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Re: Cole and Gargano suck

Originally Posted by AlternateDemise View Post
First off, I wouldn't rank Cole anywhere close to being one of the best characters in wrestling. Second, having some of the best matches in NXT history isn't all that great of an accomplishment, since a lot of their most notable matches apart from the select few follow the same style as the one being discussed here. Third, it's not a knee jerk reaction. Gargano has been doing this shit since he came into the WWE, and this really took things to ridiculous levels. He's no different from Seth Rollins at this point.

Stop pretending that this is a view you've always had. Six months ago you were eating up the first Gargano/Cole match and proclaimed Gargano to be one of the best WWE performers of all time. Pick an opinion and stick with it.
Get a grip, I haven't seen any of their matches and chose not to because I knew they weren't a type of match I'd enjoy given what I read on it. I'd rather not go back and watch something when I know I'll hate it.

People loved the matches, the consensus/majority seem to eat them up judging by the reviews on cagematch, VoV, Meltzer and social media. So of course he's in the all time in ring discussion especially considering matches that create the same kind of buzz, or receive that kind of adulation has been rare on the main roster for years.

I've enjoyed Gargano's run outside his feud with Cole and can see him making a good argument for it given his match catalog and general view of his matches. It would be ignorant to think otherwise, you might not rate him highly but the majority appear to. If he were to produce several more classics in NXT and produce several great matches on the main roster, it would be tough to look past him in terms of match catalog in the WWE. Then it's down to what you value most and if you put producing in NXT on the same level as on the main roster/ or value actual in ring ability over match catalog.
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Re: Cole and Gargano suck

Originally Posted by The Raw Smackdown View Post
Honestly this thread is like one big ass conglomerate of cliches on WF.

And most of them are stupid as hell to me honestly.
This match was more than clichés, it was about an hour of every indy crime in the book. Apart from somebody having their legs, knees and ankles worked over for nearly 20 minutes then doing highly athletic moves pell mell for almost another 40 (!!!), it set the land speed record for thigh slapping, super kicks and kicks and knees to the face as wimpy transition moves, poison ranas, Canadian Destroyers, nuclear bomb finishers from the top rope and off of ladders getting kicked out of for the "fighting spirit epic moment", the crowd going into business for itself by chanting hokey garbage all night, the wrestlers falling from a high height through a table for no particular reason to end the match, with a total tryhard, pop culture referencing cornball of an announcer saying a cheesy catchphrase after the Falling Through A Table Spot, which was, I kid you not, "Mama effing mia!"

There are so many who bought the glitz and the glam and the hype and the WWE brand on this. If anybody but WWE put this hour long indy felony
on as a main event for their title, almost everybody who saw it would be laughing like hyenas over this and consider the match to be almost parody of Meltzer Bait indyriffic bilge, of 2010s wrestling at its most overindulgent and preposterous. Oh, no. Can't have that.. But since its guys people like in a company they know, its BAY BAY and a 5+ star classic.

I thought their last match was an atrocity. This one makes Cole/Gargano 2 look like a tasteful masterpiece. This match was fuckin' clownshoes.

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Re: Cole and Gargano suck

This thread is aids.

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Re: Cole and Gargano suck

Oh great, another "Indy Guys don't draw da ratings and do flippy kicky shit" thread........
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Re: Cole and Gargano suck

There's working a sort of American independent style and then there's being goofball and silly for an hour. I only really know about NXT from what I've seen from the Takeovers and a few matches people suggested to me, and my opinion is that Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano are pretty cool...when they aren't wrestling each other. Cole/Gargano II and III are criminally bad. Their other stuff is better, leagues better. These guys bring out the worst in each other.
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Re: Cole and Gargano suck

@Marky I love you, my brother.

Hopefully who ever feuds with Cole next, can't, or won't do this epic bullshit. I just want a nice simple main event, you big nosed twat.
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Re: Cole and Gargano suck

I don't even understand how anyone could defend that travesty of a match. Unbelievable.
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Re: Cole and Gargano suck

This match made me hate superkicks.
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Re: Cole and Gargano suck

People really need to stick to their own opinions. Some months ago Ciampa/Gargano was the greatest feud with some of the best wrestling in WWE and the matches there werent really different compared to what we saw tonight. Wrestling fans are bipolar, indeed.
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Re: Cole and Gargano suck

"choreographed gymnastics"

That's pretty much all wrestling is.

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