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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

That is quite the unappealing card for a Takeover, which reflects on an unappealing Summerslam card the next night.

Candice/Io should be fine as long as Candice is in top form and Io shines as a heel (if her previous STARDOM work is any indicator). Don't care for Shayna/Mia at all, despite who wins. Mia isn't over enough for this spot or over enough to beat Shayna but Shayna's reign has more than run its course. I don't care for Cole/Gargano either (not that I did initially anyway) and it seems we're going to get a pointless broadway match once again just for the sake of doing it. Fuck.

Yeah, the Takeovers as of late have dropped in quality and this doesn't seem to be any better. NXT needs something quick and fast because this is not all that good as people are making it to be.
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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

I have to tell you, this is the first time I'm seriously considering not watching a TakeOver. I know they've always been good but I'm just not feeling any of this. I haven't watched NXT for the past two months either. I've really hated the direction it's taken.

As far as predictions go...

- Io beats Candice, obviously. What a horrendous way for her to have turned heel. Should be a decent match.

- Street Profits look like they're getting called up, which means O'Reilly and Fish win the titles again. Adam Cole retains. And that also means, unfortunately, that Pete Dunne is likely getting pinned by Strong and Dream is losing the title. If TUE is going to make good on its word of holding all the gold, it's now or never, and I think it's now.

- Which brings us to the women's title match. I almost always have to bet on Shayna's bizarre booking keeping her alive, but if it's going to be a big night for TUE, and I think it will be, there needs to be a babyface moment or it will be a clean sweep for the heels. That means that this is that babyface moment. It's really a shame. Mia Yim is absolutely the least interesting and worst choice to take the title from Shayna, but this horrendous reign needs ending. It just goes to show how catastrophic Shayna's run has been. Mia Yim is in no way going to be the one to revive that division's fortunes but at least the worst will have passed and hopefully it can finally move on. Yikes.
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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

Dunne Vs Dream Vs Roddy MOTN

Just noticed it's Dunne in the match and not riddle and my interest has now dropped slightly damn

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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

I know I have said a lot of this already but this is TakeOver: Apathy for me.

I am sure there'll be plenty of great wrestling on this show but given how long they have to build every TakeOver it is just bonkers that I cannot remember the last time I had any emotional investment in any of the stories or characters on one of these shows. I just hope Undisputed clean sweep so we can get this prophecy story over with, as it has basically become the new NXT holding pattern after the #DIYHole petered out because of Ciampa's injury.

My real fear is they'll just do an inversion of TakeOver 25 with Undisputed winning all their matches, except Cole who loses due to some Ciampa interference of some kind, transitioning us into some unholy UndisputedPropechyDIYHoleMegaZord holding pattern of doom.

Honestly if that does happen I might genuinely consider giving up on NXT for a few TakeOver cycles which would be a shame as it has been a staple of my week for like four years but NXT has become more of a habit than something I actually enjoy watching, which is why two or three years ago I completely stopped watching Raw and SmackDown and unlike others, I genuinely haven't watched an episode since. I might watch the odd hyped match and keep on top of the headlines but I really have no motivation to go back. I am getting close to that with NXT now, sucking up all of my favourite wrestlers and then not doing anything with them so the same half a dozen guys can loop through the same story endlessly.
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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

Really hope that the North American Title opens the show and that Dunne or Dream opens the show. Last thing I want is a predictable show just to get this shot of Undisputed Era with all the gold. I don't want another Ricochet losing the title when he was hot to Gargano just to get this final shot in.

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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

Both Gargano and Candice lose and they get called up to the main roster together. On Tuesday they interupt Andrade and Zelina. Didn't they have a big feud in NXT?
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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Mox Girl View Post
What time does this start? Is it 8pm ET? The WWE Network only shows the current day on the schedule now
9am my time

Which means I wont be watching live, because FUCK THAT

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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

This isn't the strongest Takeover card I've ever seen but that being said it's not bad either. Takeovers always deliver and I'm sure this one will be no different. Looking forward to it.

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Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Donnie View Post
9am my time

Which means I wont be watching live, because FUCK THAT
Hmm that's 11am NZ time then. I thought it was 12 so I'm glad I found out beforehand lol.
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