be the point of taking NXT out of Full Sail?

Two reasons, one taking it out of full sail gives greater potential for profit, two it makes it look more like a big league show. While the full sail look has it's charms, and worked when it was WWE's bid to get indie fans to buy the network, going head to head with AEW it makes the show look low rent by comparison.
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People tune into it because they want the indy look and feel. Why change that. If you want the big stadium there is raw and smackdown or the takeovera. Fix those raw and smackdown shows.
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The point of taking NXT out of Full Sail would be to tell the world that we are panicking unnecessarily over a one week TV ratings loss to the heaviest promoted debut show in wrestling history.

In other words. No point.
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Re: What would be the point of taking NXT out of Full Sail?

You guys are overlooking the fact that NXT is now weekly TV. They used to only have to fill full sail once every few weeks so they could tape a shitload of episodes.

How long do you think the local residents are going to keep going to the same arena/show every single week?

They’ll need to start touring soon enough so it’s a new crowd each night that isn’t getting burnt out and stops showing up.

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Re: What would be the point of taking NXT out of Full Sail?

Since NXT is touring that would be the most logical way to get it out of full sail.

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Re: What would be the point of taking NXT out of Full Sail?

I think in NXT they try to do "the wrestling is the show".. on the main roster they kind of do "the wrestling and the crowd is the show", of course sometimes it becomes "the crowd is the show" for better or worse..
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Re: What would be the point of taking NXT out of Full Sail?

the big takeovers get 15,000 people (not sure if they get that any more). The regular road trips get about 1000 people when they come by a venue once a year.

I cannot see them getting anywhere near 14K on a touring show.
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I think it’s an attempt to sabotage them. Even if they wanted to take NXT out of Full Sail, there is too much going on for them to sell out, and that will make them look more like a joke.

They’re a based show. That’s fine. They make it work for them. The fans can get annoying, but generally these things don’t need to be on the road as much as people say they do.

They will travel when they are confident they can do big shows and look big. They’ve still got their Takeovers.

They also probably have deals in place with Full Sail. I imagine a lot of their crew come from there, either working or interning. It’s going to help WWE potentially expand in the future by setting up other college partnerships.

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