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NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Discussion Thread

Saturday 31st August, Cardiff, Wales


United Kingdom Championship

WALTER (c) vs. Tyler Bate

NXT UK Womenís Championship

Toni Storm (c) vs. Kay Lee Ray

NXT UK Tag Team Championship (Triple Threat)

Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) (c) vs. Gallus (Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) vs. Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews

Last Man Standing Match

Dave Mastiff vs. Joe Coffey

Travis Banks vs. Noam Dar
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Re: NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Discussion Thread

Basically a 1 match show for me.

If Bate vs. Walter is anything like their Progress Wembley match last year, it could be amazing.

KLR vs. Toni and the 3 Way Tag could be fun too. Dar vs. Banks does nothing for me really and neither does the LMS match.
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Re: NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Discussion Thread

Rhea and Piper deserved to be here. they have more a of a story then half of these matches.
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Re: NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Discussion Thread

I'm about 10 shows behind on NXTUK (maybe more) so fair to say I don't have any chance of catching up before this. Might just try to start watching from here if the show is good. The card doesn't look particularly exciting but hopefully it's a good show.
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Re: NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Discussion Thread

Going to this show live. It should hopefully be a lot of fun. WALTER vs Bate when I saw it at Wembley was fucking great.

Edit: I like Naom Dar but yeah would have rather had Piper vs Rhea Ripley
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NXT UK Takeover Cardiff Predictions

It looks like we have our full card announced for the second NXT UK Takeover!

One of our favourite WWE series is NXT Uk with weekly review shows on YouTube.

We have recently released our predictions video in preparation for Cardiff!

If your interested, check it out!

Who do you think will take the wins at Takeover Cardiff?

Grizzled Young Veterans vs South Wales Subculture vs Gallus

Noam Dar vs Travis Banks

Dave Mastiff vs Joe Coffey

Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray

Walter vs Tyler Bate
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Re: NXT UK Takeover Cardiff Predictions

WALTER's definitely retaining.

Toni is retaining, i dunno i don't see them giving the title to Kay Lee Ray just yet, i'd love for Kay Lee Ray to win but my gut tells me she isn't. Kinda feels like they're leading to Jinny winning the title with Jazzy's help at some point.

Mastiff beats Coffey, its clear as day they're making Mastiff the next big challenger for WALTER, he's already defeated Eddie Dennis at the last Takeover and ended his winning streak, i don't see Joe whos already lost a title match going over the guy whos obviously being built up for the next title match.

Travis Banks beats Noam Dar, i jut see them valuing Banks in higher regard than Dar, and since Banks missed out on the last Takeover i don't see them having him lose here.

The tag title match is kinda tricky, on one hand i could see Gallus taking the titles since its a perfect opportunity to switch the titles onto another heel team cause its a triple threat tag match and its highly likely they added South Wales Subculture as a way for Gallus to win the titles without having to do heels vs heels. But i see Imperium taking the titles very soon so i dunno, its a tough call.

I would say South Wales Subculture could win them just to be transitional champions and lose them to Imperium soon after but they're such a new team and haven't been built up enough though, would feel kinda wrong to have them be the ones to finally take the titles off Grizzled Young Veterans.

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Well thought out answers Samcro!

They need to shuffle up the women’s division. The Kay lee Ray feud has had some terrible booking! I’m sure they will tear the house down on the night.

I think mastiff and Coffey will put on an amazing hard hitting brawl, and take it through the arena. Only reason I give it to Coffey is I think gallus will get involved.

In terms of the tag titles, imperium are an incredible tag team, as they are both great workers, and agree they should be feuding for the titles, if not having them. For me the best way to make this happen is to give southwales subculture the titles here for the feud with imperium to happen.

I don’t think the banks dar match will happen. In the video we both talk about who we think will replace banks as we think he will be taken out in a similar vein to last time with Finn balor. If this was to happen, it could push a banks heel turn, and at the next takeover he takes out his opponent, as it’s happened to him twice, and same thing, we get a main roster guy down to face against banks.

Really enjoy reading others predictions and justifications, so thank you for taking the time to make them so well thought out!
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Re: NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Discussion Thread

This time next week I'll be in the audience watching this show! Looking forward to all the matches.


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Re: NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Discussion Thread

WALTER vs Bate could be a classic survive-the-big-man match performance-wise. That is if Bate doesn't gas out mid-match like he does every now & then. Also I don't have him winning since I don't think they're ready to have WALTER drop the belt this soon. A focused WALTER out to batter, kill and claim heads is leagues ahead of 95% of the roster in terms of dominance.

Toni vs KLR will be massive workrate; I have no doubt put on their best (aka. usual) performance here as the two have wrestled each other 100s of times and together they flow like water. What I'll be spotting for is any surprises. If not, I may not get much out of this except an enjoyable women's match I've seen enough times before. If KLR actually wins this I'll be taken aback. Actually I'd prefer it, since it would elevate KLR. I don't think she will since Toni is clearly more over, not to mention Toni is always hard to beat and she brings it in title matches.

I see GYV retaining the tags, though I know it seems selfish but I kind of wish they'd lose. I'm ready to see Zack Gibson pushed in singles because the man's got a charisma that I think would go far if didn't have to drag dead-weight Drake around with him. I wouldn't mind at all if Gallus won the titles, I just don't think that's happening.

Coffey will probably get over Mastiff after a hard fight. We'll see though, since they clearly want to push Mastiff. I tend to think Dave has potential but he's still rather limited.

Banks vs Dar should be the male workrate match of the night if WALTER-Bate isn't. Banks needs to get a move on and catch up to his hype; he's still struggling among this crowd and knowing what he can do when he does it right he's shouldn't be struggling so much. And Noam is definitely going to make him work for it, as he's one guy who can work with anyone and make the match look good.

I don't foresee any title changes here, I think it'll be like the last Takeover where everyone retains. That's not exactly a good thing, in my opinion.


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