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Re: NXT needs to move forward it has got stale.

I will say NXT definitely has a bit of a "top guy" shortage ever since the Lars, EC3, Black and Ricochet call-ups. Before there were 8-10 guys in the main event scene that could vie for the NXT and NA championships. Now you have 5-6 at the most if you count Riddle and Bruiserweight. So they havent replenished talent like they were doing in the past. Before guys came and went so new blood kept flowing in but now it does feel like they dont have much wiggle room in terms of feuds etc. I do think though that Velveteen and Cole (plus TUE) need to stay in NXT. They will be the face of the brand for FS1 along with Riddle. The issue with NXT going outside of WWE network is that Vince is going to get his dirty old archaic hands all over the product and fuck it up like he has with the main roster especially if it;s going to a 2-hour format (which will help in getting more time for talent but will also make the show drag more and be less entertaining). Plus Dream has SO MUCH potential that I'm scared for his call up just because guys like EC3 and Bobby have done almost diddly squat (yes Bobby had a few title reigns but nothing memorable) and even Shinsuke who has at least gotten multiple pushes feels neglected. It just feels like the main roster is where NXT stars go to die. I like the idea of pulling some guys from the main roster WHO WERE ALREADY IN NXT AND featured on TV a lot and bringing them back there like they did with Breeze and Fandango. This is the only short term fix to their lack of top guys. The women's division isnt doing too badly. Obviously not as good as when Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley, Alexa, and Becky were all down there but also not in terrible shape given Io, Bianca, Candice and Mia. Shayna needs the call up because she can be a believable heel and frankly she's gotten stale (I like her mic work and edge but her matches are pretty boring - easily the worst match of Takeover Toronto). Candice, Bianca and Io should be the focus of the female division and of course Dakota Kai when she returns. Candice and Io took a crowd that did not care about the match and were pretty dead for their matchup (none of them got any pop when coming out nor in the early parts of the match) and made them really become invested in the match. It was one of the highlights of Takeover TO. I think their tag division is in the same shape as the men's, not enough viable teams to challenge Street Profits and TUE. I wonder if NXT becoming so big has affected their mindset and now they seem reluctant to give new guys pushes and want to stick to what's working.

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Gargano should have a low key storyline. On the MR he won't be able to make an impact. Leave him in NXT, but just keep him out of a titlepicture for a while.

UE an Cole are still of great value to NXT. They are not really developing though. Give them an interesting storyline like internal struggles instead of focusing on getting all the titles. Make them interesting again and the'll be of much value.

Shayna needs to get out of there. She's simply not connecting with the fans. Put her on the MT next to a returning Rhonda or as bodyguard of some sory of a coward diva.

Velveteen Dream is still developing heavily and therefor can stay on NXT. Just give him a huge storyline transitioning him from NA-Champ to NXT-Champ.

Putting Tyler and Fandango back in NXT was a really smart move. They have experience, can put on decent matches as single competitors or tag team and freshen up the roster.
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Re: NXT needs to move forward it has got stale.

That's the onion. It's totally stale right now. The latest set of tapings aren't any better.

- Johnny Gargano needs to move up. Even if it's to 205 Live. He's stale in NXT. At least he's finally out of the title scene now. Maybe they want him to go back to chasing the NA title which is OK, I guess, but still. He's reached his limit in NXT.

- Shayna is a catastrophe that just gets worse every day. Nothing further need be said. That title needs to get to Io as soon as possible.

- TUE is stale also. Sorry, they basically had their dominant run last year but got overshadowed by Gargano and Ciampa. Cole's reign as champion and them holding all the gold isn't breaking new ground. It's just a souped up rehash of what already happened last year. And now they're just dithering about with putting all the titles on them.

- Disagree on Dream, he's been the MVP of the show this year. He still has room to grow there too. He should be the one to take that title from Cole. No ifs ands or buts. That's the one silver lining of him likely losing the NA title to Roddy before the year is over.
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Re: NXT needs to move forward it has got stale.

* I feel like Gargano needs something personal away from the belt. When Ciampa gets back, please just make them a tag team again.

* Velveteen Dream is potentially wrestling's next big star. I want him to do a North American Open Challenge when they go to USA to eventually build to something with Cena at WrestleMania.

* Adam Cole is growing on me, but he just doesn't strike me as a World Champion, which now the NXT Champion has to do.

* Shayna will be losing the Women's Title on that first head-to-head show, I bet. I'm not sure who they go with. Toni Storm is still NXT UK Women's Champ, isn't she? That would be great. I can see it being Candice LeRae, but I'd be fine for someone to take a step back too. Kairi Sane or Asuka would pop the crowd. But you will get progression there.

* You will get some main roster acts passing through, I bet.
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Re: NXT needs to move forward it has got stale.

Originally Posted by SayWhatAgain! View Post
Gargano in the main event for 18 months straight has run it's course. Shayna being Women's champion is badly stale too. At least when Asuka killed the division she was entertaining, talented and actually putting on good matches, Shayna isn't doing any of those things.

The bright spark for me is the Velveteen Dream. He's just getting better and better with every match, and his character work is fantastic. He NEEDS to be the guy who beats Cole for the title.

They should move some guys who they arent using down to NXT. Rusev would be perfect, I think he lives in Florida too. He ain't doing shit on the main roster and could easily be a top face or heel in NXT. Would be cool to see guys like EC3 and Bobby Roode back too, again, two other who ain't doing shit on the main roster.
I disagree, Matt Riddle needs to be the one to take the title off Cole, i say once he defeats Dain and moves on from him they need to start moving towards Cole vs Riddle.

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