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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Bryan Jericho View Post
Hell of a TakeOver because of Gargano/Cole again. Im not sure where either goes from here though. Who would be Cole's next challenger? Gargano looked great in defeat, but not sure what they do with him now either.

The Street Profits are horrible. UE should have won the tag titles and Strong should have walked out with the NA Title, because Dream showed again that he is TERRIBLE. Dream is all gimmick and once he gets in the ring needs the opponent to carry him every single time.

Shayna/Mia was ok but seemed to drag, but Shayna has killed that division. Who steps up next against her? I would say Candice but she just lost to Io (Which was the wrong decision in my opinion). I could see her pulling an Asuka and just going to the main roster and vacating the title.
Profits are good IMO. Era gets all the gold Survivor Series weekend. Count on it.

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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

Enjoyed Takeover: Toronto, not the greatest Takeover event NXT has produced but definitely not the worst.

I'm glad the Street Profits retained the Tag Team titles as they've not been champions long enough, Io and Candice was def. MOTN by far as it was a great showing by both ladies and overshadowed the Women's Title match.

Don't hate Shayna but she needs to drop the belt, her reign has gone on nearly an entire year. It made sense for Dream to retain the North American Title as well.

The main event between Cole and Gargano wasn't terrible, for me it just went on too long. I'm hoping that's the end of the feud.

Credit to CJ for the avi.
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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

It's gonna look pretty fucking silly when Gargano is doing 3 minute TV jobs on Main Event to Elias and EC3 after kicking out of everything short of a nuclear holocaust on NXT.
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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

Well they're already doing that with Asuka as well. Vince doesn't give a crap about what happens in NXT.
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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Asuka842 View Post
Well they're already doing that with Asuka as well. Vince doesn't give a crap about what happens in NXT.
It's different because Asuka never appear (she only lost twice cleanly)
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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

Io v Candice was the most fun of the night. Io's new presentation of her heel persona is spot on - I love it when they nail a new entrance and theme etc, that was great. The sky is the ceiling for this new heel Io, she's absolutely perfect.

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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

WWE NXT Tag Team Title Match: Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) (c) vs. The Undisputed ERA (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly)
The styles differences made for a good match on paper but I don't think it will lead to a good match. The start out of the match really stood out as ordinary. Not much to sink your teeth into. A few sequences felt pretty awkward and slow. The match started getting better once Era started to work on the ankle of Ford but it didn't lead to anything long term and then the match just ended. So I was ultimately left disappointed. Shame.

Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai
Heel Io was definitely a step up because whilst Io delivered in the matches she felt like a way inferior Kairi Sane. The aggressive manner in how Io targeted the neck of LeRae was so good. Nice use of her varied submissions, tons of kicks and even a german suplex. LeRae sold well enough although I think she didn't bring much offensively. Great finish too.

WWE NXT North American Title Triple Threat Match: Velveteen Dream (c) vs. Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong
Very ambitious match. They did away with the only two people in the ring at a time trope. Some of the sequences didn't come across well but a ton of them did, like the Dream elbow/coast to coast thing. The finish was great as well.

WWE NXT Women's Title Match: Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Mia Yim
Well, this is the Shayna show. Yim had zero fire to her, her selling was non-existent, unlike Baszler who’s selling was great, and she was pretty much a lump. Yim can have great matches, with Baszler in fact but this was a let down from her. I loved Baszler though. Great selling, I adored her switching up her finishing choke from her arm to the leg due to her arm.. Just needed a better Yim showing.

WWE NXT Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match: Adam Cole (c) vs. Johnny Gargano
The first fall was decent, much better than I've previously seen from either guy in a while. Cole’s selling was good at the start but he then started using the bad leg to hit moves that he really shouldn't be doing with the bad leg, so disappointing from him there. Gargano pretty much offered nothing. His leg work was fine but you never really believed that he'd get the tap so why bother? The finish came out of nowhere though. The second fall was the usual boring WWE plunder brawl where they walk and punch each other, move and repeat. And all the usual table and barricade spots. Yawn. None of the leg work in the first fall mattered, nor was it sold or mentioned again. So disjointed. The third fall was pretty much everything I expected. Excess on top of excess. Unnecessary near falls. Totally contrived spots on to egregious level. Just bad.

The match overall was pretty bad. The first fall as decent and was a good catalyst for the rest of the match but they pretty much abandoned everything they set up and started going back in the “we're the best in the world” cloud. The final fall was gross. This was very much a disjointed match that went way too long between two guys who aren't very good, so like their other matches but better.

Mediocre show to the fullest. Average tag match where only one shined (Dawkins) and the rest felt short of anything good. A great showcase for Heel Io but the potential of the match was marred by a bland LeRae performance. Good triple threat match but nothing memorable. A Baszler carry job. And a failure of a main event.

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