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Who Challenges Cole Next?

Cole beat Johnny Gargano tonight to retain his NXT Title in another 2/3 Falls match at Takeover Toronto to retain his NXT Championship.

I love Johnny, but his time is done. I don't care if he stays in NXT or goes to 205 Live, but his time challenging for the NXT Title needs to be over.

Now he needs to move onto someone else. Who could that be? Dream is still the NA Champion and he's really making that title his title. Riddle is busy with Killian Dane. Keith Lee is on a losing streak. Dunne is a possibility seeing how he doesn't have a title. Then there is Tommaso Ciampa who has been rumored to be coming back sooner than later.

I could even see a Winner Takes All Match at the next Takeover inside War Games for all the belts. Again, regardless, Johnny needs to be done.

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Re: Who Challenges Cole Next?

In this order:

- The winner of the breakout tourney

- Keith Lee

- Ciampa

- Matt Riddle

- Dream (who beats Cole)
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Re: Who Challenges Cole Next?

Strong, with the title and the leadership of TUE in the balance.

What am I kidding, it is gonna be a best 8 out of 12 falls match with Gargano where each stipulation is a psychological backpedal for each character until by the end they're just husks fighting in a void while the crowd mindlessly chant "this is awesome" and "fight forever" at an empty ring.


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Re: Who Challenges Cole Next?

The challengers on the babyface side for Cole is slim pickings to say the least.

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Re: Who Challenges Cole Next?

Babyface Ciampa would be something.

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Re: Who Challenges Cole Next?


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Re: Who Challenges Cole Next?

I haven't really been following NXT much, but I'd be fine with them doing something pretty quick to polish up Keith Lee. He could put his career in NXT on the line or something. He can streamroll through the rest of Undisputed Era en route. I'm also fine with the idea of Velveteen Dream putting up his gold for Cole's. I don't see why we need an NXT Title and an NA Title. It was a cute reason to have a Ladder Match. Bring it back full circle.

I'd be fine with Undisputed Era in-fighting at this point too. Cole vs. Strong vs. O'Reilly vs. Fish doesn't sound like the worst.

Maybe some talent will move back to give it a boost for October? Luke Harper, Cesaro, Ricochet, Rey Mysterio or even Daniel Bryan would be pretty awesome. Hell, send AJ Styles back and let him be the face of NXT and make it his business to hold the show on lockdown until Shawn Michaels faces him for the NXT Title. You've got to do something to get some attention for it on Fox Sports.
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Re: Who Challenges Cole Next?

Dream or Ciampa.
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Re: Who Challenges Cole Next?

Keith Lee vs Adam Cole would probably be the worst optics since Joe vs Balor. Cole would look like some skinny fat bug waiting to be squashed.

Riddle or Dream would be my preference. Not sure what Ciampa’s status is.

Patiently waiting for the Attitude Era to return
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Re: Who Challenges Cole Next?

Well first up is the breakout champ because for some reason the best thing for these guys to do is lose to the NXT champion. Stupid. They should have gotten a NA title shot, at least that would have been more believable. I can see it either being Keith Lee or Matt Riddle for War Games if it is even defended there.
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